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Duggar Family: Response to Arkansas Abortion Law Stuns Fans

Duggar Family: Response to Arkansas Abortion Law Stuns Fans

Earlier today, the Supreme Court cleared the way for the nation's most restrictive anti-abortion law to go into effect.

The justices declined to hear an appeal against the Arkansas law, which would severely limit the ability of doctors to provide medication-induced abortions to their patients.

The law has been the subject of intense debate on social media, and many are wondering what the state's most famous abortion opponents have to say.

But surprisingly, thus far, the Duggars have been silent on the matter.

Yes, despite previously comparing abortion to the Holocaust and spearheading fundraising efforts for anti-choice protesters, not one of the Duggars has commented on today's developments.

The silence, of course, speaks volumes, and both fans and critics alike are wondering when and how the family will finally make a statement.

The Duggars have a long history of political engagement, and they've gone on record as saying they won't be satisfied until abortion is prohibited on a federal level.

So while they likely don't view today's ruling as a total victory, they almost certainly see it as a major step in the right direction.

The Duggar Family: A Photo

Most surprising of all is the fact that Jill Duggar's husband, Derick Dillard, has not yet spoken out on the matter.

Dillard's controversial political views have made him a divisive figure in recent months.

In November of 2017, Dillard was fired from the Duggar's reality show, Counting On, after making statements that many construed as transphobic on Twitter.

Jill quit the show as a gesture of solidarity, and Derick's views have lurched even more to the far-right in the time since his business relationship with TLC came to an abrupt end.

It was widely expected that Derick would have much to say about today's events, but thus far, he's keeping his views to himself.

In the meantime, others are making their voices heard on the matter.

Jill M. Duggar and Derick Dillard

"Arkansas is now shamefully responsible for being the first state to ban medication abortion," Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in a statement issued this afternoon.

"This dangerous law also immediately ends access to safe, legal abortion at all but one health center in the state. If that's not an undue burden, what is?" she added.

"This law cannot and must not stand. We will not stop fighting for every person's right to access safe, legal abortion."

Laguens points out that if the law is permitted to take effect, two of the three facilities that perform abortions in Arkansas would likely be forced to close.

On the other side of the political spectrum is Family Council Executive Director Jerry Cox, who issued a statement in support of the law:

Joy-Anna, Austin and Gideon

"This is very good news for people who care about the safety of women in Arkansas," Cox said adding:

"This is a pro-life victory not only for the women of Arkansas, but for women across the nation. I'm sure other states will be looking at Arkansas and considering following our example."

Today's development comes on the heels of attempts by Arkansas lawmakers to institute a ban on abortions after the 12-week mark of a pregnancy.

That effort was blocked by a federal appeals court.

We'll continue to be on the lookout for the official Duggar response to today's appeal rejection.

In the meantime, watch Counting On online for more from reality TV's most controversial family.

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Piers Morgan to Meghan Markle’s Sis: “You Little Vulture!”

Piers Morgan to Meghan Markle’s Sis: “You Little Vulture!”

Piers Morgan is on Team Meghan Markle.

Or, to be more accurate perhaps, Piers Morgan is on Team Anyone But Samantha Markle.

The soon-to-be half-sister-in-law of Prince Harry has been making waves for several months, taking advantage of her estranged sibling’s engagement to drag Meghan left and right.

With a book on the way titled “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister,” Samantha has been appearing on any media outlet that will accept her as a guest and using her air time to insult her half-sister as a fraud and a phony and a generally terrible person.

On Tuesday, that outlet was Good Morning Britain.

And the topic at hand was the reported absence of Samantha and Megan’s father from Meghan’s upcoming wedding.

(Samantha and Meghan share the same dad, but different mothers. The former was grown up and out of the house when the latter was a child; they barely know each other.)

As of this writing, Thomas Markle doesn’t plan on attending the Royal Nuptials, partially due to a recent heart attack… but mostly due to embarrassment over the reveal that he’s been paying paparazzi photographers to stage his photo ops.

“The goal of those photographs was basically because he’s feeling defenseless,” Samantha explained in defense of her dad, adding:

“A person has the right to say, ‘Enough is enough.'”

She then shamed “media vultures” for allegedly “taking advantage” of him.

And this is when Morgan stepped in.

“Here’s the problem with all this,” said the co-host.

“In the last few weeks, the British media have been bombarded with letters from Kensington Palace saying he wants to be left alone.

“And now, it turns out he was actively invading his own privacy. I now feel sorry for his own daughter, who doesn’t have her father at the wedding because he has been caught up posing for paparazzi photos.”

As for the comment that journalists are vultures who have targeted her loved ones?


“It’s pretty rich coming from you, Samantha, to accuse media of being vultures,” Morgan said, adding in anger:

“There’s no bigger media vulture with this wedding than you, is there? How do you have the gall to come on here and talk about media vultures? You’re doing a book called The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister.

“You have been trashing her for two years, you little vulture!”

Click PLAY to watch the fiery exchange in full:

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Man Spills Soda on Stranger in Public Bathroom, Begs Twitter for Help

Man Spills Soda on Stranger in Public Bathroom, Begs Twitter for Help

On Thursday, May 10, an unthinkable tragedy struck.

A man, while using a public bathroom stall — already in what most would consider dire circumstances just for being there — had a container of soda with him.

Which he apparently spilled in an explosive manner, dousing not only the floor … but the shoes of another man in that restroom.

One can only imagine Twitter user Joe Grabinski’s horror.

But, since humans sadly do not come equipped with self-destruct buttons — though the only socially acceptable response to this situation would be to promptly cease existing — he had no options left but to remain silent and immobile within the stall.

And, of course, to crowdsource some advice from Twitter.

The resulting thread details the advice that he received, and the remainder of his journey of humiliation and shame.

Take a look.

1. Disaster strikes

Lacking the matches and accelerant needed to politely immolate himself in apology, Joe did the next best thing: asked Twitter for advice.

2. The first rule: do NOT exit the stall

Soda horror 02 you live there now For the moment, he at least has a degree of anonymity. That will change if he walks out that door. He needs to remain unseen in a state of quantum uncertainty (I know that this isn’t what that means) for as long as possible.

3. Chad asks the question that we all immediately wondered

Soda horror 03 why even bring it in there You don’t bring a DRINK into the bathroom with you!! You leave it with a friend or you finish it or you throw it out. Maybe if you’re just checking your hair in the mirror, but CERTAINLY not if you’re going to take a seat in the stall.

4. To Joe, this was apparently new advice

Soda horror 04 lesson learned Not to sound like a germophobe, but microscopic fecal particles are flying all over those public bathrooms at all times. Also, everywhere else inside of every building, including your home, but nowhere with as much concentration as in a bathroom. No drinks need to be in there.

5. Chad points out that the floors are already bad

Soda horror 05 floors sticky enough Joe didn’t have any business making them worse.

6. Chad even demonstrates his alternative

Soda horror 06 cocktail demo Please don’t do what Chad did, either. It’s more polite, but someone could slip something into your drink. Finish it, leave it with a trusted friend, or abandon it. Don’t take it into a public restroom. View SlideshowOriginal Article

Why Twitter Is Trolling Kate Middleton

Why Twitter Is Trolling Kate Middleton

The brand-new royal baby has officially arrived. Kensington Palace announced Friday morning that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their third child Louis Arthur Charles. Royal Family fans are obviously thrilled with the new addition, but there’s something else on many of their minds: The dress that Kate Middleton chose to wear to show baby Louis to the world.

The reason for the fascination is quite a cinematic one. Twitter found a crazy connection between Kate Middleton’s post-baby outfit and one worn by Mia Farrow’s titular character in Rosemary’s Baby. The connection is that, well, these dresses look ridiculously similar.

For those who have never seen Roman Polanski’s 1968 horror film, the movie is about a woman named Rosemary (Farrow) who finds herself pregnant following a bizarre, disturbing dream. Months later, Rosemary gives birth to the Antichrist. (“He has his father’s eyes,” the cultists who orchestrated Rosemary’s pregnancy with Satan exclaim giddily in the film.)

So, umm, it’s quite odd timing for Middleton to wear this red number to show the world her baby… and Twitter, as it is wont to do, noticed.

I hope this was intentional!#RosemarysBaby #RoyalBaby #KateMiddleton #Dress #FathersEyes

— Delaine Derry Green⭐️ (@HumanPanther) April 26, 2018

Kate Middleton rocking the same dress as Rosemary from Rosemary’s Baby is definitely not discomforting at all…

— Chris Wilson (@CrisMovieCorner) April 27, 2018

A pic doing the rounds today: Kate Middleton’s apparently wearing the same dress Rosemary Woodhouse has in #RosemarysBaby. You know…that film about a woman being impregnated by the Satan, to further the career of her husband. We need to check it’s eyes! #louisarthurcharles

— Peter Laws (@revpeterlaws) April 27, 2018

Honestly, Satan plot aside, all the fashion in Rosemary’s Baby is covetable, and Middleton looks fantastic. However, Middleton likely isn’t trolling the world by wearing a dress originally donned by the mother of Satan. In actuality, it’s more likely that Middleton was making a sweet nod to her husband Prince William’s late mother.

Though it has not been confirmed, this dress from Jenny Packham may have been inspired by Princess Diana, who wore red and white when she introduced a baby Prince Harry to the world.

Kate Middleton channels Princess Diana after giving birth with red dress:

— E! News Video (@ENewsVideo) April 23, 2018

The ever-fashionable Middleton will no doubt wear plenty of outfits that Twitter takes notice of. Let’s hope, next time, it’s just to say “Girl, you look great.”

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Instagram Is Supposed to Showcase Individuality —So Why is it Creating a Uniform

Instagram Is Supposed to Showcase Individuality —So Why is it Creating a Uniform

Instagram is a space where you can post anything you like, however in order to get more likes we are all doing the exact same things. Posing in front of the same pink walls and eating the same photogenic eggs. Last month influencer Ellie of Slip Into Style took to her Stories to share her frustration that in order to have commercial success as a fashion blogger, she feels you have to adopt a uniform and temper your personal style.

If you look on the #OOTD hashtag (outfit of the day) on Instagram, the most popular nine squares always seem to feature identical images and outfits. The last time I looked there were three pairs of white Gucci trainers and a close up of a grey jumper, and not one outfit that showcased out-of-the-ordinary personal style. Detail shots of basics, whether that’s a checked blazer, an oversized jumper or a white T-shirt tucked into jeans, not only generate likes, but also see the most conversions into sales. One influencer told me recently that on the shopping app users like to see (usually headless) close ups on products because they can visualise themselves wearing the item and so are then more likely to buy it for themselves. And more people are going to be able to visualise themselves in a white T-shirt or a basic pair of jeans than anything else, earning the influencer the most money. If you’re turning your outfit posts into a business then it’s not hard to see how personal style can quickly become muted for commercial success.

“They not only wear the same styles, they also use the same filters and the same poses, because they know that that’s what is going to work,” Ellie adds. “It’s all starting to feel more and more manufactured with less room to express your individuality. It seems like there is a formula, a sort of miracle recipe to success on Instagram and everybody at some point is going to try to recreate it because ultimately they want their share of the cake. I remember this one fashion blogger whom I used to praise for her originality and impeccable personal style. You could tell she put thought and effort into creating her looks all the while making it seem effortless; a true source of inspiration. Then one day out of the blue, her account shifted from featuring incredibly stylish and fashion-forward looks to taking cute shots of her pert derriere in denim cut-offs.”

Instagram has become a business for many, so it is only natural that what people wear has become commercialized. “I do not even blame bloggers who go down the same route as her because once they realize what truly works on Instagram and that there is money to be made and juicy contracts to be signed, they will all jump on the bandwagon and rightfully so,” says Ellie. “But our obsession with numbers is doing fashion on Instagram a great disservice as it truly hinders creativity.”

Instagram fosters the rise of cult, buzzy brands and products, whether that’s a Ganni banana T-shirt or a Wandler bag. It once was seen as a faux-pas to wear the same thing as someone else, but now at fashion week street style stars have no problem all carrying the exact same handbag and adopting a uniform. The Scandinavian set of influencers, such as Emili Sindlev and Jeanette Madsen, prove however that it is possible to all wear the same jumper, and still stay true to your own personal style. “The new found success of the Scandinavian it girls with their colorful, mixed-matched, sometimes man-repelling style are a testament to the fact that people do want to see things that break the mold sartorially speaking,” says Ellie. And they give inspiration for how you can wear the T-shirt you see all over Instagram in your own way.

Of course you can’t talk about the rise of a fashion uniform without mentioning the street style circuit. Street style historically used to be an authentic reflection of what people were wearing, but now it has turned into a performance with many dressing to be photographed and — just like with the like-generating grey jumpers and Gucci trainers— wearing the things that they know will be well-received. Street style photographer Romy Lux tells me: “There are a pair of Celine boots that I’ve seen at least once every single day of the fashion month.” Personal style can be side-stepped in this arena, with women wearing Dad trainers or a plastic Chanel bucket hat, not because it will slot into their wardrobe and be worn for the next decade, but because it is bait for the crowds of cameras waiting outside the shows. “There are so many photographers working in street style who are only trained to look for certain labels or trends, and it’s easy to play into that,” says Deputy Editor of Fashionista Tyler McCall.

One of the overarching problems here is that the street style images we see are always of the same women, which this season led to a big question over inclusivity. As The Cut put it with the headline: “Street style is killing itself with its narrow focus on thin white women.” “It’s not just a question of the photographers; it’s a problem from the top down,” says McCall. “Why aren’t more brands trying to dress diverse body types and women? Why aren’t more publications hiring more diverse editors? That being said, I do think by and large the photographers could do more to find a more diverse group of women to shoot. Representation really matters, and while it’s easy to dismiss not seeing diversity on a runway or in an editorial, it’s harder to understand why there isn’t more diversity in street style when it’s meant to reflect the street.”

“It can be damaging and take a huge toll on your sense of self-worth and self-confidence because it perpetuates the idea that only one type of woman is desirable or deserves to be seen or shown to the public,” says Ellie. “The problem is not the photographers themselves: how can they photograph diverse body types when there’s only one particular body type that gets invited to shows over and over? I believe the responsibility here is collective.”

The power that Instagram has however, unlike commissioned street style, is that you are in control of the images you want to see and who you follow. If you look past the most popular images all showing the same fashion uniform, you can find the people who are doing something a little different or have a style that resonates with your own, whether that involves grey jumpers and white T-shirts or not.

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This Letter About Harvey Weinstein + The NYPD Proves “Time’s Up” is Already Working

This Letter About Harvey Weinstein + The NYPD Proves “Time’s Up” is Already Working

Time’s Up is proving once again that its fight to end sexual misconduct and pay inequality goes beyond the red carpet. On Sunday, the powerful organization penned an open letter in The Cut demanding that New York governor Andrew Cuomo investigate both the district attorney’s office and New York County district attorney Cyrus Vance for failing to prosecute Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein — who has been accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women — in a sexual assault case from 2015.

The letter, promoted on Twitter by Ashley Judd, one of the Time’s Up movement and legal defense fund founders, was in direct response to a damning story in New York Magazine which detailed how Vance and the district attorney’s office actively sought to discredit model Ambra Battilana by means of intimidation after she filed a sexual assault report against Weinstein. In response, a former sergeant connected to the case told NY Mag that the the NYPD’s Special Victims Division hid Battilana in a hotel under a false name because they felt the need to protect her from both Weinstein and Vance’s office.

Unfortunately, their efforts to keep Battilana safe fell short after the DA’s sex crimes unit spoke to her without their consent. During this conversation, the unit allegedly tried to smear Battilana’s character and, ultimately, frame her as an “unreliable witness.”

TIME’S UP calls on @NYGovCuomo to open an investigation of NY County DA, Cyrus Vance @manhattanDA, & the DA’s office to determine why no one prosecuted #HarveyWeinstein

— ashley judd (@AshleyJudd) March 19, 2018

“Reports that District Attorney Cyrus Vance could have been improperly influenced by Mr. Weinstein and/or his representatives, and that senior officials within the DA’s office may have sought to intimidate Battilana are particularly disturbing and merit investigation,” the open letter read. “Similarly, reports that the New York Police Department chose to isolate Battilana from Vance’s staff because they feared his office was actively working to discredit her story demand immediate scrutiny.”

Time’s Up also demanded that the “independent investigation” fully review any “correspondence” between Weinstein’s team and the DA’s office that may have influenced the outcome of the case.

Additionally, the initiative encouraged Governor Cuomo to examine how the DA interacts with the NYPD’s Special Victims Unit.

“We are concerned that what appears to be the negative relationship between the sex crimes unit of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and the Special Victims Unit of the NYPD makes it even less likely that victims who have been assaulted by rich or powerful men will be willing to come forward and that their assailants will be prosecuted and convicted,” the letter read.

The letter concluded with a call to action for Cuomo, and all other elected officials, to protect their constituents by taking sexual assault cases seriously. The Time’s Up movement is holding our elected officials accountable for their inaction and is demanding that the organizations and institutions set up to protect survivors fulfill their duties and eliminate anyone corrupting the system.

This is a significant move for the initiative, which has been criticized in the past for being all show and no action. It appears the actresses behind Time’s Up are making good on their promise to fight for every woman by calling out injustice and corruption on both the national and local levels.

Update: Harvey’s Weinstein’s attorney Ben Brafman issued the below statement to Refinery29 after publishing.

“We are stunned that NY Magazine chose to report on the claim against Harvey Weinstein by Ambra Battilana without including the fact that in a sworn Affidavit, Ambra stated in substance that her complaint against Harvey was the result of a misunderstanding and that her decision to report the incident to the Police was attributed by her to ‘bad advice’ she received. NY Magazine also failed to mention the fact that her Affidavit…was reviewed by her and her own attorneys, including her long time Italian lawyer before she signed it under oath.

Accordingly, any claim by Ambra that she failed to understand her own words is patently false.”

Danny Frost, a spokesman for the Manhattan DA’s Office, also issued a statement to Refinery29 saying that the office remains devoted to helping survivors.

“We have great admiration for Time’s Up and for the courageous women and men who have brought about a long-overdue reckoning with decades of intolerable sexual abuse,” the statement read. “Our commitment to justice in these cases is unwavering and we welcome the engagement that powerful advocates like Time’s Up have brought to this work.”

Frost also stated that the NY Mag piece “bears little resemblance to the facts” and that the Manhattan DA’s pioneering Sex Crimes Unit “has been a national leader in investigation and prosecution of sexual assaults” since the 1970s.

“The idea that our Office would shrink from the challenge of prosecuting a powerful man is belied by our daily work and unparalleled record of success on behalf of sexual assault survivors,” the statement continued. “Police and prosecutors play different roles in the justice system. Police evaluate arrests based on probable cause, whereas prosecutors must make sure they can prove to a jury that every element of a criminal statute was violated beyond a reasonable doubt – a much higher standard.”

He continued to state the Manhattan DA’s Office is “confident” it can continue to work with police “collaboratively and professionally to deliver justice to victims of crime in Manhattan.”

Frost concluded the statement by saying, “our investigation of Mr. Weinstein is active and ongoing.”

Update: Governor Andrew Cuomo has now responded to the NY Mag story.

“It is of great concern that sexual assault cases have not been pursued with full vigor by our criminal justice system. Specifically, there are questions about the handling of the 2015 sexual assault case of Ms. Ambra Battilana against Harvey Weinstein,” Gov. Cuomo said in a statement to Refinery29. “The Manhattan District Attorney is currently in the midst of a separate investigation, which involves witnesses and facts from the 2015 case. The Manhattan District Attorney at this point believes this current investigation will be completed within approximately 45 days.”

Cuomo added that it’s “critical” that law enforcement and elected officials give all cases “the utmost attention,” which is why he’s instructed the Attorney General to review the case once the DA’s Office has concluded its own investigation.

“The recent revelations about sexual assault and harassment pervasive in our society are most disturbing. We are leading the way forward with the nation’s most comprehensive reform package. This behavior must end,” the statement concluded.

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Harvey Weinstein is Reportedly Shopping a Documentary

Harvey Weinstein is Reportedly Shopping a Documentary

Update: A representative for Harvey Weinstein says he is working on a documentary not about himself, but about the “opioid crisis.” Furthermore, they assert that he is in 12-step treatments in addition to sex addiction rehab.

This story was originally published on March 10, 2018.

Five months after fleeing to sex rehab in Arizona, Harvey Weinstein has still not completed the 45-day inpatient course at Gentle Path at the Meadows. According to the New York Times ’ multiple sources, the former titan of Tinseltown has instead been dabbling in a variety of outpatient classes while tending to his increasingly complicated legal defense. His apologies, which have at times quoted Jay Z and invoked Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence as proof of good behavior, have not helped.

He has been constant in his denial of any criminal acts. “Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein,” said a statement issued in the wake of the mounting allegations. “Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances.”

Since the reports of both the NY Times and The New Yorker launched last fall, more than 80 women have stepped forward, including young hopefuls, former employees, and the tippy-top of the Hollywood A-list, accusing the producer of sexual misconduct. An arrest is reportedly imminent in New York, where he used to live.

What else is Weinstein doing out West? Well, he’s ironing out a settlement with his wife Georgina Chapman, the designer behind the Marchesa fashion label who is seeking a divorce. He has also been unloading millions of dollars in property, even taking a $2 million loss on his Hamptons estate. And he’s apparently been frequenting a local juice bar where, the NY Times says, “he orders coffee and a green detox mix with kale and cucumber.”

But don’t let the big man sipping a dainty elixir fool you. Some things never change. Weinstein is reportedly still working that Hollywood network, pitching a documentary about the most explosive topic imaginable: himself.

From the NY Times: “The man behind Pulp Fiction and Shakespeare in Love has already made some efforts to produce his most challenging film yet, these people say: a documentary designed to pave the way for a comeback.”

So far, no one is attached to the project, but a representative for Weinstein tells the NY Times that a “long list” of producers has reached out to discuss how he might best tell his side of the story.

Good grief.

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The Nun Who Brought A Lawsuit Against Katy Perry Died Of A Heart Attack

American Idol Stands By Ryan Seacrest After Harassment Allegations

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The Nun who Brought a Lawsuit Against Katy Perry Died of a Heart Attack

The Nun who Brought a Lawsuit Against Katy Perry Died of a Heart Attack

Today in stories that read like a true crime novel, a nun named Sister Holzman, who is involved in a lawsuit against singer Katy Perry, died in open court.

The years-long dispute centers on which party had the legal authority to sell the convent of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, of which Sister Catherine Rose Holzman was one of two remaining nuns. The Sisters no longer lived in the convent, and agreed to sell the valuable property in Los Angeles’ Los Feliz neighborhood to restaurateur Dana Hollister for $15.5 million. Hollister had intended to turn the convent into a boutique hotel; local residents reportedly did not favor commercial redevelopment of the eight-acre property.

But the convent had been repossessed by The Archdiocese of Los Angeles, who sold the building to Katy Perry for $14.5 million. The lawsuit alleges that the nuns were not allowed to sell the property because it belonged to the Catholic Church, and a judge agreed: in December 2017, the court ruled that Perry was allowed to complete the sale in order to turn the convent into her new home. The Sisters appealed the ruling; Sister’s Holzman appeared in court today in relation to that appeal.

Variety reports that Sister Holzman spoke to local Fox affiliate KTTV News shortly before entering the courthouse. “To Katy Perry, please stop,” she said. “It’s not doing anyone any good except hurting a lot of people.” Sister Holzman then proceeded into the building, where she later collapsed in court and died.

Archbishop Jose Gomez said that Sister Holzman served the church “with dedication and love for many years.” She was 89.

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How to Make Easy Cash Fast: Get Paid for your Receipts

How to Make Easy Cash Fast: Get Paid for your Receipts

HOW TO MAKE EASY CASH FAST- PART I: Top 10 Receipt-Scanning Apps

Did you know you can get paid for things you already bought? Earn free money just for taking pictures of your receipts. It takes less than a minute! You can easily make $100’s by doubling your rewards using multiple apps.

It’s a huge market out there; so don’t waste time with useless apps. I’ve picked my top ten favorites and compared their payout rates, registration bonus’ (aka free money for signing up,) and how quickly you can cash out. Check out the pros and cons and choose your own favorites! You can also compare the apps side-by-side with the graphs at the bottom.

Get cash back on alcohol, food purchased at restaurants, electronics, groceries, and other types of products. A few of the apps only offer gift cards, but you can trade those gift cards for cash here.



  • 100% Free
  • MOST apps have a sign-up bonus
  • Double rewards on the SAME receipt by using multiple apps


1. iBotta

This one is my favorite. Get cash back on almost ANY receipt. I had $52 after 3 months of passive receipt-scanning; so I cashed out for extra Christmas shopping money.

  • REGISTRATION BONUS:  $10 (w/ promo codeebxilef)
  • HOW MUCH YOU CAN MAKE:   $0.10-$8.00/ per item

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2. Shopkick

Turn your locations on and Shopkick gives you rewards for just walking in the store . You can also earn points by linking your credit cards, shopping online, and (of course) scanning receipts.

  • REGISTRATION BONUS:  $0.25 (w/ promo code GOAL187051)
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3. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is an app that’s very similar to ibotta, but it doesn’t matter where you buy the product. As long as affiliated products show up on your receipt, you’ll get paid.

  • REGISTRATION BONUS:  $1.50 (w/ promo codeW9QKP)
  • HOW MUCH YOU CAN MAKE:   $0.25-$2.00/ per item

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4. BerryCart

BerryCart is perfect for those with specific health needs. If you’re looking for dairy-free, gluten-free, organic, or any other type of food specificity, this is the app for you.

  • REGISTRATION BONUS:  $2 (w/ promo codeQfRSZS1tcrY )
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5. Shopular

Shopular is affiliated with ebates, so you know it’s a reputable company. They give cash back in percentages, rather than dollar amounts; but they have almost every store you can think of.

  • REGISTRATION BONUS:  $10 (w/this invite link)
  • HOW MUCH YOU CAN MAKE:  1-10% Cash Back
  • AMOUNT NEEDED TO CASH OUT:  Scheduled Payouts

Join Shopular here

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6. SavingStar

SavingStar was created to help you link loyalty cards into one account. That way you get rewards each time you make a purchase. No more constantly carrying your loyalty cards around. You can also “clip” their electronic coupons. They’ll be automatically applied at checkout with your linked card.

  • HOW MUCH YOU CAN MAKE:   $0.25-$5.00/ per item

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7. Checkout51

Checkout 51 has plenty of $1.00+ payouts for basic items, so you’ll be able to cash out quickly. It also doesn’t matter which store you buy from.

  • HOW MUCH YOU CAN MAKE:   $0.25-$4.00/ per item

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8. Punchcard

PunchCard is one of the newer receipt scanning apps on the market, and they’re definitely worth giving a go. They have some great offers. They’re currently partnered with a lot of popular retailers such as Subway, Target, and many other stores. You’ll also find a lot of mom and pop shops. Although you won’t earn as much as apps like ibotta and Checkout51, many of their partner stores won’t be found on other apps.

  • HOW MUCH YOU CAN MAKE:   $0.25-$5.00/ per item

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9. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog pays you without worrying about what you buy or where you buy it. You can literally use any receipt. You receive a certain amount of points, or “spins” each time you scan a receipt. Each spin can be used to play one round of hog slots. Points can be redeemed for cash.

  • HOW MUCH YOU CAN MAKE:   $0.20-$0.65/ per reciept  (5-100 coins) or 5 coins- $100/ per winning “slots”
  • AMOUNT NEEDED TO CASH OUT:   $5 (1000 coins)

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10. Walmart Savings Catcher

Don’t you hate it when you buy something only to find out that you could’ve bought it somewhere else for a much cheaper price? This is where the Walmart Savings Catcher, a feature of the Walmart app comes in.

This one’s a little different. Scan your receipt with after any Walmart purchase and they will check competing retailers nearby for a better price on all of the products listed on your receipt. If a store has a cheaper price, they reward you the difference in Walmart gift cards.

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Aubrey Plaza says the Oscars have to do Better In Latinx Representation

Aubrey Plaza says the Oscars have to do Better In Latinx Representation

Aubrey Plaza’s deadpan comedy style is so spot-on, she leaves us wondering if she’s joking, until several moments later when we crack up after realizing, that, yes, she was totally joking. But at the National Hispanic Media Coalition Impact Awards, Plaza ditched the comedy in order to get very real about the lack of Latinx representation at the Academy Awards.

Plaza, who is half-Puerto Rican, accepted her Impact award for her performance in Ingrid Goes West. In her acceptance speech, she spoke an uncomfortable truth: that no Latinx actress has won an Oscar for Best Actress. “I’m going to accept the leading best actress award on behalf of the Oscars ceremony,” she said, “because I heard a fun fact tonight that I never knew before, which is that no Latina actress has ever won best actress at the Oscars. Ever. So I’m going to accept that tonight to manifest that energy.”

Let’s repeat what Plaza said, for emphasis. No Latina actress has ever won an Oscar for Best Actress. This year, there are zero Latinx actresses and actors nominated for any acting awards. The problem is, Latinx actresses and actors are passed over for big leading roles, which puts them at a huge disadvantage for winning awards. That is an egregious oversight, given the talented Latinx actors in Hollywood.

It’s even more upsetting when you consider that Hispanic audiences love seeing the movies. Variety writes that “Latinos make up 18% of the U.S. population, but accounted for 23% of all movie tickets sold in 2016, according to the most recent data from the Motion Picture Assn. of America.” And yet, a population that accounts for almost 20% of movie ticket purchases contends with an art medium that rarely casts them in speaking roles.

The #OscarsSoWhite hashtag doesn’t stop with Black actors and actresses, the conversation also includes the dire lack of Latinx and Asian performers. When actors of color are cast in prominent roles, it reminds us of what the world really looks like, and captures our values much more thoroughly. Hollywood, do better.

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