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How to Make Money Online Right Now | Invest in Stocks for Beginners

invest in stocks

By now, we’ve all heard of Robinhood.

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I know Robinhood has got a bad rap lately for the whole GameStop fiasco lately; but you know what they say, when the market is bad ..it’s buying time.

invest in stocks


I’m new to the game, but w/ luck & research; (but, mostly extensive research,) I‘ve picked my shares w/ reluctant care.

Just a hint, I go for reliable investments & growth potential. Nothing fast and loose.


The stocks I’ve picked have years of stable growth w/ high yielding quarterly-paying dividends

invest in stocksinvest

You can copy mine, if you want. This all depends on your own comfort level.

I will admit, today was a good day. Some days are better than others.

..But considering the COVID plummet, the trajectory is clearly projecting an incline at an accelerated rate.

invest in stocks

invest in stocks

invest in stocks

However, it’s going back up…

Robinhood stockRobinhood stock

A Deduction of My Picks:

  1. VOO is an S&P 500  top dog.

invest in stocks

via Sven Carlisle, Ph.D.

All stable dividend-payers:

  • 2. Apple (AAPL,)

  • 3, Coca-Cola (KO,)

  • 4. AT&T (T)

5. I invested in Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) when they were front-running the COVID vaccine

Johnson and Johnson

via Johnson and Johnson

&…6. DNAX is a med tech company, and the free stock I got when I used a referral code.

Need an easy and safe stepping stone to dip your toes into the market? 

If you’re just building up the nerves, Coca-Cola has alway been an inexpensive and safe bet. Just look it up.

They’ve been riding high on over 50 years of steady returns. 

Not glamorous, but a safe bet.

Another safe bet is a free stock to start with this referral link. But I still suggest Coca-Cola next.

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