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13 Popular Halloween Costumes w/ a Face Mask in 2020

The Magic is in the Makeup

Need a cute couple costume? Trio? Group Costume? Just want to stay safe? We got you covered. Literally.

Check out 2020’s cute, yet popular Halloween costumes with a face mask.


 1. Subzero + Kitana |

Mortal Kombat 

Get it Here:

Halloween Costumes 2020

2. Jade + Reptile |

Mortal Kombat 

Get it Here:

halloween costumes with face mask

halloween costumes with face mask



3. Most Horror Movie Slashers

You can DIY or buy, this one’s flexible.

They are plentiful on Amazon.

…Or at any Spirit Store near you.

4. An “Ex-Wife”

Take a tip from Cady in Mean Girls.

Make use of that bridal veil.

Get it Here

5. The Purge People

Get the duo Masks Here.

Halloween 2020

Halloween costume ideas 2020

5. Guy Fawkes / V for Vendetta

6. A Power Ranger

Get it Here.

7. Most Superheros

Not all heros wear capes, but there’s a reason most of them wear masks.


8. A Sexy Ninja

Get It Here.

9. Anything Inflatable

Get it Here.

10. Shredder / Ninja Turtles / Splinter

11. A Modern-Update to a Classic-Ghost

Get it Here. 

Get a ghoul-like veil here.

Halloween 2020

12. 2020 Hazmat

Get it Here. 
… or from a Spirit Store near you.

13. 2020 Mermaid

The Magic is in the Makeup.
Get the Mask Here

..Or the Multi-use Mask Here.

Halloween 2020 Mermaid

Halloween Mermaid 2020

14. Disney’s Esmerelda

A 2020 Update to Disney’s classic character wouldn’t look out of place.

Get the Mask Here.


Halloween Costumes 2020

Halloween Costumes 2020

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