Top 5 Glute Stretches to Unlock a Bigger & Rounder Butt

Bigger Butt Workouts

how to get a bigger butt

If your glutes aren’t growing this could be the missing link. You have to make it a priority to stretch your glutes before doing your main butt workout session.

It’s very similar to glute activation.

However, it’s more geared towards loosening up your glutes and hips for better performance. And if you don’t do it, you’ll run the risk of injury and slowing down your progress to several months and even years.

In this quick guide you’re going to discover 5 glute stretching exercises that will help to take your glutes to the next level. And to do better than that we’ve created a 6-minute routine you can use anytime. It’s perfect for beginners, intermediate and even advance glute trainers.

bigger butt workouts

The Glute Stretching Exercise Overview

You won’t need any type of access area or equipment to perform the stretching routine. The only thing you will need is 6 minutes and your bodyweight.

Keep rest between 20 to 30 seconds, anything over that won’t make it effective. You’ll be given a workout chart below that will tell you the amount of sets and reps with each exercise.

The goal of each exercise is the help unlock your glutes for better performance which eventually leads to bigger growth. Without further ado, let’s dive into each exercise.

1. The Butterfly Hip Stretch

For this glute unlocking session, this exercise is a perfect starter. It will help to loosen up the tight flexors which can also hinder the growth of your glutes. Your hip flexors can have a huge impact in a positive or negative way.

And of course, we want to get the best out of our workout sessions, so let’s make that impact positive on results.

butterfly stretch

How to Do It

  • Get into position A as demonstrated in the image above, sitting on your glutes with both legs folded close together.
  • Now slowly widen both legs apart until the calves sides are touching the ground, hold that position for one second then return to starting position and repeat.
  • Do the required amount of reps and sets.

2. The Hip Rotator

Another move that will help to loosen up your gluteal muscles and hips. The range of movement for this exercise is very short but very effective.

How to Do It

  • Get into position A as shown above, lying on your back holding your right knee towards your chest with the right foot overlapping the left bent leg.
  • Now slowly move to the right creating a slight pulling tension on your right gluteal area but not to the point of pain, just enough to feel some tension.
  • Hold that position for the recommended time on the chart below.
  • After that do the other leg.

3. In-and-Out Stretch

Not only will you stretch and loosen up tight glutes and hips but also harmstrings and other lower muscle groups.

It will also test your upper body strength toning for your arms, shoulders and back.

Hip Flexor Stretches

How to Do It

  • Get into position A as shown in the image above using both hands to support your upper body while sitting on your glutes, both legs are bent slightly wide apart with both feet touching each other.
  • You’re going to slowly push your hips forward until you feel a good stretch while keeping your feet together and hold for one second.
  • Do the required amount of reps as shown on the chart below.

4. Pigeon Stretch

This glute stretching exercise will absolutely untie those tight muscles. It’s one of the exercises pro athletes use before starting their main workout session.

In other words, it’s very powerful.

Note: If you’re not able to do this stretching exercise, skip it and move on to the other one. You’ll still be able to loosen up your hips and glutes with 4 of these exercises.

glute stretching exercise

How to Do It

  • Get into the seated position as demonstrated in the image above, both with your right leg folded under your hips and left leg extended backward.
  • Hold that position for the recommended time and do the same for the other leg.

5. One-Legged Stretch

Finishing this routine is a glute stretching exercise that will help to loosen up other muscles like your quadriceps and harmstrings.

Yes, thigh muscles have to be done also.

After all they are one of the largest muscles in your lower body that can impact your overall glute workout session.

Note: You can hold on to a sturdy object to help stabilize your position.

How to Do It

  • Get into starting position A standing shoulder-with apart.
  • Slowly lower your body while holding your right foot on top of your left knee until you feel a stretch.
  • Hold that position for the recommended time on the chart.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg.



See ALL The Exercises Demonstrated Below

How To Use This Glute Stretching Routine

Remember the whole point of stretching is to maximize the performance of your glute workout.The end goal?You’ll be able to grow bigger and rounder glutes much quicker than the person who skip glute activation. This is just a 6 minute routine which makes it perfect for you to do before going hard on those glutes.

Consider it as your warm up session.You can even interchange this workout with this 5 minute glute activator sequence.

Go Ahead And Give It A Try!

Just remember to keep good form and try not to go overboard with your rest times. Make it a habit, you will definitely see better results from your training sessions.

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