6 Surprising Things That Can Cause a Yeast Infection

causes of yeast infection

6 Things That Can Cause a Yeast Infection

Staying healthy is key. Being healthy encompasses a lot of things including physical health, emotional health, and mental health. It’s important to look after each aspect and their specific categories which leads me to vaginal health.

You might find yourself worrying about the health of your vagina more than other areas what with irregular periods, irritating PMS symptoms, random discharge, strange odors, and more. Let’s not forget about yeast infections.

If you find that you keep getting yeast infections and you’re wondering what the deal is, you will want to consider your lifestyle habits as much as treating the cause. There are some surprising things that can lead to yeast infections. Knowing about them could help prevent future trouble down below. Here are six things that can cause a yeast infection

1. Wearing The Wrong Kind Of Underwear

causes of yeast infection

You know that cute lacy thong that you’re wearing? Sorry to say, but that could be the reason why you could be getting yeast infections. Underwear that’s too tight and not breathable can mess up your vag’s bacteria resulting in a yeast infection.

So, make sure you’re wearing underwear that fits. Secondly, choose underwear in breathable materials like cotton as opposed to polyester. Image source:

2. Using Scented Body Products

causes of yeast infection

Your vagina is a delicate thing and even beauty products that are meant for your body can mess up your vagina. Scented body products, including body washes and creams, can lead to yeast infections.

Not to mention that they can sometimes cause irritation and throw off your vagina’s pH balance. To stay on the safe side, only use things that are specifically meant for down there. At the very least, avoid strong products with fragrance, dyes, or medicated ingredients like acne body washes.

3. Taking Certain Antibiotics

causes of yeast infection

I know this sounds odd. You would think that if you’re taking antibiotics, it would help keep you healthy on all fronts. Not so. Web MD points out that broad spectrum antibiotics can kill bad bacteria and good bacteria, which your vagina has.

This can lead to — yup, you guessed it — a yeast infection. FYI: If you’re on tetracycline watch out for yeast infections.

4. Wearing Tight Clothes

causes of yeast infection

This goes along with wearing the wrong underwear. If clothing is tight and made out of non-breathable fabrics, you’re creating an environment for bacteria to grow in your vag. Hello, yeast infection.

Think about your skinny jeans, tight leggings, and workout clothes. You don’t have to give them up completely, but some subtle changes can make all the difference. You could try alternating skinny jeans with skirts. Also, make sure you switch out of your gym clothes once you get your fitness on. And avoid going commando in the styles.

5. Not Changing Your Tampon Often Enough

causes of yeast infection

There are many reasons why you want to change your tampons regularly. It prevents leakage, reduces your chance of toxic shock syndrome, and also makes it less likely to get yeast infections.

If you leave in a tampon for too long, it basically creates a moist environment for bacteria to thrive which leads to yeast infections. You should also change pads regularly for the same reason.

6. Wearing Underwear To Bed

causes of yeast infection

We’ve already discussed how wearing the wrong underwear is no bueno for your vag. It’s also not good to wear your underwear to bed every single night.

Why? You vagina needs to breathe. If you do wear underwear to bed, Prevention suggests going commando about twice a week to let your vagina get some fresh air.

Have you ever had a yeast infection? How’d you know?

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