Burn Body Fat at Home | Can You Complete a 9 minute Challenge?

full body workout

Bodyweight Workout | 9-Minute Full Body Workout at Home

full body workout

Full body workout routines are the best time savers. You will be able to hit every muscle in the body within just a few minutes. And the best part? You don’t need any fancy equipment to pull this off. However, if you have a 5 pound dumbbell lying down around the house you can use it but it’s not needed.

Your body weight is more than enough help to rev up your metabolism and cut excess body fat.That’s the purpose of this 9 minute full body workout that can be done at home.

The Full Body Workout Overview

In this routine you will be only doing 4 different exercises. All are beginner friendly and can be done by anyone. Each exercise come with their separate amount of sets and reps. Those will be given on the chart further down below. In between sets your rest times should be no more than 30 seconds. Remember, it’s just 9 minutes so you want to get maximum calorie burn.

The last move in this routine will be a burnout exercise. The purpose of a burnout exercise is to use as much energy as possible so that you supercharge fat burn.

Even hours after completing this routine your body will still be in fat burning mode. Now, let’s go ahead and breakdown each exercise.

1. One Legged Birddog

Cut Body Fat | 9-Minute Full Body Workout at Home

This full body move is going to really challenge everything from upper to lower body. As mentioned earlier, using a 5 pound dumbbell is optional. But if you have one, use it for extra resistance. This creates more demand for energy which means more calorie burn.

How to do it
  • Get into position A on your left knee with your right leg extended backwards, right hand supporting your upper body and left hand holding a dumbbell just a few inches off the ground.
  • Now move your hand up into position B as demonstrated in the image above.
  • Keep that position for one to two seconds.
  • Return to the starting position A and repeat.

Note: Make sure to keep your abdominals tightened throughout the entire movement.

2. Air Bridges

Another full body workout that will help take your fat burning to the next level. Oh by the way, you’re going to feel it, especially in your upper body and legs. In the fat-burning world that’s a good thing. A workout should never make you feel comfortable, it should challenge you! Of course, if you have any injuries then you should be extra careful. But you get the point.

Note: A workout video will be provided further down below demonstrating each exercise.

How to do it
  • Get into position A with both hands supporting your upper body, legs bent with feet hip distance apart and flat on the ground.
  • You’re going to pull your right knee inward as if you want to touch your chest.
  • Hold that position for one to two seconds and return to the starting position.
  • Do the same for your left leg and repeat the required amount of reps.

3. Flat Butt Kicks

Some might argue that this isn’t a full body exercise but it works one of the largest muscles in your body. That is your glutes.[1] By working this muscle group you will be able to increase your metabolic rate much higher.

How to do it
  • Lie face down as shown in position A with your left leg straightened and right leg bent upward with the knee hovering just a few inches above the ground.
  • Slowly move your right leg even higher into position B and hold for one to two seconds.
  • Go back to position A and do the required amount of reps on each leg.
  • Make sure to squeeze your glutes on every single rep.

4. Heel Clicks

It’s time for the burnout exercise. This is very similar to the squat jump except you would be clicking your heels on each rep while in midair. It sounds a bit complicated but it isn’t. It’s actually pretty simple to perform.In this last exercise make sure to give everything you’ve got. At the end of this workout you should be dripping sweat.

Tip: To get a better visual of how to perform each, watch the short video further down below.

How to do it
  • Get down into the wide squat position as shown in position A, so that you can propel your body upwards as high as possible.
  • Now go ahead and jump and perform a heel click before you land back into position A.
  • Perform the required amount of repetitions for each set.

Watch ALL The Exercises Demonstrated Below


Full Body Workout At Home

How To Use This Full Body Routine

If you want to maximize the results you can get from this you should do the entire routine 2 times. But if you’re in a rush then doing one circuit is good enough to help supercharge your metabolism for the day. 3 times a week is ideal for most workout routines.

But you can go up to 4 times per week if you want to really push yourself and get even faster results. Just make sure that you get in your rest days and do it every other day, NOT back to back. You need to rest, the body needs it.

How To Cut Body Fat With You Diet

Now remember, you’ll waste time and energy if you go overboard with your eating habits. And by going overboard, it means eating too much calories. And it doesn’t matter if you’re eating junk or healthy food, if you are eating too much calories you will not lose body fat. To cut body fat you must be in a calorie deficit that will put your body in fat burning mode right throughout the day.[1]

This doesn’t mean that most of your diet should be junk food even in a calorie deficit.You should be eating nutrient-dense foods, not heavily processed ones that have little to no nutritional value.To make your life much easier here’s a meal plan that will help you stay in a reasonable calorie deficit.

If you’re vegan, you will find this one very helpful.

Now Start Cutting Body Fat With This Total Body Workout

Everything you need to take action is here! You have the workout and a meal plan. All you need is determination and consistency. Getting a well-sculpted body isn’t for a select few, it’s for anyone who can take CONSISTENT ACTION!

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