Are You Applying Makeup in the Right Way for YOUR Eye Shape?

makeup for eye shape

makeup for eye shape

In the world of makeup, there are six basic eye shapes to work with. Each eye shape has corresponding techniques to enhance their beauty. If you already know how to work with eye makeup, then good for you!

For those who were lost, our eye makeup application guide and eye shapes chart might come in handy for you!

Check out this eye shapes infographic below and determine which eye shape you have:

What's Your Eye Shape | Different Eye Shapes For Proper Makeup Application

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1. Round Eyes


round eyes makeup

For women with a round eye shape, you can apply eyeliner starting from the inner corners of the eyes working your way out. The edge of the line can either be straight or a small cat eye, whichever you prefer.

It is important to highlight the brow bone and apply light eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eye.

After highlighting, add a medium shade eyeshadow above the lid to add contrast.

Finish off with a darker shade of eyeshadow applied along the crease. Make sure to blend from the outside to the middle of the eyes.

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2. Close-Set Eyes

close set eye shape makeup

If you have close-set eyes, highlight the eyebrow bone and the inner eyelids to make them more prominent.

Then, apply a medium-shade eyeshadow on the rest of the eyelids extending just a little on the outer corners.

Build on the color by using a darker shade starting from the outer corner to the crease.

Finish off the eye shape with an eyeliner. Start drawing at the center of the eyelid and create a straight line all the way to the outer corner.

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3. Wide-Set Eyes

wide set eye shape makeup

Women with wide-set eyes do not need to worry about eye makeup because this eye shape is incredibly easy to work with. There are just key points you need to remember.

For example, contouring your nose bridge really enhances the overall look of your eye makeup. Doing this balances the area between your eyes.

Second, avoid shimmery eyeshadow because this emphasizes the space.

Third, use a darker shade in the inner corners of your eyes to make them look closer together.

Fourth, slightly extend your eyebrows at the inner corners. This can make your eyes look narrower.

Lastly, when doing a cat eye, keep the liner short but more vertical.

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4. Deep-Set Eyes

Deep set eye makeup

Applying eye makeup on deep-set eyes is pretty much the same as the technique used for round eyes. For this eye shape, you have to go easy on the dark eyeshadow.

Apply it lightly as you want the highlight to brighten up the eyes and create the appearance of rounder eye shape.

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5. Almond Eyes

Almond Eyes
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If you have almond eyes, then you’re one lucky lady! Almond eyes are the most symmetrical of all eye shapes. It means you can put less effort in achieving symmetry on the eyes which is actually the goal of eye makeup.

You can experiment with different looks because it’s hard to make a mistake with this pair of eyes.

If you want a guide, the round eyes makeup technique is a great start.

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6. Hooded Eyes

Hooded eye shape makeup

Hooded eyes make the eyes appear smaller because of the extra layer of skin covering the crease. Focus on making your eyes rounder instead of highlighting. At the inner corner of your eyes, apply a light eyeshadow.

Then, use a slightly darker shade on the hooded part of the eyelids.

Apply a dark eyeshadow on the crease. Use an eyeliner to finish off the look and don’t forget to draw the line a bit further on the outer corners.

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7. Protruding Eyes / Prominent Eyes

prominent protruding eye shape makeup

Applying makeup on protruding eyes can be a bit tricky because you don’t want the eyes to look too bright or awake as it is. The key to this look is keeping it minimal.

Just apply a nude eyeshadow on the entire lid to drown out the redness and shadows. Always pick a matte shadow over a shimmer one. F

or the eyeliner, a tightlining is the best way to go. You can also apply eyeliner on the bottom lashline to balance out the bulge from the eyes.

Another good tip is to make the eyes appear brighter by applying a flesh-toned eye pencil along the waterline. Always go easy on the mascara and falsies.

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8. Downturned Eyes

Downturned eye shape makeup

For downturned eyes, follow the technique for round eyes. The difference is you need to go heavier on the eyeliner.

After applying the eyeshadow, draw the eyeliner starting from the inner corner of the eye and extend all the way out.

Winged and cat-eye looks are great to lift up the eyes. Curling your lashes and applying mascara also add extra eye lift.

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9. Monolid Eyes

Monolid Eye Makeup

Small, monolid eyes are very common among Asian women. If you have this eye shape, it is important you learn how to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Highlight the inner corners of your eyes all the way to the middle eyelids. Then, apply a darker eyeshadow, preferably a medium shade, at the outer corner to the top of the crease. This makes the eyes look rounder.

To define the shape, use a darker eyeshadow lightly but don’t apply it beyond the middle eyelids.

Of course, use your best friends—eyeliner and mascara. Draw a thin line but go thicker towards the outer corners.

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Learn more makeup tips for different eye shapes in this video by NewBeauty Magazine:

In the world of makeup, beautiful eyes become lovelier. Work on your eye makeup game and see the difference!

First off, it is important you know your eye shape and face shape. Then, keep practicing on the perfect eye makeup for you.

Mastering your eye makeup technique won’t happen overnight but as long as you keep doing it, you’ll be an eye makeup pro in no time!

What do you think of our guide for different eye shapes?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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