How Many Calories Does Your Favorite Liquor Have?


How Many Calories Does Your Favorite Liquor Have?

least calorie alcohol

Watching your calories and limiting your carbs? Still want to enjoy a cold drink on a warm Summer day? We have you covered!

Skip the beer for one of these carb-free, lower-calorie options.

least calorie alcohol

Below is the average number of calories contained in the most common liquor brands at a standard 80 proof, 1.5-ounce serving at 40 percent alcohol by volume (ABV.)least calorie alcohol

To maximize you efforts, be sure to cut out all the sugary mixers and additives, like soda, sweetened juices, and artificial syrups. Stick with soda water and fresh fruit or herbs, like mint and lavender (if that floats your boat).

least calorie alcohol

If you like a stiff drink, enjoy it neat or on the rocks to really cut the calories. Whichever you choose, just remember to be mindful and drink in moderation! And don’t forget to double up on water. It’ll keep you hydrated and help prevent a hangover.

Bourbon 100
Brandy 96
Cognac 96
Gin 96
Rum 97
Scotch 98
Tequila 96
Vodka 97
Whiskey 96

For more info, check out the videos below:

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