The 10 Most Glamorous Zendaya Hairstyles Ever

Zendaya Hairstyles

The 10 Most Glamorous Zendaya Hairstyles Ever

Zendaya is one of the most talented young actress in the world right now. However, she is also one of the most stylish young women in Hollywood.

She’s never scared to try something interesting and/or shocking and that goes for her clothes and hair. Check out 8 of our favorite hairstyles from Zendaya.

1. Sleek Bob + Bangs

Zendaya hair

The gorgeous young actress opted for this shoulder length bob w/ choppy bangs during an appearance at the iheartradio awards.

2. High Bun w/ Bangs

Zendaya Hairstyles

This high bun and thick bangs were during Zendaya’s Disney channel days, but I still think it was quite memorable.

3. Blond Pixie-Cut

Zendaya hairstyles

Bold enough to pull it off right.

4. Super-Long Ponytail

Zendaya Hairstyles

This goes to show that Zendaya always took fashion risks, I mean that cool crop top is stunning, but that extra long side ponytail is on a whole other level.

5. Diana Ross-inspired Curly Hair

Zendaya Hairstyles

The only thing bigger than those ginormous gold hoops paired perfectly with that over-sized gold trench jacket, is that big curly mane.

I get the feeling this was inspired by Diana Ross and I must admit Zendaya pulled off this look like a pro.

6. Lucious Locs

Zendaya Hairstyles

These boho locs that Zendaya showed off on the red carpet in 2017 caused a bit of controversy; but, I for one am obsessed with this look.

These stunning black locs w/ hints of brown is one of the actress’ most memorable hair moments.

7. Choppy Short-Cut

Zendaya Hairstyles

The only thing I love more than this choppy short cut, is the color of this choppy short cut. This hairstyle is grown and sexy and the blond and brown streaks are absolutely stunning.

8. Sexy Bushy Fro

There are very few people who can pull off this look, and obviously Zendaya tops that list. The actress went au naturale on this one,tossing out the flat iron and opting instead to tease her natural fro.

The result was absolutely beautiful and the hot young star turned heads on the red carpet for all the right reasons..


9. Modern-40’s Glamour

Zendaya Hairstyles


10. Extra-Long Box-Braids

Zendaya Hairstyles

Her look from the 2020 Critics Choice Awards

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