20 (Cute + Casual) Back-to-School Outfits

Casual Outfits for Class

20 Cute & Casual Work from Home Outfits for Office / Class

cute back to school outfits

We all have lazy days when we just can’t.  ..Even the freshest fashionistas.

The secret to effortless style is to have a wardrobe capsule full of combinations on deck.

Picking an outfit is the last thing you want to do when you haven’t adjusted to early morning schedules. So get some #OOTD inspiration here and get ready to hit the snooze button twice!

1. Just add a Head Scarf

Spruce up a plain tee + shorts combo w/ this little accessory.

Check out 12 Scarf Hairstyles here.

2. DIY Structure = Add a Knot

From frumpy …to something just like that

3. Something Fancy + Something Plain

4. Monochromatic Neutrals

..Effortlessly chic

5. Dress + Jacket + Accessories

A well-balanced combo

6. Casual Classics

Can’t go wrong w/ the classics.

7. Two-Piece Outfits

Take the guess work out of matching

8. All Black + White Shoes

Add White Jacket for full effect

9. All White + Black Shoes

Add a black jacket for full effect

10. A Pop of Color

Start with muted colors and pick one piece to pop or match colorful accessories

11. All Denim

The modern version of the Britney /Justin

12. Crop Top + Flannel / Chambray Shirt

13. 3-Piece Rule

Basically Top + Bottom + Statement Piece (Accessories, Scarf, Cardigan, Flannel, Hat, Cute bag, Shades, Duster vests, Headbands, Kimono, Fanny Pack etc.)

14. Old Faithful

Every girl’s “I woke up like this” look.


15. Old Faithful (..when it’s a little colder outside)

16. Rompers / Jumpsuits

How can you go wrong when the whole outfit is literally one piece?

17. Tuck it In

Look polished in a pinch

18. Palazzo Pants

19. Crop Top + Skirt

Add a jacket or cardigan for extra coverage

20. Joggers + Tee

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