How to Actually Wear Colorful Mascara

How to Pull-Off The Colored Mascara Trend

Need new looks? The secret to colored mascara is to match your eyes, skin, and hair tones.

Check out which one to wear for your hair, skin, and eyes below…

How to Choose the Best Colored Mascara for Your Skin Tone

• If your skin tone is on the fairer side, purple mascaras will make the whites of your eye look brighter, giving you a wide awake look. Pair purple lashes with a bright red lip for a bold evening look.

• If your skin has an olive or golden tone, balance it out with blue-toned mascara, especially on the bottom lashes.

• When your skin is very bronzed or darker, you have more freedom to play around with bold and jewel-toned mascara colors. Experiment with bold pops like neon yellows, bright greens or hot pinks. Dark skin looks amazing wearing no eye makeup except a bright mascara color, for a maximum impact.

How to Choose the Best Colored Mascara for Your Eye Color

Whilst foregoing a typical black or brown mascara can be intimidating, trying a colored mascara can actually be very complementary.

Here is our guide to what mascara colors to choose for your eye color:

1. Brown Eyes 

colorful mascara

They look great with a mascara color that offset their warm tones, so colors like blues and purples will brighten brown eyes.

If you have light brown eyes, then go for lighter shades, like turquoise.

If you have dark brown eyes, you can really rock royal blue and navy.

Green mascara is the best gateway into using colored mascara, especially if you have brown eyes. Make sure you curl your lashes before using green, as the color can shorten them easily.

2. Blue Eyes 

colorful mascara
colorful mascara








They can really go as bold or a subtle in their choice as they want.

A gorgeous bright purple or hot pink will frame blue eyes beautifully.

Subtle browns, golds and bright oranges are also great colored mascara alternatives for blue eyes.

3. Green Eyes 

colorful mascara
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They can be really enhanced with green mascara. Pay around with different tones of green, as these will add different dimensions to your orbs. If you want to intensify your eye color, try purple or lilac, as it is opposite to green on the color wheel.

A rich red or a cherry-colored mascara is one of the boldest statements.

These shades can really make green eyes pop but make them appear bigger and brighter.

4. Hazel Eyes

colorful mascara

They can be brightened with burgundy and gold mascara colors.

Those with hazel eyes will really benefit from metallic, deep green and sandy brown mascara colors too.

5. Grey-toned Eyes

colorful mascara

They go w/ cool undertones like blues or light greens. Midnight or navy hues are also a great black alternative for icy eyes.

6. All Eyes

Purple is a great option because it is such a versatile shade, from subtle eggplants to neon violets.

Purple is a flattering color on all eye shades.

colorful mascara
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Other Colorful Mascara Tips & Tricks

Recently rainbow eyes have come back into fashion, but now it’s all about the eyelashes. High-end brands and drugstore companies are releasing high-pigmented mascaras in colors such as blue, green, pink and yellow.

Colored mascara is great for anyone who feels they lack the eyeshadow applying skills to create an intense rainbow eye look but still want to try out this trend.

To master the minimum-effort, maximum-impact trend for yourself, follow these expert makeup tips.

How to Choose the Best Colored Mascara for Your Eye Color

• Make sure you apply concealer under the eyes when wearing colored mascara so that no other color interferes with your look and spoils it.

• Try to keep the rest of your makeup as minimal and fresh as possible, since colored mascara is already a bold statement, and combining it with a bold lip, for instance, will create an unwanted, clashing effect. Skip the eyeshadow and finish off your look with a thin tight-lined eyeliner for a more dramatic effect.

• You can inject subtle touches of color to your look by applying colored mascara just on the tips of your eyelashes. Another good idea is sweeping it either on your top or bottom lashes only.

• Blue mascara is a great trick for everyone who has tired, dull eyes. Keep the rest of your makeup subtle so the punchy blue pigments really shine through. If you are worried about the blue looking too much, then try using it over black for a subtler effect, or using a navy or midnight color.

Colored Mascara Makeup Tips & Ideas

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