7 Ways To Increase Your Chances of Orgasming

how to orgasm

7 Ways To Increase Your Chances of Orgasming

how to orgasmHaving an orgasm can be the *ultimate* challenge for some when it comes to sex. They definitely aren’t mandatory nor are they a guarantee. In fact, a lot of ladies cannot achieve orgasms through vaginal penetration alone. Of course, that’s not going to stop people from trying. If you want to try and increase your chances of having an orgasm, you’re in the right spot. (Hah!)

I’m not here to give you complicated tips that involve twisting your body like a slinky and inserting the P into the V precisely at 54 degree angle. Because, really, how often do tips like that actually work? They just leave us confused and frustrated. And those two emotions do not make for a good time in bed.

Instead, I’d like to suggest you take a simpler approach and see if that helps with your chances of having the big O. Have a look at seven easy things you can do to increase your chances of having an orgasm. Is it weird to say “good luck?”

1. Stop Stressing Out About It

how to have an orgasm

Have you ever been stressing about something in your life and someone told you that if you keep harping about it, it won’t happen? Instead, it will happen when you’re not over-thinking it. The philosophy could actually be applied to orgasms. If you’re stressing about having one and all you can think about during sex is having the big O, you’re actually holding yourself back from having one. Try to shut that mind off and enjoy the *pleasure.* Image source: Instagram/evamourguiart

2. Try Different Angles

how to have an orgasm

I’m not talking about specifics here, so don’t stress. I’m just talking about approaching penetration from different positions. You can try anything. If you normally do missionary, try something deeper like 69ing or lying on your side, having bae lay on his side, whatever. The point is don’t be afraid to tweak things slightly. After all, you never know what could end up being the *magic* position. Image source: Instagram/kiomi.yshikawa

3. Consider Adding In Toys

how to have an orgasm

For people who struggle to have vaginal orgasms, toys can be great because they can provide extra stimulation. You could try something that bae wears or you could try finger toys, butt toys, nipple toys. Don’t restrict yourself because anything could make a difference. Just make sure that you choose something both you and bae like and you use the toys the way they’re supposed to be used. Even if you don’t end up having an orgasm, the toys will likely bring some extra spice to your hookup. Image source: Instagram/girl.without.head

4. Don’t Be Shy About Telling Bae What You Want

how to have an orgasm

Communication is one of the key things to a good relationship. It’s also essential to having good sex. Your SO is not a mind reader so he will not know whether you want more of something and a little less of something else. If you think that bae is on the right track, say something. If you’re not feeling something, speak up ASAP. Never feel guilty for doing it. Sex is supposed to be enjoyable. Image source: Instagram/jogrfm6

5. Get Comfortable With Your Body

how to have an orgasm

If you feel uncomfortable or ashamed of your body, it can actually hold you back from having an orgasm. Think about it. How can you have a good time and relax when you’re too busy worrying about what bae thinks about your thighs, stomach, eyebrows, whatever? First, let me say that I know bae finds you very attractive which is why you’re in this sexy situation. Second, you can try getting comfortable with your own body by masturbating on your own. You’ll become more in tune with what feels good. In turn, that will hopefully make you feel more confident sharing the tips with bae. Image source: Instagram/apoll.t

6. Be Present In The Moment

how to have an orgasm

Being present is something that we could do with more in our lives in general. It holds true for sex. I’ve already told you to stop stressing about having an orgasm during sex. I’d also like you to block out all of those other thoughts that I know are swirling around in your brain. The only thing I want you to focus is the act that you’re doing. Nothing else. Period. Image source: Instagram/hanalaine23

7. Try Some Hand Stimulation

how to have an orgasm

You’ve got two hands which you can think of as your own one-of-a-kind sex toys. So, use them. Some clitoral stimulation during penetration will take those feelings to the next level. Who knows, they might even bring on an orgasm. Image source: Instagram/audrey___dewolf___

What’s your best sex tip? Let us know in the comments!

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