How to Actually Clean Your Sex Toys

how to clean a dildo

How to Clean Sex Toys


Finding the right sex toy can take some time when you’re buying one for the first time, whether you’re looking for some *extra stimulation* during a masturbation session or looking for something to spice up your hookups with bae. Once you decide on your sex toy, you will probably be eager to discover the best ways to use it.

What you might not be aware of — or what you might forget because you’re distracted — is that you can need to clean your sex toys. And you need to keep cleaning them. If you’re worried about ruining your sex toys when cleaning them, listen up.

Cleaning Silicone Toys

How do I clean sex toys? I threw away the box and never bothered to read anything on it…

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Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated. What you need to know is that it will vary depending on the toy(s) in question. If you have anything with electronics/batteries/motors/whatever like, a vibrator, you do not want to be submerging it or running it under water. That also applies when the toy is shut off. It can majorly mess up the toy and put you at risk of a shock. (It’s also why you don’t want to be masturbating in water with the toys.)

To clean these types of toys, you can wipe them down with a wet rag and soap or you could use a cloth with some rubbing alcohol.

If you’re using a toy made out of wood, follow the instructions above.

If the toy doesn’t have any motorized or electronic parts, you should be fine with submerging it in water and giving it a bath with some soap.

Some people suggest that if you have toys made out of glass, Pyrex, or pure silicone to stick them in boiling water for a few minutes.

how to clean sex toys


  1. 1. Do I need to use one of those fancy sex toy cleansers?

It depends. If you find a sex toy cleaner that works with the type of toy you have, there’s no harm in trying it out. Some will likely prefer to stick with soap and water as it’s cheaper, you don’t have to buy anything specific, and it’s likely something that you always have.

2. How often should I clean them?

You should clean your sex toys on the regular and by that I mean after ever use. Yes, really. It really doesn’t require that much effort. Before you complain, think about it this way: You spent good money on those toys so you probably want to keep them in top shape for as long as possible. What’s more, you don’t want any bacteria growing on them. Ick.

3. Are there toys that cannot be cleaned?

The vast majority of sex toys will be accounted for in the answer to the first question. But, be aware that there are toys made out of porous materials that won’t ever be completely clean. Porous materials are things like hard plastic and they can still contain bacteria even after using soap and water on them. If you are using these types of toys with a partner, it’s recommended that you use condoms.

4. Is it really bad if I forget to clean a toy sometimes or I do it later?

It’s ideal if you clean the toy after you used it, especially if it’s something porous. Of course I get it might not be the sexiest thing to break away from spooning to clean a toy. But, try to do it ASAP so you don’t forget.

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5. What about drying toys?

Before putting your toys away or *putting them to use,* you should make sure that they’re completely dry. Using a paper towel to dry toys is often a better option that your bathroom towel, especially as your bathroom towel can harbor a surprising amount of bacteria.

Also, think about storage. Some sex toys come with bags or cases. Don’t throw them out; use them. They protect toys and keep them clean from bacteria and dust.

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