16 Wonderful Ways to Wear Leggings (That You Never Thought About)

how to wear leggings

how to wear leggings

16 Ways to Wear Leggings

how to wear leggings

Leggings are definitely  a fall fashion essential. They’re so versatile and best of all, comfortable. Check out these ways to style your leggings.

1. Blazer + Dress / Long Shirt


2. Top + Cardigan/Flannel + Matching Shoes + Matching Shorts


3. Peplum Top

how to wear leggings


4. Oversized Sweater + Ankle Boots


5. Workout Attire


6. Fitted Skirt + Sweater + Ankle Boots


7. Belted Dress + Cardigan


8. Long Top + Flats


9. Dress + Accessories


10. Graphic Tee + Beanie


11. Long-Knotted Tee


12. Skirt + Tucked-in Top


13. Layered Tops + Flats


14.  Flannel / Cardigan / Jacket (tied around the waist)


15. Romper / Overalls


16. Top + Duster Vest

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