Top 10 Stunning Taylor Swift Updo Hairstyles

Everyone’s favourite country crossover has had a LOT of looks since bursting on the scene with her debut album. Whether styled in sultry waves, a tousled bun or faux bob, Taylor Swift has been inspiring hairstyles for almost a decade now.

Would you like to take a look at ten stunning Taylor Swift Updo hairstyles? Read on!

1. Milkmaid Braid With Fringe:

Milkmaid Braid

Image: Getty

Beautiful Taylor goes for full-on chic with rosy lips and braided up-do. The Blank Space singer sports a thin milkmaid braid draped elegantly across her forehead. We also love her graceful, soft fringe that frames her face – simply divine! This hairstyle is actually very easy to recreate at home – section out the fringe in front, braid your hair at one temple, and then drape it across your head, pinning it at the other temple. Secure your braid at least 4 fingers width away from your forehead for best results. Voila!

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2. Ponytail With Bangs:

Ponytail With Bangs

Image: Getty

Taylor Swift looks stunning with her long locks in a sleek ponytail, and we can’t get enough of Taylor’s look. The classic ponytail with blunt bangs is a great hairstyle for any occasion, and it’s especially great for a bad hair day. Simply spritz hairspray, brush it back away from your forehead, pull the rest of the hair just above the nape of your neck, and secure it in a sleek ponytail. Make sure you tame flyaway hairs for a sleek ponytail and look fabulous at the same time!

3. Faux Bob:

Faux Bob

Image: Getty

The Love Story singer looks absolutely stunning with her chic, rounded faux bob. The look is achieved by tucking long locks underneath so that it appears shorter – fantastic! Understated and flattering, this perfect mix of old school and modern hairstyle is easily manageable. To steal her look, apply shine serum all over to smooth flyaways. Pull the top half of hair on top of your head, and secure with a pin. Take the bottom half of your hair, and fold two-inch sections up to your scalp. Pin the ends of your hair tightly to your head. Then pin it in a few places to secure it there. Finish by misting with strong hairspray all over for the perfect black-tie social events.

4. Bun With Soft Bangs:

Bun With Soft Bangs

Image: Getty

It’s proved that Taylor Swift can’t go wrong with blunt bangs. Add to that, the singer with her golden locks in a high, knotted sleek bun looks dreamy. This hairstyle, perfect for formal occasions, is out and out glamourous, and the blunt bangs are especially flattering for long, narrow faces. For the final touch, leave a few flyaway hairs to soften your features, and you’re absolutely good to go.

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5. High Bun:

High Bun

Image: Getty

We love this elegantly undone take on the high bun from Taylor Swift. Perfect option for second-day hair, the key to the singer’s up’do is a wet-look hair gel – smooth it over the top section of your hair before combing it and pulling it back tightly into a high bun. As they say, the key to a perfect high bun is framing the face. So, if you want to make sure this ‘do isn’t too harsh, leave some tendrils loose like Taylor.

6. Curly Chignon:

Curly Chignon

Image: Getty

Is there anything more sexy and classy than curls and chignons? Surely not! That must be why we absolutely fell in love with Taylor Swift’s glamorous chignon hairstyle. It incorporates stunning vintage curls pulled delicately to the bottom of the head in a soft sweep we love. This simple chignon is a perfect match for your little black dress and flawless makeup. Take a page out of Taylor Swift’s book and rock this beautiful style at your next important event – you won’t regret it, we assure.

7. Side Swept Bun:

Side Swept Bun

Image: Getty

Taylor proves that buns don’t need to be styled perfectly to look cute. Very baroque and simple, the side-swept bun is a kooky and playful asymmetrical hairstyle that suits most face shapes, and it’s great for summer. To duplicate the sophisticated and feminine hairstyle, simply section out the side bangs, create a loose bun, secure it at the nape, and you’re ready to make heads turn!

8. Messy Bun:

Messy Bun

Image: Getty

Songstress Taylor Swift looks gorgeous with her hair done up in a cute, curly chignon. Taylor takes a break from her signature blunt bangs and wears her hair pulled back, baring her forehead. For a romantic touch, when you recreate Taylor’s updo, leave a few flyaway hairs loose to soften your features. Combining feminine bun and detailed twists in the bottom bun we adore, this Taylor Swift messy updo can be worn virtually anywhere and goes from casual to classy in no time.

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9. Curled Updo:

Curled Updo

Image: Getty

Taylor Swift is no stranger to the vintage hairstyle. In fact, we’d go any far to say she loves nothing more than an old-school curled fringe hair to complement her red carpet dresses. To steal this style, gently iron the bottom section of your hair and let each section fall naturally with the weight of the curl. Add large rollers or brush out the loose curls for natural looking waves. Spritz hairspray or anti-frizz serum to tame flyaway hairs. So, if you want to look like a princess, consider this gorgeous updo.

10. Twisted Bun:

Twisted Bun

Image: Getty

Taylor Swift is a master of the up-do, usually swaying towards romantic updos. This classic twisted bun is no exception. The hairstyle is a step up from the typical low bun, adding plenty of texture and dimension with its array of twists and loose strands. With a multitude of beautifully twisted strands wrapped up into a super tight low bun, this gorgeous style is as elaborate as it is chic. So, if you’ve got the time, try out this stunning look that is perfect for classy events when elegance is everything.

Are you loving Taylor Swift updo hairstyles as much as we are? Do let us know how this post has helped you. There is a comment box below!

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