6 Hair Secrets Supermodels Won’t Tell You

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6 Hair Secrets Supermodels Won’t Tell You

6 Hair Secrets Supermodels Won't Tell You

There are plenty of ways we are inspired by our favorite supermodels, whether it is their latest off-duty look, their hilarious Insta-stories, or their dedication to hitting the gym. In addition to all these things, they also seem to have the loveliest locks!

While you could spend hours sitting in front of your laptop watching (and replaying) YouTube videos on the how-tos of getting Victoria’s Secret runway curls or perfecting a DIY blow-out, in reality, none of us have time for all that!

So here are the ultimate secrets to recreate supermodel’s hair at home — with no YouTube videos required.

1. Start with the appropriate cut

hair secrets

First things first, you need to begin with the right haircut. While there are certainly some exceptions, for the most part, the best models in the world don’t go for the trendiest haircuts. Instead, they stick with mid-length cuts with long layers. This is the most versatile cut, allowing them to transform it into almost any other look.

For those of us who aren’t strutting down a catwalk anytime soon, a classic cut is still the best option as it is timeless, easy to maintain, and flattering on everyone!However, if a trendy cut is how you are feeling, then go for it! Be confident with your style and show the world your vibe!

Just remember to strut out of the salon in your modern streetwear outfit as though you are on a runway in Paris.

2. Highlights are your friend

Miranda Kerr Hair Secrets

Girls such as Victoria’s Secret models love to get highlights to enhance their beachy waves. More specifically, their professional hair and makeup artists create widely spaced highlights that subtly get lighter at the tips. Not only does this make your hair look more voluminous and sun-kissed, but it also lightens up your face and adds dimension.

3. Heat damage is real

Supermodel Hair

Unfortunately, your obsession with your heating tools may be the reason you don’t currently have supermodel-looking hair. Consistently using straighteners, curlers and hair dryers cause significant damage, breakage, and frizziness. So, embrace your inner supermodel and let your hair air-dry every now and again!

4. Sleep on damp hair

hair secrets

So you have probably heard the term “bed head.” And the best way to recreate that look is actually to sleep on damp hair! By doing this, you will build body in your hair that just-showered clean hair cannot offer, and a satisfying texture that is difficult to recreate with even the best of styling tools (and we know that supermodel’s hair is all about the body and the texture).

For extra volume reach for your favorite dry shampoo, and don’t forget to add a little serum on your ends if you are blessed with thick or coarse hair.

5. Recognize the biggest misconception in hair care

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One of the biggest myths in hair care is that shampoo comes first, then conditioner. However, while it certainly softens hair, conditioner also weighs it down.

To get the bouncy, full locks that you desire, switch it up and condition first, shampoo last. Aside from ridding your hair of residue that could be weighing your hair down and robbing it of an attractive bounce, this hair care routine can add more texture to your hair as well.

6. Personalize your products for your hair goals

hair secrets

Try applying salt spray along with mousse to your hair while wet, or a texturizing powder or spray if your hair is dry; these products can create that messy-sexy look with lots of volumes. For shiny strands, add styling cream through the ends and a little hair oil. If you have extra thick or curly hair, always opt for a bit more oil on the ends when it is dry.

The real hairstylist to Victoria’s Secret models Orlando Pita has stated that the recipe for their styles is effortlessness and achievability. “The appeal is that it’s sexy, but not impossible… it looks real,” he says. In other words, bouncing perfect curls or stick, slick straight hair is not his kind of “supermodel’s hair.”

Instead, some sexy imperfection and a cool girl messiness are vital for achieving the supermodel aesthetic. So spray on that dry shampoo, let it air-dry, scrunch up your roots, and voila! You are a supermodel!

6 Ultimate Secrets to Recreate Supermodel Hair at Home
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