The Best Twitter Reactions to the Royal Wedding!

Royal Wedding Twitter

Royal weddings are always exciting, but we can probably all agree that the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is on a whole different level.

After all, Prince Harry is without question the most well-liked royal, and Meghan is a black American actress who became a princess today.

It’s a pretty big deal.

We’ve seen the dress, we’ve seen all the fashion, we’ve heard all about how incredibly sweet Harry was during the ceremony …

So now it’s time to see how everyone who didn’t land an invite is wishing the newlyweds well!

1. A Real Fairytale


2. Meghan, Please!

Meghan please Just a few tips. Come on, girl, do us a solid.


Its a very special day This woman is all of us today.

4. The Magic of Friendship

The magic of friendship Where did Meghan find friends to set her up on blind dates with princes and is there room in the group text for a few more?!

5. Meghan AND Beyonce

Meghan and beyonce Cats are good too, right? RIGHT?

6. Go Back!

Go back Seriously, how dreamy was this wedding? Answer: the DREAMIEST. View SlideshowOriginal Article


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