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When you look at marble nails for the first time, I am sure you think “Oh my gosh this looks complicated”.

The truth is, with some easy and simple DIY guides and tutorials, you can have your majestic marble nails as well. In reality, marble nails are very easy to make. Marble nails are a work of art. And the best part is your nails will look stronger than ever.

That being said, let’s take a look at 28 ideas on how you can transfer the beauty of marble to your nails. & Check out the video tutorial below for an easy marble nails step by step.

1. Matte Almond Gray Nails w/ White-Gray Marble Accent

Marble nails

Photo: nailsandinspo.tumblr.com

I would like to start you off with something simple, and low-profile. Looking at the design, you just know this is something you get when you do not want to expose yourself too much.

A simple accent nail is all you need. And I must say, gray nails are getting some bad rep. They are gorgeous to be honest.

2. Purple, Green, Gold Marble on Black Nails

Photo: setinlacquer.com

When you think of marble, I know most of you think of white, gray, and black mixed together. Well, you have to expand your views and perceptions.

Marble looks awesome in almost any color imaginable. If you want colorful nails, you can do that with marble. And they will look unique.

3. Rose Pink Coffin Nails w/ Golden Marble & Stripes

Photo: weheartit.com

This is the classic marble look. I love the pink neutral color addition. Makes your nails more elegant, and great for office jobs where you have to be low-key.

4. Green Marble Tip w/ Acrylic Teardrop

Photo: instagram.com

Sometimes, you do not even need to do your entire nails. Just the tip is more than enough. What I love here is the teardrop. Now that is some awesome accent.

5. Dark Moon Marble Nails

Photo: nataliecreations.tumblr.com

Most people are afraid to experiment with dark colors such as black. But I say those people have never experienced the drama and beauty of black.

There is a reason why black is a timeless color. And yes, it can look awesome on your nails. As for the marble design, black is, after all, a staple in marble.

6. Black Base w/ White or Gold Marble Lines

Photo: mycdn.me

Similar to the previous design, we go with black for the base of your nails. The gold lines add a ton of drama and boldness.

You will definitely be the Drama Queen with these nails. And do not worry, they are suitable for any evening occasion.

7. White Marble w/ Metallic Pink

Photo: instagram.com

I have to include several classic marble designs on the list. White and pink are a great combination when you need elegant manicure, but you still want to stay sophisticated.

Classy, and you can combine it with any outfit.

8. White Marble w/ Negative Space

Photo: .instagram.com

The beauty of white marble manicure is you can combine it with everything. The manicure allows for so much versatility, it is just unreal.

Here, we have a negative effect tweak. And you can easily spot up the contrast and how your nails pop.

9. Black Gold Marble w/ Triangle Designs


One thing I love about the marble design is that it looks effortless. Many of the designs on this list look you’ve dropped a can of color on your nails, and that is that.

But that is just the illusion. In fact, there are tricks how to get that “messy and I do not care” look on your nails. As for the triangles, they are the perfect contrast and balance to the messy look. You want something that will give your nails shape and direction.

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10. Dark Pink Marble Nails w/ Clear Acrylic Drops

Photo: instagram.com

There is always one thing you can add to your marble nails to make them pop.

It doesn’t always have to be the marble design itself. In fact, as you can see, you can mix marble nails with other manicure trends, and still look neat.

11. Royal Blue Gold or Glitter Pink Marble

Photo womenshealth.su

That royal blue nails are just pure perfection. Definitely one of the most luxurious and stunning looks on the list. As for the pink, you go for more neutral and romantic design there.

12. Dark Blue w/ White-Gray “V-Space” Design

Photo: loubnameron.com

As I’ve said earlier, you need something to give your marble nails shape. You cannot go out with just a splash of colors all around your nails.

This is where shapes and objects come into place. This time around, we have the V-shape in two different ways.

13. Gray-White Marble & Clear Nails w/ Golden Flakes

Photo: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

I’ve written about clear nails before. They emphasis your manicure that much more. Which is why I love it when you combine clear nails and marble design. The result is a completely stunning look.

14. Purple & White Marble Coffin Nails w/ Glitter Accent

Photo: instagram.com

One thing I love to see with marble nails is more space for the design to be emphasized. And coffin nails allow you just that. With a little bit more length, you can expand your marble design.

That glitter accent is what makes the nails pop. You can avoid it if you like, as white and pink marble is more than enough in most cases.

15. Golden Green Marble Nails w/ Black Accent

Photo: renodots.com

When you think of it, gold and green are not usually two colors you combine. But that is just on first glance. In fact, gold and green are very much compatible.

The black accent is just there to add some drama to your look.

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16. Multicolored Marble Nails


I know a lot of ladies that just cannot get enough colors. This is the manicure for them. You want five different colors on your nails?

Go for it. Who am I to stop you?

17. Black Marble Nails w/ Holographic Glitter

Photo: photo.veganpower.fr

I talked a lot about black and how it makes your manicure more dramatic. If you were wondering how to take black manicure to the next level, I have your answer.

Draw something on your black nails. Like a hologram for example.

18. White Marble w/ Golden Ring @ Base

Photo: wah-london.com

Classy and timeless look. Gold is there to provide the luxury aspect. You cannot go wrong with this manicure. If you want a bit more low-key look, ditch the gold accent.

19. Gray Marble Stone w/ Golden Flakes

Photo: paulinaspassions.com

I said at the beginning that gray is getting some bad rep. And I do not understand why. Just look at these nails, and how perfect they look.

Maybe people do not like the middle ground between the dramatic black and neutral white colors. But I must say, sometimes the middle is the best place to be.

Gold flakes are subtle, yet very creative way to make the nails look more interesting.

20. Marble Accent on Soft Baby Pink Nails

Photo: lush-fab-glam.com

As I said at the beginning, you do not always need to go marble on all your nails.

Some women are just not mentally prepared for such step. If you fall into that group, go with just an accent marble nail. That will be enough for you to follow the marble trend.

21. Blue Marble w/ Silver Rectangular Rhinestones

Photo: bestmanikyur.ru

We talked about shapes and direction of marble nails. And we talked how you can paint some triangles or other geometry objects.

Now, we can see the same trick with some rhinestones. Simply put, rhinestones make everything better.

22. White-Pink Marble w/ Silver Glitter Nails

Photo: instagram.com

This is the manicure you want if you want to get marble nails, but still keep it low-key. Let’s be honest, on first glance, these do not look much like marble nails.

But that is just the goal here. You want subtle and simple? We have it for you.

23. Mint Green Marble w/ Golden Frame

Photo: today.in.ua

I must say, I cannot get enough of green nails. But not just any green nails.

I love rich green colors, and mint green colors. Here, we have both of them combined. As I said previously, gold and green are actually a match made in heaven. So, why not take advantage of it.

24. Negative Space Marble & Black Stiletto Nails

Photo : etsy.com

Stiletto nails are a definition for sexy and feminine nails. Whatever you do with them, they will look hot as hell. That black negative certainly helps.

25. Silver Marble w/ Baby Blue Coffin Nails

Photo: weheartit.com

As you can notice by now, there are two types of marble nails. One is dramatic look, and the other is more of a subtle design. When you opt for colors like baby blue and pink, you fall into the second category.

26. Turquoise & Black Marble Nail Design

Photo: salonography.com

One hand in turquoise color, and one in black. Now that is thinking outside of the box. At least when marble nails are considered. Not many think of turquoise color when they think of marble.

27. Peach w/ White & Gray Marble Nails

Photo: onglesaddict.com

Have you ever wondered if you can make marble nails look romantic? Well, here is your answer. These nails are an epitome of romance.

The inside looks more flowery than marble-like to be honest. And that is not easy thing to do.

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28. White Marble W/ Gold Confetti & Stripes

Photo: instagram.com

I wanted to finish the list with something that falls into both marble nails categories. These nails are elegant and subtle, and dramatic and bold in the same time. It is all about that glitter.

That being said, I hope you enjoyed some of the marble nail designs we had. As always, if you have any other ideas, feel free to share them.

Need a tutorial? Here’s the marble nails step by step guide:

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