3 Legit Ways to Make Money Online | Sell Your Clothes, Makeup, & Accessories



Legit Ways to Make Money Online | Sell Your Clothes, Makeup, & Accessories

How to make money selling online or-in person

decluttering closet

There are two things we could ALL use a little more of, storage space and money. So why not turn your clutter into cash?

But where do you begin? It depends. Do you want the process to be quick and easy? Or do you want a higher payout? Selling clothes is easy! You just have to pick the method that works for your schedule and financial needs.

There are fast/lower payouts (In-person, i.e. cosignment shops, garage sales) or slow/high payouts (online/apps.)

buisness woman

Sell clothes for cash near me

(fast payout/ low payout/ low effort/)

Plato's Closet

Ship in Bulk

(Moderate Payout Speed/ Slightly higher payout/ low effort)


This is a convenient option if you want to declutter quickly. You don’t have to find a buyer or handle the listings.  They send you a free “clean-out” kit. You fill it with your clothes and leave it on your doorstep (free of shipping.) Not all items will be sold, but you can pay an insurance fee if you want unsold items returned. I made more than I expected. Get $10 toward your account by signing up here.

Sell Used Clothes Online

(Highest Payout/ Slow Payout/ Effort Required)

I used this option for my most valuable pieces (easier to catch a quick buyer.) Similar to E-bay, you  list your items on these sites for whatever price you choose.

Extra steps selling firsthand may include: researching competitor prices, taking product pics, listing product online, waiting for a sale, and maybe even meeting up with the buyer to make the transaction. If this is too much of a hassle, you might want to consider consignment.

Poshmark was particularly cool because they allow you to re-list as much as you want; and they host “parties” throughout the day where you can list to buyers searching for the specific item you’ve listed. I made $159 from passively listing declutter items for a year.

All of these sites also have an app version, for ease of use. They’re all pretty much the same, except LetGo and OfferUp have more users, so you’re more likely to make a sale there. I’ve made sales on electronics, action figures, phone cases, clothes, and more by posting on all apps.


makeup flat lay

Bought the wrong shade? No worries. There are platforms specifically for makeup resale.

Wedding/ Bridesmaid/ Flower Girl/ Prom Dresses

wedding shoes

The problem with expensive wedding wear? It’s only worn once. Give your loved lace a second life.


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