34 Beautiful Shades of Burgundy Hair to Copy

burgundy hair

34 Sultry Shades of Burgundy Hair to Copy

Check out these gorgeous burgundy hair colors for a sexy, sultry look that will turn heads wherever you go. Red is one of the most versatile hair colors.

Burgundy hair dye is traditionally used for those with natural brown or black hues. However, it can do well with any hair color, if you choose the right shade and style.

If you are looking for a new hair color, why not try burgundy? As with any red, you will have to touch up your roots when needed and protect your hair by using products designed for color treated hair.

1. Deep Violet

deep violet

This dreamy and earthy burgundy hair look with jeweled toned violet highlights is simply stunning. Your hair will glisten in the sun like priceless gems!

2. Dark Burgundy Hair Ombre

Source: deenanicolemtv via Instagram

Dark Burgundy Hair Ombre

If you have dark hair and want to go for a dark burgundy hair ombre hairstyle, you can start with dark roots and fade slowly into a wine-colored burgundy.

This fade looks especially stunning on layered hair like the long layered haircut shown here. As for dramatic layers near your face to give you a soft and playful feminine vibe.

3. Blonde Hair With Burgundy Lowlights

Source: kenraprofessional via Instagram

Blonde Hair With Burgundy Lowlights

Red hair styles don’t always have to be dark. This look for platinum blonde hair with burgundy lowlights is ideal for someone who wants a subtle hint of color.
This pretty braid is one of the most popular hairstyles for long hair. Braided hairstyles are very trendy right now, and the pretty burgundy lowlights give this stylish braid a pretty bust of color and a lot of dimension for a multinational look.

4. Red Ombre Hair

Source: mackpaintedthat via Instagram

Red Ombre Hair

If you have dark hair and aren’t afraid to go with a fiery shade of red, why not try this brilliant red ombre hair fade? It adds a ton of depth and texture to layered locks.
The bright cherry red shade will certainly make you stand out from a crowd without being too over the top. As look layers to really make the brilliant red ombre fade pop!

5. Peek-a-Boo Burgundy on Short Hair

Source: number_76 via Instagram

Peek a Boo Burgundy Short Hair

If you prefer short haircuts like a bob hair style, this peekaboo red under a dark burgundy black is a lot of fun.
This look for burgundy short hair is perfect if you want to show your fun and playful side but have to keep your hair looking professional for work.
The peekaboo tones also add some texture to this adorable bob haircut.

6. Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair

Source: kenraprofessional via Instagram

Burgundy Highlights On Black Hair

Those with darker tresses who don’t want a drastic change often opt for highlighted hair.
Burgundy highlights on black hair like the cherry red pictured here. It looks striking on long wavy locks as it adds depth and dimension as well as a fiery shade of red that shows you have sass as well as class.

7. Maroon Hair Ombre

Source: gretawagner_ via Instagram

Maroon Hair Ombre

If you have long hair, you know that it can often feel dull and lifeless. Long layered hair can add depth and dimension to your longer tresses and give it new life.
And if you add in this maroon hair ombre fade, you will feel like a mermaid princess. The soft beachy waves are very feminine and romantic and blend nicely with the dark red hues.

8. Burgundy Highlights on Short Hair

Source: kimmykimster via Instagram

Burgundy Highlights Short Hair

If you don’t want to go all over burgundy, why not opt for red undertones? If you want to really take it up a notch, try this pretty fuschia pink and cotton candy pink balayage blend?
It looks stunning on a pixie cut like the one shown here. Burgundy highlights short hair is very much in demand right now if you want a look that’s fun and fashionable.

9. Brilliant Burgundy

Source: amandaensing via Instagram

Deep Burgundy Hair

This captivating shade of violet burgundy is great for those who want deep burgundy hair. This look is perfect if you want an elegant shade that is a bit sexy and looks spectacular on short or long hair.
You can start off with midnight black roots and fade to a dramatic violet and burgundy blend for a look that’s sleek and sophisticated.

10. Short Burgundy Hair w/ Blonde Highlights

Source: rouge22salon via Instagram

Short Burgundy Hair With Blonde Highlights

If all over burgundy is not your thing, how about this burgundy hair with blonde highlights? The pretty plum color at the roots gives the lilac and blonde balayage hues a nice contrast for a look that’s girly and chic.
We think it looks even pretty with soft beachy waves on a shorter hairstyle. As for a short bob with slightly longer face-framing layers for a soft and romantic vibe.

11. Burgundy Ombre Hair Weave

Source: rouge22salon via Instagram

Burgundy Ombre Hair Weave

How about a burgundy ombre hair weave? This short bob haircut for wavy hair is breathtaking with the bouncy curls and fuchsia and burgundy balayage hues.
As for a short graduated bob with longer layers to add bounce to your lovely curly locks for a look that’s sexy and sultry. This style has a ton of volume and texture as well.

12. Dark Burgundy Hair

Source: hair.by.elenarosas via Instagram

Dark Burgundy Hair

Dark burgundy hair is a great look for those who want to embrace their inner goth princess. It looks great on any length hair, including shoulder-length hair.
Simply apply a deep shade of burgundy over a black base for a look that’s dark and mysterious. And we love the mid-length cut with choppy ends and delicate waves.

13. Harley Quinn Burgundy Hair Ombre

Source: number_76 via Instagram

Harley Quinn Burgundy Hair Ombre

If you love long hairstyles and don’t want to cut off any of your gorgeous curly locks, why not try this fun Harley Quinn ombre fade?

So many women are embracing the HQ look, and this burgundy hair ombre is proof positive! We love the dark burgundy fade to bright red and blue tips that look stunning on long curly tresses.

14. Burgundy Hair w/ Highlights

Source: ltmxbeauty via Instagram

Burgundy Hair With Highlights

Thinking of burgundy hair with highlights?
Try this stunning look for deep burgundy hair that starts with a dark base and fades to a deep wine colored burgundy. It looks very chic and sexy with these tousled beach waves!

15. Cranberry Curls

Source: Shondabroadus via Instagram

Cranberry Curls

This mid-length cut with naturally curly locks is stunning, but if you throw in some cranberry highlights, it takes it to a completely new level!

16. Purple Tips

Source: Masey.cheveux via Instagram

Purple Tips


If you aren’t ready to fully commit, these reddish purple tips and bangs are still bold and daring!

17. Burgundy Hair w/ Caramel Highlights

Source: ashleyrosehair21 via Instagram

Burgundy Hair With Caramel Highlights

If you want to go a bit lighter, why not try this stunning burgundy ombre? The burgundy hair with caramel highlights is a very pretty look for Summer or Autumn as it resembles falling leaves or a summer sunset.
Start off with dark roots and fade to a deep cherry red that fades to brilliant orange and ends in a pretty caramel blonde. Remember to bring pictures of dark brown hair with burgundy highlights to your stylist so she or he can duplicate the look you want.

18. Burgundy Hair on Dark Skin

Source: rpgshowwig via Instagram

Burgundy Hair On Dark Skin

Burgundy hair on dark skin is exceptionally stunning! The darker undertones with a deep red wine hue is very stylish and super sexy.
It is a great way to take your natural hair up a notch without being too dramatic if you want a look that’s fun and flirty.

19. Crimson Curls w/ a Hint of Purple

Source: Constancerobbins via Instagram

Crimson Curls with a Hint of Purple

The best part of red hair is that it adds depth and dimension.
This gorgeous, fiery red with cool purple tones is totally hip and sexy!

20. Burgundy Ombre Short Hair

Source: kenraprofessional via Instagram

Burgundy Ombre Short Hair

If you have a shorter hair style such as an inverted bob, you can still add some pretty pale burgundy streaks. Check out this pretty inverted lob for burgundy ombre short hair.
Pale burgundy lowlights on a white blonde base are super feminine and chic if you are looking for a style that’s subtle, yet fun and flirty.

21. Retro Red

Source: Hairbykristinamarie via Instagram

Retro Red

This throwback red on a modern trendy bob is a perfect combo of old and new!

22. Deep Red Velvet

Source: manuellobo via Instagram

Deep Red Velvet

Do you want a look that’s totally scrumptious? This deep burgundy balayage is positively delicious!

23. Burgundy + Black Ombre

Source: kristen.lumiere via Instagram

Burgundy and Black Ombre

These burgundy highlights perfectly woven into the deep black base are heavenly.

24. Far-Out Fuchsia

Source: Masey.cheveux via Instagram

Far Out Fuchsia

This futuristic cut with blunt bangs and bold fuchsia tones is ultra-chic and out of this world!

25. Choco-Cherry Waves

Source: Lizzys_colorfulworld via Instagram

Choco Cherry Waves

This perfect blend of chocolate brown and cherry red is sweet and sassy!

26. Velvet Violet Vixen

Source: Stylesbyalexx via Instagram

Velvet Violet Vixen

Feeling vampy? This sleek and sexy shade will give you a flirty, seductive vibe.

27. Maroon Layers

Source: Hairbymb via Instagram

Maroon Layers

Stylists agree that this shade is totally classy and, therefore, will never go out.
On layered hair, this shade of burgundy will make you the center of attention wherever you go.

28. Flaming Burgundy Curls

Source: Hairloungenyc via Instagram

Flaming Burgundy Curls

This fiery shade of burgundy has subtle hints of blonde and looks totally sensual on these choppy, loose curly tendrils.

29. Chocolate Wine

Source: Caroline.anythingbutbasic via Instagram

Chocolate Wine

This slow fade from dark chocolate roots to gorgeous burgundy is soft and romantic.

30. Deep Purple

Source: beauty.byrachel via Instagram

Deep Purple

This dark red violet is surprisingly natural-looking unless you happen to be standing in the sun.
The light will enhance these captivating dark purple highlights.

31. Amethyst

Source: lizzys_colorfulworld via Instagram


This crimson purple hue looks stunning on this sleek straight long bob!

32. Black Red Balayage

Source: thescissorsammurai via Instagram

Black Red Balayage

In case going completely burgundy is not for you, complement burgundy with black.

33. Moody Ruby

Source: thehairnurse via Instagram

Moody Ruby

Ruby is one of the brightest red hues. And it means that only the most daring babes can sport it.

34. Beet Bob

Source: mizzchoi via Instagram

Beet Bob

When your hair is already bright, how to make it pop even more?
With a hairstyle, of course. This wavy bob will do.

burgundy hair

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Are you ready to go red? These sexy and sultry burgundy shades will make you the belle of any ball!

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