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How to Wash Makeup Brushes

Before we used olive oil and anti bacterial dishwashing soap to clean makeup brushes. Now we are giving your makeup brushes cleaning a little twist! By using vinegar! Find out more and see how you can make your makeup brushes neat and clean without splurging your hard earned money! Now let’s start and save while learning how to clean makeup brushes!

What you need?

How to Clean Makeup Brushes
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  • Warm Water
  • Vinegar
  • Dishwashing Liquid

What to do?

Step 1. Mixture.

For every cup combine 2 parts of warm water to 1 part vinegar. Then add a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

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Step 2. Soak.

A. You may opt to soak your makeup brushes to the mixture (leaving them in the solution for 5 minutes).

Step 2a - How To Wash Your Makeup Brushes
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B. Swish each of your brushes in the mixture until they are squeaky clean.

Step 2b - How To Wash Your Makeup Brushes
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Personally I prefer doing my brushes one at a time while rubbing the bristles gently to ward off any of the makeup contents that maybe stucked on it in between!

makeup brush cleaner

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Step 3. Rinse.

You may run your makeup brushes one by one with tap water or warm water (which I think is better). Again I do them one by one to make sure that you have rinse off all the mixtures that you applied on to your brushes.

Step 3 - How To Wash Your Makeup Brushes
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Step 4. Drying.

After rinsing lay your makeup brushes on a clean paper towel to drain that excess water. You don’t want to let that excess water seeping through the metal part of your brush as it will ruin your brushes. And here’s a great hack that I really love to do. Nothing fancy – just line up your makeup brushes to your towel bar with hair bands and you’re good to go!

Step 4 - How To Wash Your Makeup Brushes

So there you have it ladies! No need to splurge to clean your brushes!

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