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The brand-new royal baby has officially arrived. Kensington Palace announced Friday morning that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their third child Louis Arthur Charles. Royal Family fans are obviously thrilled with the new addition, but there’s something else on many of their minds: The dress that Kate Middleton chose to wear to show baby Louis to the world.

The reason for the fascination is quite a cinematic one. Twitter found a crazy connection between Kate Middleton’s post-baby outfit and one worn by Mia Farrow’s titular character in Rosemary’s Baby. The connection is that, well, these dresses look ridiculously similar.

For those who have never seen Roman Polanski’s 1968 horror film, the movie is about a woman named Rosemary (Farrow) who finds herself pregnant following a bizarre, disturbing dream. Months later, Rosemary gives birth to the Antichrist. (“He has his father’s eyes,” the cultists who orchestrated Rosemary’s pregnancy with Satan exclaim giddily in the film.)

So, umm, it’s quite odd timing for Middleton to wear this red number to show the world her baby… and Twitter, as it is wont to do, noticed.

I hope this was intentional!#RosemarysBaby #RoyalBaby #KateMiddleton #Dress #FathersEyes pic.twitter.com/9iLmJn1CiC

— Delaine Derry Green⭐️ (@HumanPanther) April 26, 2018

Kate Middleton rocking the same dress as Rosemary from Rosemary’s Baby is definitely not discomforting at all… pic.twitter.com/OhzpTA6rjH

— Chris Wilson (@CrisMovieCorner) April 27, 2018

A pic doing the rounds today: Kate Middleton’s apparently wearing the same dress Rosemary Woodhouse has in #RosemarysBaby. You know…that film about a woman being impregnated by the Satan, to further the career of her husband. We need to check it’s eyes! #louisarthurcharles pic.twitter.com/5Jwtk64w2J

— Peter Laws (@revpeterlaws) April 27, 2018

Honestly, Satan plot aside, all the fashion in Rosemary’s Baby is covetable, and Middleton looks fantastic. However, Middleton likely isn’t trolling the world by wearing a dress originally donned by the mother of Satan. In actuality, it’s more likely that Middleton was making a sweet nod to her husband Prince William’s late mother.

Though it has not been confirmed, this dress from Jenny Packham may have been inspired by Princess Diana, who wore red and white when she introduced a baby Prince Harry to the world.

Kate Middleton channels Princess Diana after giving birth with red dress: https://t.co/r5Mcb6DCo4 pic.twitter.com/vcsUncEVP8

— E! News Video (@ENewsVideo) April 23, 2018

The ever-fashionable Middleton will no doubt wear plenty of outfits that Twitter takes notice of. Let’s hope, next time, it’s just to say “Girl, you look great.”

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