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16 Random Thoughts Everyone Has While Having Sex

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The human brain is an interesting thing, isn’t it? You might think that you have control of it, but sometimes it seems to have a mind (hah) of its own. It can make us overthink things, obsess over the littlest things, and have the most random thoughts pop in our heads. We can sometimes experience a lot of the last one during sex.

If you’ve ever been hooking up with someone and wondered why your brain seemed to be focusing on stuff coming out of left field, it should make you feel a bit better to know that you’re not alone. It seems that our brains are wired to come up with random points during sex. And it says nothing of the skill levels of our partners. The brain is going to think what it’s going to think.

Here are 16 random thoughts that everyone has while getting it on:

1. I’m hungry.

Well, you are burning calories.

2. I wonder what I look like right now.

Actually, I don’t want to think about that too much.

3. …Would it be weird if I put up a mirror on the ceiling?

Just no. Pretty sure that would be extremely distracting as well as a safety hazard.

4. What was that sound outside?

Is someone in the house? I swear we were alone.

5. I think I might have to go to the bathroom.

Not. Now. Please.

6. Is that where bae thinks the *special spot* is?

Oh, boy.

7. What is that smell?

Is it something on the stove? Is it me? Is it bae? Is it coming from outside? Is it, erm, sex?

8. This reminds of that part in that movie when…

How did I ever come up with that reference? Really.

9. I am wearing clean underwear, right?

*Prays there are no period stains or anything else and that I somehow didn’t pick the dirty pair off the floor.*

10. Same something. Say anything.

Am I supposed to be talking dirty now?

11. I would love to see what my face looks like now.

Actually, hold that thought.

12. Did I remember to lock the door?

*Starts sweating even more.*

13. When was the last time I changed my sheets?

I did laundry on Saturday, but I’m pretty sure I only washed darks. Was it the Saturday before that, or was that just delicates?

14. I really hope no one can see through those blinds.

They are called blinds.

15. Do I have an assignment due tomorrow?

I swear I had something to do for chemistry. Or was it math. Maybe it was both?

16. Is there a bug in here?

I swear I hear buzzing.

What other weird thoughts have you had while having sex? Let us know in the comments!

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