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running at sunsetThe game of weight loss looks different for everyone, but there are a few constants that remain pretty similar across the board. One thing we know we need to get closer to weight loss is exercise, including cardio. We talked to celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue, who was one of the headlining trainers at the Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival, about how much cardio women should be doing if they’re trying to drop a few pounds. Prepare to take notes.

“When I was working with the Revenge Body contestants when they had a lot of weight to lose, we were doing strength training and cardio like every day,” Simone told POPSUGAR. “When you are trying to lose weight, we do want to focus on getting the heart rate up, getting to a calorie-burning state.” She says you should aim to do “20 to 30 minutes of intense cardio” nearly every day to see results.

“Also, it’s important [what kind of] cardio you do,” Simone added. “You want to be at sprinting level. You don’t want to just go for an hour walk. Like anything, you have to put in the work.” However, “for someone who’s just trying to maintain,” your cardio schedule might look a little different. “You could set aside one to two days of cardio, as opposed to just strength training,” she recommended.

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You can choose whatever cardio you like, from running to cycling to HIIT cardio sessions. Don’t forget that dancing counts as cardio too, which is what Simone offered in her classes at the Propel Co:Labs Festival. “We want to make people learn to love and appreciate dance because it’s a fabulous form of cardio and works the entire body,” she told POPSUGAR. “You’re having to learn choreography, so you’re using your brain and stimulating your mind; it’s keeping you present. People don’t realize that if you go for a run or a jog, your brain can wander off, but with dance you have to be present in the moment, otherwise you can screw up the next step.”

So choose whatever cardio works for you, and put in the work. Simone says you’ll see the results you’re looking for if you dedicate yourself. And don’t forget that your diet is just as important as your workout schedule, if not more, so stick to whole foods and make sure you’re in a calorie deficit if you’re trying to lose weight.

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