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Vegan Weight Loss

There are a plethora of reasons that veganism is becoming increasingly popular. Even athletes and celebrities (like Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus) have turned to a vegan lifestyle. Not only does becoming vegan help save animals and the environment, but it also touts many health benefits, helps clear skin, and increases fitness performance. Several people have also turned to a vegan diet to promote weight loss.

Losing weight isn’t always easy, but documenting progress by uploading pictures on Instagram has helped everyday people share their personal journeys and success stories to keep themselves and others motivated. We’re definitely feeling some serious inspiration from these Instagrammers who have shown us their transformations after following a vegan diet.

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1. Hannah Howlett

2. Lily

3. Sarah Hasselberger

4. Claire

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5. Gabrielle Weldon

What a difference a year can make. The pic on the left is me after arriving home from living 6 months in Florida, US. I’m not ashamed of that body because it represents the fun times I had exploring a different country and tasting my way through many of the southern states of America. But I knew I couldn’t live like that forever and when I got back to Australia I decided to make a change. I went plantbased not only for my health but to also lessen my impact on the environment and I have never looked back. I also found a home @premiumptadelaide where I’m excited to exercise in a place where I’ve made so many friends and always feel supported. In total I have lost 20kg (44lbs) since coming home from America and I’m spending 2018 chasing more goals including graduating from uni (Bach. Commerce Management), learning French and becoming a yoga teacher. My body will continue to change and I’m excited to see what that will be as I grow stronger through my yoga practice and my strength training with @sophia.mccabe. I want to start recording my progress so there will be more picture on my insta from my training, yoga practice and meals (sorry for the spam in advance). I just want to finish by saying believe in yourself, you’ll be surprised by what you can achieve! ✌?❤️?

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6. Hailey

Going vegan was the best choice I have ever made. The picture on the left- in the gym everyday, constantly struggling with my diet choices, and overall unhappy with my health. Picture on the right- workout maybe twice a weak, eat a fully plant based diet, love my relationship with food, and feeling happier and healthier than ever. Growing up I had always struggled with my self image and body weight. I have always had a massive appetite and struggled with portion control. Once I started seeing myself gaining weight, I was comparing myself to other people, always stressed about the food I was eating, and constantly in the gym. I was beating myself up over looking and feeling a certain way. I never felt content with myself and was never truly happy with the way I looked. Overall, I had a pretty poor relationship with food and exercise. After watching countless YouTube videos and researching, I tried many different “diets”. I tried vegetarian, gluten free, paleo, and then vegan. I saw immediate changes in my body, mood, and energy when I started eating a vegan diet. I was learning about and feeling the benefits of a plant based diet. I was losing fat with barely even exercising, had more energy throughout my day, and was overall happier. I also felt a sense of pride knowing I was helping save innocent animals and our environment. I now eat however much food I want, without worrying about the calories or weight gain. I feel refreshed after EVERY meal. I feel healthier and happier than ever before. I eat mostly whole foods such as fruits, veggies, legumes, and grains such as quinoa and rice. I try to limit the amount of processed foods I eat (foods with an ingredients list), but they are okay every once in awhile 🙂 Fun facts: 1. A protein deficiency ISN’T actually a thing- you can get all of the protein you need from simply plants 🙂 2. Your body thrives off of carbohydrates. A high carb diet including plenty of fruits and veggies supplies great amounts of nutrients, energy, and fiber 3. YOU are WORTHY of living your best life full of vibrant, alive foods, energy, and happiness ? #bodytransformations #vegandiet #vegantransformation #thrivingonplants #healthjourney

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7. Hailey

8. Bethany

Left: 9 years ago today [2008] Right: Last week [2017] . Left: Standard American Diet filled with donuts, chips, candy, fast food, ice cream, cheeseburgers, alcohol, cigarettes Right: Whole food, plant-based lifestyle filled with chocolate-y smoothies, hearty bean and vegetable soups, amazing hummus flavors, delicious gourmet salad bowls . Left: Excuses, hiding, laziness, little self-confidence, and fear of failure Right: Discipline, grit, determination, confidence, and power . Left: Depression, anxiety, medications, asthma with inhaler use, issues with my intestine, stomach, bowel and colon Right: little to no trouble with depression or anxiety, off ALL medications, no inhaler needed, breathing and going to the restroom are no longer issues . Left: Horrible acne, daily headaches, huffing and puffing up the stairs Right: Clear skin, no more headaches!, energy off the roof . Left: Embarrassed, ashamed, guilty, bloated Right: Joy, bliss, happiness, freedom, self-love, light-on-my-feet . Left: A zombie, a plastic-wrapped version of myself Right: FINALLY LIVING LIFE AS MY FULL, AUTHENTIC SELF. I AM FINALLY ME. 🙂 . It doesn’t matter where you start. It doesn’t matter how “far gone” you may feel. It doesn’t matter what your friends or society thinks. It doesn’t matter if you think you can’t give up cheese or fast food. . What matters is YOU. Your life… how do you want to live it? . Make the decision to make a change, find your compelling WHYs, make them bigger than your excuses, and move forward. You got this! . Shout out to @joelfuhrmanmd who was my first inspiration and introduction into this lifestyle! . <3 Mrs. Love Chard . PS: If you have any questions or need the guidance to help you succeed, please comment below or shoot me a DM! . . . #weight #weightloss #weightlossstory #successstory #beforeandafter #beforeandafterpic #weightlosstransformation #journey #loseweight #howtoloseweight #overcomeemotionaleating

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9. Lauren Elizabeth

// Personal post // I was always hesitant to ever post one of these but here we go… My #vegantransformation – In the first 2 photos I was still pretending I wasn’t chronically ill.. told myself I could still be happy as a “thicker” woman while still destroying my body… in complete denial.. [ Please don’t misunderstand me, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being thick & curvy if you’re healthy & thriving but I was far from it. ] until I got slapped with my 8th diagnosis and then my body just shut down, rejecting everything. I couldn’t keep food down, developed rashes on my face, my hair was falling out, godawful fatigue & brain fog, pcos & endometriosis all caused by systemic candida that developed over YEARS of high stress + treating my “temple” like a trashcan, eating high fat, high sugar, processed food/fast food and the doctor kept prescribing antibiotics every other month in addition to 6 other meds which only made everything flare up worse… I was frantic and desperate when I stumbled on @lonijane and the healing benefits of a hclf raw vegan lifestyle but so relieved to finally have answers. #veganism saved me man… when doctors had no other answer but a lifetime of medication. The 3rd photo was taken today, 5 years later, after all the ups and downs….. and it feels SO good ♡♡♡♡♡ #naturalhealing #thisamazinglife #feelingsograteful 》》ps: #govegan It’s way easier to prevent disease than it is to cure it. For real. #eattherainbow #consciousbite #rawfoods #alternativemedicine #meditation #yoga #countchemicalsnotcalories #veganformyhealth #veganfortheplanet #veganfortheanimals #greenisthenewblack #myveganjourney

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10. Dani Taylor

A lot of people ask why I don’t talk about this more. The reason is that it was uniquely my journey and I don’t like to give false impressions that anyone who goes vegan will lose weight. You might, you might not. Weight loss wasn’t my reason for going Vegan, and I was pretty happy before I lost weight as well. And if nothing had changed physically, I still would have stayed vegan. ⠀ •⠀ •⠀ But what happened FOR ME when I went Vegan was that I DID start losing weight. My chronic ear and sinus infections stopped. And for the first time in my whole life, I realized that I had more control⠀ over my health than I had ever thought. ⠀ •⠀ •⠀ This was the spark that I needed to keep taking steps forward in a health and fitness journey. I learned to cook. I learned about nutrition. I learned to lift. And I put in work every single day for the last 10+ years. Real change doesn’t happen quickly and it’s not linear, so I don’t like to use my story as a gimmick. But it is my story and I wanted to share it. •⠀ •⠀ #veganproteins⠀

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11. Chemese

Then vs Now #TransformationTuesday: “Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” — Robin Sharma Losing weight it’s not as hard as you think it is, what I believe is the hard part is changing how you think and keeping the weight off. Change is important. Consistency is important. I’m committed to improving myself slightly each day. One day at a time. #vegantransformation #iUsedToBe300lbs #selflove #weightlossjourney #losingpounds #iusedtobefat #getfitordietrying #vegan #veganfitness #lifestylechange #healthychoices #beforeandafter #fat2fit #born2transform #veganlifestyle #thickfit #girlsthatworkout #selfie #BeYourBestSelf #sisterlocks #goaldigger #blackvegan #blackvegansofig #atvegan #txvegan

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