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7 Crazy Eyebrow Trends

Eyebrow trends and getting crazier and crazier, and just when you think “Okay it cant possibly get any crazier than this”

….IT DOES! We’ve rounded up some the most dramatic eyebrow trends of 2018. Check them out below!

1.Garden Brows

Image via Standard.co.uk

Have you ever wished that you could make your eyebrows look a garden? Well join the club, because a viral trend just in time for spring. You can check out Taytay_xx Instagram page if you want to replicate her look featured above.

2.Fishtail brows

Image via Pulse.ng

I’ve personally never found fishtail appealing enough to want it on my face;least of all my brows, but this is not about me. This is another of those eyebrow trends that took us all by surprise, but never the less people were trying it out left and right,would you dare to wear this?

3. Jewelled Brows

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I must admit this one is quite beautiful; I mean who doesn’t like a little bejewelled action right? I can see why this would look fantastic on the runway, like maybe for a Victoria’s Secrets fashion show or something, but in real life its a no for me!

4. Halo Brows

Image via India TV

If you can’t have a halo on your head why not put one on your eyebrows right? At least this person sure felt that way-isn’t it heavenly?

5. High Heel Brows

high heel brows

HIGH. HEEL. BROWS. Stefan Oskys

As a shoe lover I get the obsession, trust me. However, I prefer my shoes on my feet, not on my eyebrows!

6.Wavy Brows

eyebrow trends
Image via Youtube

This viral Instagram trend caught us all off guard;I mean who would want wavy brows. However, Before you could say “What the eyebrows” all the popular makeup gurus were doing it on there YouTube channels. You can check out one of the way brow tutorials here

7.Triple/double brows

eyebrow trends
Image via The Sun

Personally one eyebrow on each side of my face is good enough for me, but apparently it wasn’t enough for whoever came up with this crazy trend. Why would you even want 3 extra eyebrows? It’s hard enough trying to keep up with two!

That’s all folks, we’ve rounded up 7 of the craziest eyebrow trends for 2018-so far! Don’t worry i’m sure there’s more to come so stay tuned for part two.

Tell us which one of these trends you’ve tried, or you plan to try in the comment section below!