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Recently there has been a significant flurry of 2000s fashion trends making a return—from Lancôme’s reissued Juicy Tubes to the Juicy Couture tracksuit. This resurgence is not even ironic because even the most open-minded trailblazers are endorsing the trend wholeheartedly. It’s scary, but it’s happening, so we are here to make you as prepared as possible. All of the trends you prayed were in the grave are poised to make a grand return—with a few tweaks here and there, of course.

While it will take a lot to persuade us to dig out our tattoo choker necklaces and combat trousers (remember parachute pants?), there are a number of genuinely cool people dusting off their Von Dutch caps and diving into the revival headfirst. If you’re excited about bringing the noughties back into your life, keep scrolling to see how to update the look for 2018. And if you’re looking for someone to blame for this trend, start with Kylie Jenner—we’re sure Britney and Paris want to have a few words with her.

Go through the gallery to see the ’00s fashion trends that, whether you like it or not, are about to hit your Instagram feed or even, dare we say it, a red carpet near you.

Now: Kylie Jenner has been wearing Von Dutch caps, such as this black-and-white trucker, in a number of her Instagram pictures. If you want to get the look, ASOS is selling the Von Dutch Denim Cap With Round Logo Patch (£16), an updated version, we’re sure you’ll agree.
Then: Paris Hilton’s The Simple Life uniform, the velour Juicy tracksuit, might seem like the last thing that would make a return to our wish lists in 2016. But label-of-the-moment Vetements gave it full backing by showing a crystal-encrusted velour Juicy jumpsuit during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, amongst many other looks that were created in collaboration with the American noughties stalwart. J zippers have indeed been spotted in the real fashion world (see model Hanne Gaby rocking them with her bridesmaid at her hen do), and we reckon it’s only a matter of time until a Kardashian, Jenner or Hadid wears this as her next athleisure uniform of choice.
Now: A model wears a red velour Juicy Couture tracksuit on the catwalk at Vetements at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week in July—a look that even prompted Carine Roitfeld to raise her iPhone.
Then: Back in the days when all we wanted were a pair of Miss Sixty jeans, it was essential that the waistband was as close to your knicker line as possible. So after years of being able to take comfort in high-waisted mom jeans, the low cut is slowly making a return, and you only need to look towards Emily Ratajkowski for the proof, although we always love remembering this Keira Knightley moment
Now: Emily Ratajkowski pairs her super low-rise jeans with an embellished crop top—she couldn’t be more noughties if she tried.
Then: In the mid-noughties, if you were going out, you would wear your shiniest, strappiest top with a pair of boot-cut jeans and heels. Think Marissa Cooper and Summer Roberts at the Bait Shop on The O.C. But the going-out top is making its grand return and can even be worn in the day, as proven by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. To keep it fresh, opt for slinky slip vests, like Rosie’s version instead of jewel-encrusted party tops and awkward halter necks.
Now: Kim Kardashian West just proved that the going-out top is still going strong with this boob tube look.
Then: While bubble skirts certainly reference the ’80s, they were the height of fashion in the early ’00s. Marissa Cooper wore a satin purple Marc Jacobs bubble skirt dress in The O.C., and Carrie Bradshaw wore a dramatic puff-ball bubble skirt in The Sex and the City movie in 2007.
Now: Bubble-hem skirts made a surprising return on the runway at Louis Vuitton in 2015, and Selena Gomez wore a white puffball version to the InStyle Awards in October 2015. Since then Alicia Vikander wore a yellow Louis Vuitton gown with a bubble hem to the Oscars, and cult label Monse created the classically ’00s bubble miniskirt Amal Clooney wore to the Cannes Film Festival.
Then: Paris Hilton’s crystal-embellished minidress she wore to her 21st birthday party in 2004 is a quintessential ’00s look, with its cowl neckline, spaghetti halter-neck straps and completely open back. She topped off the look with sticky lipgloss and a diamanté choker, of course.
Now: For Kendall Jenner’s 21st birthday she copied Paris Hilton’s ’00s birthday look, wearing a replica of her chainmail dress to her own L.A. party. Paris Hilton said to Vogue: “Kendall, I was just at her birthday party the other night, and when I was saying hi to her I looked down at her dress, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god that dress is stunning.’ That was actually my dress for my 21st birthday as well. We were laughing about how the dresses look exactly alike, and she looked stunning in it, it was such a beautiful dress.”
Then: We reached peak It bag in the ’00s, and before the Olsen twins began carrying tote bags bigger than their heads, it was all about micro logo-flashing bags. Mini over-the-shoulder rainbow-coloured logo print bags by Louis Vuitton were particularly sought after—Lindsay Lohan wore one with her aqua Juicy Couture hoodie in Mean Girls.
Now: Micro bags that are small enough to fit an iPhone or credit card are on the rise, and the Hollywood set has latched onto the trend once again. One of the key supporters of the ’00s revival trend, Bella Hadid, like the style trailblazer that she is, has been championing this look of late.
Then: When Sienna Miller was photographed at Glastonbury in 2004 in a pair of Ugg boots with the tops rolled over, we all wanted a pair (along with her neon-green sunnies). Ugg boots were one of the standout items of the ’00s, worn by everyone from Kate Moss to Britney Spears.
Now: Ugg boots were deemed “over” by the late ’00s, but they have been returning over the past few years thanks to the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.
Then: Britney Spears had a soft spot for lace-up trouser fronts, such as these striped low-rise jeans with white laces and a leather waistband from 2002. Gigi Hadid has been trying to revive this classic Britney look recently, wearing “Oops!… I Did It Again” red-leather trousers with a lace-up front.
Now: Gigi Hadid wore her lace-up red leather skinny trousers in February of this year, and she upped the noughties effect with a twisted hairstyle reminiscent of the time. All that’s missing is a scented lip gloss to stick to those curls. Next up! 22 of the best street style websites we always go to for outfit inspo. Opening Image: Getty Images

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