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Texting is a great way to get to know your crush, especially if you find yourself tongue-tied in his/her presence because of his/her hotness. With texting, you can think about what you’re going to say and you don’t have to worry about stammering of that awkward leg twitch you sometimes get around your crush. But as with anything, texting isn’t a foolproof method.

It has the potential to be great, but you have to make sure you’re utilizing it thoughtfully. If you’re not, it can actually backfire and potentially scare your crush off. I don’t want that to frighten you from doing it. I want you to consider best texting practices, including what not to do. Here are eight common texting mistakes you’ve probably made with your crush.

1. Texting Waaaaay Too Much

text to send to your crush

I know that you’re probably very excited that you got your crush’s number, and you see so much potential here, but resist the temptation to start a constant running dialogue with your crush. Even if your crush loves texting, he/she might see it as a bit much and pull away. It’s better to start off with a few messages here and there to see your crush’s response and take it from there. Image source: Instagram/shrutikavs

2. Over-analyzing Messages

text to send to your crush

If you analyze everything that your crush does, it’s likely that you’re going to be reading into every text message and emoji he/she sends. I know that it can be hard not to do, but try not to obsess over everything. What your crush is writing could very well be how your crush is feeling. There might not be any deeper meanings. Try taking everything at face value when you’re crafting your replies and see how things go. Image source: Instagram/ireneburgo

3. Not Seeing Texting’s Full Potential

text to send to your crush

You’re texting to get to know your crush better, but you can also use it as a form of asking your crush to hang out. There’s no rule that says you have to do it in person. If you’ve established a flow of texting back and forth, it would seem natural to ask your crush via text. You can keep it casual and say something like you and friends are doing X and you wanted to know if your crush wanting to hang out. If also takes the pressure off him/her feeling obligated to say yes if you asked in person. Image source: Instagram/kikiduren

4. Not Giving Your Crush Time To Reply

text to send to your crush

Think about how annoyed you get when someone texts you then two seconds later sends another texting asking whether you got their message. Ugh. So, do not be that person. I know that you might really want to see what your crush is going to say. But, you need to realize that he/she is a busy person who might have things to do besides look at his/her phone. He/she will respond to your message when he/she gets a chance. If not, he/she might be sending a hint about how he/she feels. Image source: Instagram/helenaknidska

5. Not Creating A Dialogue

text to send to your crush

Keep thinking to yourself that you’re texting to get the conversation going. Therefore, making sure that you’re asking questions or writing things that encourage your crush to respond back with something more than a *yes,* *no,* or thumbs up emoji. Consider what’s going on in the news, whether there’s some event or gig going on in your city, or what’s happening at school. Image source: Instagram/lindagmtz

6. Overthinking When Is The Best Time To Reply

text to send to your crush

You’ve probably heard a lot about this subject. You might think that you shouldn’t reply right away because you don’t want to look too eager. But, you don’t want to leave it too long because it shows that you’re not interested. Girl, this is actually using way too much brain power and effort than it needs. Reply when you want to reply. If you see a message and you need to think about it, then think about it. Image source: Instagram/baemakx

7. Using Way Too Many Emojis

text to send to your crush

Some people love emojis while others can’t stand them. Even if your crush is the type of person who doesn’t mind emojis, he/she probably doesn’t want to try and decode a message that is made up of 20 emojis. It’s also not the best thing to send streams of emojis when you want to communicate something important because your crush might *translate* them to mean something completely different. Words are the way to go. Image source: Instagram/anaaluz_

8. Only Texting About Yourself

text to send to your crush

You wanted your crush’s number so you could get to know him/her, right? Make sure you’re actually doing that. When some people are nervous, they start talking about themselves because they’re not sure what to talk about. Make sure that you don’t fall into that trap. You might be doing it because you’re nervous, but your crush might see it that you’re a bit conceited and not concerned about others. Image source: Instagram/annietram77

What text have you sent to your crush that you regretted? Let us know in the comments!