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It’s great if you have a lot of positive thoughts about bae. If you didn’t, then you would probably want to consider why you’re in a relationship with the person. That being said, there are a few things that you want to keep in check. If you get the wrong thoughts about bae stuck in your head, it could actually negatively impact your relationship. I know that it can sometimes be hard to get out of your head, but it’s important that you see bae for the person he/she is as opposed to the person you envision him/her to be in your head. With that in mind, have a look at six things you need to stop thinking about your SO:

1. That Bae Is A Flawless Human Being

I understand that you consider your significant other to be an amazing person. That’s probably why you decided to get together with him/her. But, you need to keep things in check. We have to remember that we’re all human beings and even people who seem totally perfect aren’t. No one is. Everyone has good qualities and not-so-great ones, just like they have good days and bad days. It’s important that you acknowledge all sides of bae.

2. That Your SO Doesn’t Have Feelings For You

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If you’re thinking this one, it sounds like you’re insecure in your relationship. You will want to take some time and take a good, hard look at your relationship to wonder why you’re feeling this way. If you’ve done that and you don’t have any *valid* points on why bae wouldn’t have feelings for you, you need to try and change your thought process. Think about it this way…If your SO wasn’t that into you why would he/she be spending all of this time with you? Exactly. Instagram/zowieconway

3. That Your SO Is Always Right

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No one is perfect. And no one is always right, either. You might have a SO who knows a fair bit about certain subjects, but he/she doesn’t know everything. No one does. Even if you’re going out with a walking dictionary or history book, he/she doesn’t know everything. You should be confident in your knowledge as much as you are in bae’s

4. That Bae Isn’t Trustworthy

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I’m going to preface this by saving you shouldn’t think this if you don’t have any reason to justify your thoughts. If you do have your reasons then they’re completely justified. But, if bae has been nothing but loving, attentive, and respectful and you still feel that way, you need to figure out why. Maybe there’s something going on with you on a subconscious level, maybe you got burned by an ex, or maybe you’re feeling self-conscious.

5. That You Need To Change Something About Yourself To Please Your SO

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Stop, girl. You need to get this toxic thought out of your head. If bae has never suggested or alluded to anything, you need cast it out of mind because it’s not true. If your SO has said something about changing your appearance, personality, studying habits, sleeping routine, whatever, you seriously need to consider whether someone like this is worthy of your time. FYI: It sounds like they’re not.

6. That You Have To Agree With Your SO

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This is similar to thinking that bae is always right, but they’re still two separate things. For example, there could be a time when you feel that you always have to agree with your SO even if you know he/she is wrong. Never feel that you have to agree with your SO. You are your own person and have your own thoughts. If bae has different views, you deserve to express yours as much as bae deserves to express his/hers. If you think that you have to agree with your significant other to keep the peace, why is that? Is it because you don’t want to cause a fight or bae will challenge you? No matter the situation, it can be a red flag so watch out. Instagram/icebe.rgtheory

What things did you think about your current SO when you first started dating? Let us know in the comments!