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Once upon a time, the Spice Girls were my everything: I was a member of Spice Girls official fan club and bought countless Spice Girls–related merchandise (the Impulse can was a particular high point). I collated folders and folders of Spice Girls coverage for goodness knows what reason (early journalistic skills, perhaps?), and posters of the famous five plastered my walls. Their music made up the sounds of my childhood to the point where I even recorded a video homage of “Wannabe” with my friends as we walked backwards through her house in bubble platforms and lycra flares. Mel B was my icon, and I still love leopard print as strongly now as I did then. Obviously, the Girl Power mantra was key, but their fashion choices at the time always had me hooked.

With different options coming from Posh, Ginger, Baby, Scary and Sporty, a young girl could switch up her look in the flick of a ponytail—one day you could be wild and loud like Geri, and on another, you could be sleek like Victoria. These days, a treasure trove of their most outstanding outfits have been forgotten, with many of us only recalling the most obvious moments like VB’s little black dress collection or Geri Halliwell’s Union Jack mini. So much more exists in the archives, friends, so I encourage you to take a break and scroll through the gallery below to discover the best Spice Girls style moments of all time.

Oh, Charles, you just didn’t know what was about to hit you. Mel B looks very A/W 17 in her red suit, but Geri in that ice skating-meets-princess combination will forever be in my heart.
We can all conjure up the image of Halliwell wearing her Union Jack dress at the Brit Awards but let’s not forget Victoria’s triangle bikini bravery here. Also, cute Mary-Janes.
Mel B’s cone hairdo: A short-lived phase but not easy to forget.
Further proof that everyone suits a different trouser shape. Also, that this was a pivotal time for push-up bras.
This era was all about the business-casual ratio for fashion lovers: Think serious specs or pinstripes worn with something else sassy.
And that’s how a colour theme should be executed by a girl group.
To this day celebrities still channel Jessica Rabbit, just as Geri Halliwell did. And no-one could forget Victoria’s risqué look at the 1997 Brit Awards.
All the classics are in here: Posh in an LBD, Geri wearing a showgirl outfit, Mel B in leopard, Baby in a babydoll and Mel C making athleisure a thing decades before it happened.
Funny how these Cheongsam dresses are making yet another come back right now.
Two Becomes One: AKA my favourite fashion period for the Spice Girls, where coats where long and cosy, and boots were knee-high and matchy.
Just where did Mel B find all of these incredible leopard-print coats?
As well as hand gestures being essential to the gang, so were tight-fitting clothes.
This epoch was nothing if not about abs, asymmetric hemlines and adventurous haircuts.
VB’s swirling mini dress and snaking heels were the epitome of cool—anyone else agree this outfit still stands up today?
Ah, pedal pushers and wedge flip-flops… Where did you go?
Not a Buffalo boots campaign, but pretty damn close.
Sans Geri but with the addition of VERY square-toe shoes (see Mel B), tinted specs and lots of leather.
So they shared a love of cowboy boots.
Emma Bunton’s purple boots were the object of my desire for quite some time. One day I’ll buy a pair. Next up, the supposedly worst fashion trends of all time.

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