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7 More Warning Signs Your Crush is a Player

When you’re crushing on someone, you tend to see them as pretty perfect. We don’t tend to crush on people who are obviously jerks unless we’re going through a complicated bad boy/girl phase. If you have a crush on someone, you can tend to see them in an idealized way which can make you miss signs that show their true colors. No one wants to find out their crush is player after they’ve spent months daydreaming about a relationship.

To hopefully spare yourself some heartbreak, there are some little things you can look for that can help identify whether your crush could potentially be a player. I know you’re probably staring at your crush anyway, so a little extra attention won’t hurt.

Pay attention to seven little signs your crush could be a player. The more signs your crush adheres to, know that the higher the chance your crush could be a player. They’re not a 100 guarantee, but be aware of the possibility because I don’t want to see you get burned, girl.

Signs of a Player in a Relationship


1. Your Crush Had A Bit Of A Reputation

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We know that we shouldn’t judge people purely based on what others say about them, but if you crush is *known* by a lot of people to be a player, it’s something to pay attention to. Sure, there might be some who are jealous, vengeful, or hating, but there could be a grain of truth to the situation. Have one ear to what people are repeating then judge the situation for yourself. Image source: Instagram/jordanseca

2. Your Crush Goes MIA A Lot

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Do you feel like you’re connecting really well with your crush then he/she disappears for a few days? Does it send you into a panic? When you crush, does come back, does he/she mention anything or pretend like he/she didn’t disappear off the face of the earth and social media? There might be an emergency if it happens one or two times, but if it’s a regular thing, you have to wonder whether your crush has other relationships he/she is balancing. Image source: Instagram/wikholo

3. Your Friends Have Concerns

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You probably respect your friends’ thoughts and opinions. So, if they are concerned about your crush, don’t ignore their comments completely. They’re your friends and want what’s best for you. You might sometimes think that they’re being overprotective, but they don’t want to see you get hurt. So, if they have concerns about someone actually listen to them and consider them when you’re making up your own mind and getting to know your crush more. Image source: Instagram/love_in_excess

4. You Don’t Know Anything About Your Crush’s Previous Relationships

Does your crush know a lot about your exes and dating history? What do you know about your crush’s? If the answer is nada, consider whether you’ve heard anything from anyone else. If you’ve never heard about your crush having a SO, it’s not necessarily cause for alarm. Everyone has their first relationship at different times and some people are holding out for a truly special person. This becomes more a concern if you don’t know anything about your crush’s past love life, but have heard he/she is a flirt. In that case, we could have a player on our hands. Image source: Instagram/familiepodden

5. You Crush Texts A Lot But Doesn’t Explain What’s Going On

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Is your crush glued to his/her phone? When he/she is, would you say he/she is more protective about it than normal? Furthermore, will your crush never explain who and why he/she is texting when he/she is with you? If it’s happening on the regular, I doubt your crush is sending funny memes to friends. There could be a special someone receiving those texts. Image source: Instagram/mirago

6. He/She Has A Lot Of Flirty Comments On Social Media

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I know that you’ve probably scrolled through your crush’s social media feeds. If so, have you noticed any flirty messages? It doesn’t really matter whether your crush is receiving them or he/she is messaging them. Both instances can indicate a player situation. Your crush might consider it harmless and might just be a flirty person on social media, but it can be a slippery slope. Image source: Instagram/ruddycherry

7. You Crush Always Wants To Hang Out With You At Home

There are different reasons why people might want to hang out at home. Some are introverts, some find it easier to build connection, and some prefer to do Netflix and Chill instead of go out to eat. And some people are broke so it’s the most economical option. Those are all understandable reasons. It becomes problematic where it seems like your crush is trying to hide your relationship and doesn’t want to *make it official* or *take it to the next level.* If he/she has actually voiced these concerns, be careful. Image source: Instagram/xxsandlexx


Still not clear if it’s relationship material? Check out the videos below for some clarity:


Have you ever had a crush who turned out to be way different than you thought? Let us know in the comments!

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