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It’s the summer and you’re probably having a great time not having to worry about waking up at an unholy hour to go to school. And I guarantee that you’re thrilled you don’t have to deal with homework. But, there might be one thing that you’re missing about school: your crush.

There are a lot of cons about having to go to school, but the good thing about it is that it brings people together for five days of the week for a big chunk of the day. That gives you plenty of time to connect with your crush. But the summer? You’re on your own. There’s no scheduled activities that will bring you and your crush together. For some it can result in months with no contact with their crushes.

If you don’t want to wait until September to reach out to your crush, there are some easy ways to take action now. And I promise that they’re not creepy or and they won’t come off as too intense. Here are six simple ways to reconnect with your school crush during the summer holidays.

Comment On Something On Social Media

how to talk to your crush at school

Thanks goodness for social media. It makes communicating so much easier because we don’t have to do it face-to-face or pick up a telephone. Use it to your advantage, sister. Get the conversation flowing again by liking a photo. After a few likes, you can upgrade to a comment. If that’s too much, try a few retweets first. Image source: Instagram/bluetales_the_blog

Get A Mutual Friend Involved

how to talk to your crush at school

If you’ve got a crush on someone at school, it’s likely that some part of your and your crush’s friendship circles overlap. These are the people you want on your radar because they can help you get to know your crush better. You can encourage them to have a group get together and invite your crush. You can also use your mutual friends to find out what your crush is up to this summer. Who knows, they might be able to tell you that your crush is attending the same concert as you or that you crush works at a certain spot. Image source: Instagram/nampueng_04

Look For A Group Event With A Lot Of Your Peers

how to talk to your crush at school

If you don’t have mutual friends, no biggie. Group events can be your ticket. Even if you have mutual friends, don’t ignore group events. Scan Facebook invites and your crush’s social feeds to figure out whether he/she is attending any of the same events you are. Once you have that information, you can figure out your game plan on how you’re going to engage with your crush at the event. Image source: Instagram/kosmakowa

Send A Casual Text

how to talk to your crush at school

If you and your crush were texting back and forth during the school year, why go silent now? If you’ve panicked and haven’t said anything this summer, it’s not too late. The key is to keep things casual and have an opener where your crush has to respond. No, a simple *hey* isn’t going to cut it. If you and your crush discussed summer plans, you could follow up and ask if he/she did something. If there’s a certain movie genre he/she liked, ask if they’ve seen [X]? This could have the potential for a hangout/date. You could also try asking if your crush is going to a party or big event. Image source: Instagram/lauren_jerrett

Invite Your Crush To A Group Get Together

how to talk to your crush at school

If you know your crush reasonably well from school and you’re used to texting back and forth, it won’t seem weird for you to invite your crush to hang out at a group get together or party. If you’re concerned about it being too forward, phrase it that you’re having a gathering of peeps from school and wanted to invite your crush. Then encourage him/her to spread the message around to other people. See? Chill. Image source: Instagram/joe_dachlan

Go Outside And Enjoy Yourself

how to talk to your crush at school

As much as you might love scrolling through Instagram and Facebook looking for glimpses of your crush, it’s not going to build a stronger connection between the two of you. What has more potential is going out and enjoying life. Cross items off your summer bucket list, take advantage of the nice weather, and create memories with your friends. It’s likely that you could bump into your crush at some event. When he/she sees you having fun and interested in the same things, it opens up room to get to know each other. Image source: Instagram/melodie_monroe

How do you stay in contact with your crush? Let us know in the comments!