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Kim Kardashian West’s style has evolved over the years—we know that. But the beauty of her wardrobe is that she often finds outfit formulas she loves and sticks to. This means that (in theory, anyway) they’re easy to re-create, although they’re often much more daring than we would usually go for ourselves. You have to admire KKW for being adventurous when it comes to her fashion choices, and while we might not be ready to wear her looks yet, we’re bookmarking them for later. Keep scrolling to see the Kim Kardashian West outfit formulas the style setter can’t get enough of.

1. Shorts and Over-The-Knee Boots

Kim Kardashian boots

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Style Notes: No stranger to an over-the-knee boot, Kim has lately taken to teaming hers with city shorts or lycra body suits that end mid-thigh. It’s characteristically bold, but a worthy alternative to boots and mini skirts or dresses.


2. Oversized Jackets and Dresses

Style Notes: Before everyone was doing the big sleeves or oversized jacket thing this year, KKW had the trend on lock. There’s one trick, however, she always employs to make sure it’s super flattering and doesn’t swamp her: showing a bit of décolletage.

3. Cycling Shorts and Big Jackets

Style Notes: Cycling shorts are controversial, but Kim somehow manages to make them look incredible, of course.

4. Tracksuits Tucked Into Pointed Boots

Style Notes: Not since J.Lo circa the early ’00s have we seen someone being able to pull off this look. The trick to being polished while wearing a tracksuit is making sure it’s the same colour and is tucked into pointed boots.

5. The New Take on Power Dressing

Style Notes: Tailoring never goes out of fashion, but Kim knows that smart trousers and a well-cut jacket (or even a sassy bustier, if you dare) is the new way to dress for all your meetings.

6. Extreme Leggings

Style Notes: Here’s where Kim K really shines—when wearing the most revealing but still trend-setting outfits. And how better to showcase this skill than via her love of leggings? From the sheer, knickers-baring pair to a blue glittery iteration, these a world away from the leggings we wear to the gym.

7. Bum Bags With Everything

Style Notes: While this is a pretty divisive accessory, there is no denying that the bum bag s back. If you don’t have the confidence to wear one yet, hear us out as to why Kim is definitely on to something with them: 1) They mean you have your hands free, 2) you’ll never overpack, and 3) it can act as a makeshift belt. 

8. Bodysuits and Cutoffs

Style Notes: Ah, the bodysuit. True, it was huge in the ’90s, but no one wears one better than Kim does. She always goes for super-simple versions, but there’s always a little sass in them. And she’ll often wear them with cutoffs.

9. Cutout Dresses

Style Notes: When you’ve been working out as much as KKW, there’s only one thing for it: the cutout dress. Whether it’s from Yeezy (right) or a dress from Tom Ford, rest assured she’ll get maximum ab exposure and look incredible while doing it.

10. Latex

Style Notes: A classic look from Kim is the latex dress. And if you’re not sure about this outfit’s longevity, know that the ensemble on the left is from 2015, and the right is from 2017. It’s not a style we can imagine her giving up anytime soon.

11: Spaghetti Straps

Style Notes: Kim knows that ’90s trends are still going strong, which is why she’s so keen on the spaghetti strap. Whether it’s as part of a dress or a co-ord, this neckline makes the most of her hourglass figure.