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If you are a person who lives in the world, you will know that there are many feelings that one may experience as a person who lives in this world that…aren’t the best. You know, like, thinking that someone is waving to you in the hallway, only to realize that they were actually waving to the person behind youOne of the worst feelings, however, is having a crush on someone–and suspecting, just as your own feelings are growing, that your crush’s feelings are growing smaller by the day.

You’re envisioning that feeling for yourself right now, aren’t you? And it’s, uh, not the best feeling, right? In fact, it’s possible that you didn’t even have to “envision it,” per se, so much as it is literally happening to you as you read this. Which, you know, also isn’t exactly fun. And, either way, you’re probably wondering what to do when you think your crush is slipping away from you.So, check out some things you should do–plus some things you absolutely should not do–if you think your crush is losing interest in you:

Don’t Re-Read Your Old Text Messages

What you should not do, under any circumstances, is look through your old text messages with your crush to try and find some sign hidden between the lines of their texts that they are (or aren’t) still into you. Their texts don’t carry a magical secret message, so, moving forward, try not to do any deep digging on your past text history. If you must, delete their old texts. Image source: Getty

Ask Them To Hang Out

The easiest way to find out if your crush is losing interest? Just ask them to hang out with you. If they’re still into you, they’ll let you know by agreeing to do something on the date you suggested, or, if they aren’t available, suggesting an alternative. If not, they’ll probably give a vague answer (“I’m not free this week, but I might be next week”) or just straight-up tell you that they aren’t interested. Obviously, this can be hard to deal with–no one wants to put themselves out there and get rejected as a result–but it’s the best way to get a read on your crush. Image source: Getty

Or Stalk Their Social Media

Also, don’t go crazy on your crush’s social media to try and figure out if they’re started following someone new or started liking someone else’s photos. Sure, you’ll probably find something–chances are good that they have liked some girls’ picture or followed some girl on Instagram–but it’s so easy to read much more into what you find than what it actually means, and you’ll just drive yourself insane wondering why they did what they did. So, yeah. Stay away. Image source: Getty

Talk To Their Friends

If you and your crush have some mutual friends, it can’t hurt to do some networking. Ask their friends if your crush has mentioned anything about how they’ve moved on, lost interest in you, or started seeing someone else. You shouldn’t, like, go crazy with this–don’t bully some random acquaintances you have into sending you every screenshot of every text your crush has ever sent them–but, if you do have some mutual connections, you might as well use them. Image source: Getty

Reevaluate Your Romantic Prospects

So, you’ve gone through all the steps and come to the conclusion that your crush, indeed, has lost interest. the best thing to do when this happens is to allow yourself some perspective and remember that you’ve had crushes before and you will have crushes again. This can be hard to think about right now because, chances are, you feel like this one crush is the only person you will ever like for the rest of your life. And you are allowed to feel this way! Just try and remember that it won’t be permanent. You will feel better. Promise. Image source: Getty

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