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22 Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend (For Less Than $20)

Gift Ideas for boyfriend

Let’s face it. Guys are hard to shop for.

Whether your boyfriend is a techie, outdoorsy kind of guy, or a car fanatic; we found something ANY type of guy would actually like (and not just shove in the back corner of his closet.)


1. Wireless Bluetooth Headphone/Microphone Beanie + Touchscreen Gloves

Get It Here img_4671-2

  • Great for winter runners
  • Comes in 8 colors

CUSTOMER REVIEW: “Purchased as gifts (for ages 16-60) They all loved it!! Sound is great too…”

2. Under-the-Dash LED Car Lighting

Get It Here

Keep it one color; or let it change with the rhythm of your music, voice commands, or the wireless remote.

CUSTOMER REVIEW:“I bought these because i wanted to try something new and different. And these didn’t disappoint. I really like how easy it is to put them up and how great it makes my car look especially with the music on at the same time. Its so cool. The modes and color are fantastic and it stays put.”

3. Custom Sports Team Jersey Shirt

Get It Here
jerseyMake your own Jersey Shirt!


“Got these for my Fiancé and I. We absolutely love them”

4. Watch Display Box (w/ Metal Lock + Key)

Get It Here
watch boxFor the guy that matches his watch to his wardrobe.


“Love this! It fits all my watches perfectly and slides nicely under my dresser, so it doesn’t take up too much space.  It looks really cool with all my watches inside and its durable (not cheap quality.) I recommend this!”

5. Beard Bib

Get It Here


Cause no one likes a sink full of beard trimmings


“I bought this as a gift for my brother. There’s always mess in the bathroom sink after he shaves. He just used it for the first time and I can happily say there is NO MORE MESS! Great product, quality materials used, and the added features make it better than the alternatives out. Great value for money!”

6. Beard Grooming Set

Get It Here img_4699
If the Beard Bib was a bit too trendy, this grooming set tames itchy/frizzy hair, soothes skin, and boosts hair growth.

Set Includes:

  • beard comb
  • beard balm
  • beard oil


“Great product, great price. Oil smells clean and masculine, but not overpowering. Balm is nice and citrus smelling. Comb is high quality. Purchasing again to get more product and a backup comb.”

7. Phone Photography Kit

Get It Here



“For the price, this lens kit definitely meets my expectations. The 12x zoom lens delivers good quality pictures from a distance. I also used it as a telescope while on a trip.”

8. RAK Magnetic Wristband

Get It Here img_4682

#1 Best Seller on Amazon

Save time on projects for the handyman in your life.


“This is great for the DIYers, or even a pro. Gives you an extra hand for holding everything from small pieces of hardware to tools.”

9. Star Wars Millennium Falcon/ R2D2/ Death Star LED Lamp

Get It Here Star Wars LED lamp


“Bought as Christmas gift. The detail is incredible. Much better than in the pictures. Very fast shipping. Very pleased.”

10. Double Person Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Get It Here img_4684


“Finally set my hammock up today! It far exceeded my expectations. All of the essentials to use the hammock were there. Also, the bag that holds the hammock is attached to it, so you won’t lose it, and it becomes a very useful pocket while you are in the hammock. Comfort was great and the netting is awesome at keeping the bugs off of you in the evening. Great product and great price. I will be purchasing another from them for my son.”

11. 3 Piece Grill Set

Get It Here img_4691Set Includes

  • Meat Claws
  • Grill Gloves
  • Meat Thermometer


“This barbecue accessory kit is perfect! The heat-resistant gloves made working on the grill so much easier. I didn’t have to worry about burning my hands at all! The thermometer was great for getting chicken breasts just right without overcooking. It’s easy to use and accurate. I really appreciated the meat claws for the convenience of being able to pull hot meat apart . Overall, a very good purchase at a fantastic price.”

12. A Mini Drone

Get It Hereimg_4686

#1 Best Seller on Amazon


“I think this is excellent value for money. I have the larger version. We took it for a test run tonight and it’s better and more durable than the larger really expensive one from another company. It’s so much fun to fly and really easy to use.”

13. Whiskey Stones

Get It Hereimg_4687

#1 Best Seller

For those who like their whiskey smooth, chilled, but not diluted


“My bourbon drinking father was always complaining about watered down drinks. I got him these for his birthday. He was immediately a fan.”

14. Leather Headphone Holder Keychain

Get It Here



“Very nice leather keychain. I was tired of having to untangle my headphone cord every time I went to the gym. Now I keep it on this convenient keychain and it holds it in place. It’s thick leather and handmade.”

15. Amazon Firestick

Get It Here Amazon Firestick

The economical alternative to the Roku or Amazon Fire Stick for the guy that needs to catch up on his Netflix


“Great product and at a great price. Best way to eliminate those cables behind the TV!”

16. Inflatable Tailgate/ Game Day Party Cooler

Get It Here img_4692Doubles as an ice chest or a buffet table!


“It was a hit at my Son’s grad party:) Everyone commented on it.”

17. Bluetooth Sports Activity Tracker (iPhone + Android Compatible)

 Get It Hereimg_4709Comes in 9 colors!


“I love my new watch! I had a fitbit charge. This item is just like it, but actually better! Easy to install and sync to my phone. The band is great can fit a small wrist or a very large one. I’m extremely glad I bought this watch!”

18. iPhone USB Lightning Charging Cord Bracelet

Get It Here


Amazon's Choice for Charging Bracelets
  • Abrasion-Resistance
  • Bend-Resistance
  • Long Durability


“Bracelet is great! It actually stays on & it’s useful.”

19. Scratch Off Wanderlust Map

Get It Here

img_4694For the traveler who wants a visualize representation of his journeys


“Was very impressed with how this product is exactly as described. Great quality, arrived quickly as well. Would recommend to a friend.”

20. Premium Pocket 15 in 1 Multi Tool

 Get It Here


Amazon's Choice for Pocket Tools & Gadgets


“This is now my daily carry multi-tool. It is heavier than some others I own, but just really convenient to use. All the pieces open easily. The knife is extremely durable. And I actually like the heaviness because it gives a solid feel when using the pliers.The carrying case is excellent.”

21. Beer/Soda Guzzler

Get It Here
img_4696For THAT frat guy


“You can drink two beers at a time with this device. It comes with an accessory belt that lets you carry six more beers. So that’s eight beers in the clip. Great for football games, mowing, kid’s swim meets, outdoor carnivals. Really you can take this thing anywhere you are going to need eight beers.”

22. 5-piece BOD gift set

Get It Here img_4697When you’re completely stumped, you can’t go wrong with this guy approved favorite.


“I’ve used this product for years , so I know the item was good . But I was looking for a good price,on this spray and I found it. Everything about the order was perfect . Great product, great savings, and delivered promptly. All good STARS:-)”

Customer reviews may have been edited for length and clarity.
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