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5 Eye Shadow Brushes The Pros Use Daily

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I’ve been wanting to spruce up on my eye shadow technique, so I’ve been catching up on some of my YouTube favorites and the cute looks for fall. They make it look so easy.

My eye shadow seems to end up looking like someone sucker punched me in the eye! I can’t seem to get it. As I was trying to learn how to perfect my eye look, it suddenly dawned on me. I have been using the wrong eyeshadow brushes to achieve the looks I want.

It’s all in the brushes. The makeup brush you use is as important as the product you are using, maybe even more”
Instagram: @kayleesnell

Instagram: @kayleesnell

When it comes to makeup brushes there are tons to choose from. It can seem overwhelming. Especially if you are not even sure which ones you need and for what?

Eye Shadow brushes can be purchased individually or as a set. If you are wanting to save I would recommend buying a set and saving a little

You don’t need an outrageously expensive makeup brush kit to start out with, just essential eyeshadow brushes will do just fine. Your first eyeshadow brush collection shouldn’t be expensive. There are plenty of brushes ranging from high to low. If you were to splurge and spend a little extra on a better quality brush it should be on these basic brushes.

I’ve created this guide I hope you find helpful. It shows which brushes you might want to buy to start out your eyeshadow brush collection to successfully create a beautiful eye look for any occasion.

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5 Eyeshadow Brushes You Need


1. Basic Eyeshadow Brush

Basic Eye Shadow Brush

The Basic Eyeshadow brush should be about medium in size. And have a flat appearance to apply color easily. You don’t want it too big- that you can’t manage where your product is going. Either natural or synthetic bristlesboth work well depending on the shadow you’re applying (natural fibers work better for powdered shadows and synthetic hair for cream shadows).

Choose a base powder or cream eyeshadow color and use this brush to apply your shadow.

You’ll want to start from the inner corner of your eye –just above your tear duct and work your way outwards -all over the lid

  • You Should be able to swipe it across eye shadow and cover your lid with color.
  • The perfect shape and density packs on the right amount of shadow on your lid for a controlled application & clean look.
  • Use this brush for the main color of your eyeshadow
  • Start near your inner corner and swipe all the way to your crease.


2. Crease Eyeshadow Brush

Creased Eye Shadow Brush

This brush should be a rounder, tighter and smaller than your basic eyeshadow brush. The tapered tip is great for contouring to add depth and definition to the crease & the outer corner of your eye.

  • You can use this brush by pressing firmly and swiping across your crease. Swipe from side to side across the crease till you reach your desired shade.
  • Press firmly on the top of your lash line for extra depth. Great for smudging shadow into the lash line for a smoky effect.
  • To brighten the eye area, you can use some light shadow and press it in the inner corner of your eye.

Tip- Always use a clean brush for this step –You don’t want to accidentally transmit the darker shade you used prior.”


3. Fluffy Eye Shadow Brush

Fluffy Eye Shadow-Blending Brush

The Fluffy Eye Shadow Brush is great to use for blending in the area between your crease and brow bone. The eyeshadow blending brush offers more control and precision in hard-to-reach areas of your crease. The fluffy dome-shaped head helps diffuse harsh pigment while tapered bristles- blend away harsh lines.It’s best to use a natural hair over synthetic when working with powdered shadows.For a smooth transition of color going in circular motions, concentrating color on the outer corner of your eye.

  • A large fluffy brush is great for blending shadows and softening lines at the edges of eyeshadow
  • Instead of using a blending brush, you can soften the line between your crease and your brow bone gently with your fingertip.


4. Smudge Brush

Smudge Eye Shadow Brush

The Smudge Brush is a short-tightly fit curved brush. Its the perfect shape to smooth in color along the lash line for that smokey- eye look. Use this brush to apply exact color exactly where you need it- for that wow factor or should I say POW FACTOR?

Brush the tips of the bristles over your pencil liner to smudge out the color. Or, Apply shadow directly along the roots of your lower lashes, facing the edge towards your eye.

  • Perfect for contouring and enhancing definition around the eye.
  • Blend in a kohl liner or heavily pigmented shadow. Blend-colors or smudge-lines.
  • Easily- apply direct color where you want, without making a complete mess.

5. Angled Liner Brush

Angled Liner Brush

The angled liner brush makes it easier to create those sharp -fine lines with powder eyeshadow or gel liner. So you can comfortably line lashes or fill in brows without using your eyeliner pencil or liquid liner. Go with synthetic bristles cause they are stiffer than natural hair for a more precise brush stroke.

Sweep bristles across your top or bottom lash line, angling the longer end toward your tear duct and gliding the brush across to the outer corner of your eye.

The Angled Brush is great for filling in your brows with short- precise strokes- always go in the direction of your brow hair.

  • Create bold lines with precise strokes for the perfect winged liner with your favorite powder eyeshadow or gel liner.
  • This brush fits close to lash line for smooth, even application of eyeliner, and for the most precise application of makeup.
  • Also great for clean, precise brow.

Of course, it is always your choice which brushes you want to invest in. These are just a few of the basics that are necessary to have in your makeup bag. For more on the different shapes of brushes check out The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide here.


Eyeshadow Brush Guide


Start your routine by doing your eyes first

Your eye makeup should be applied first before applying the rest of your makeup to avoid fall-out from your eyeshadows. This routine makes it easier to clean up your mistakes without ruining your foundation.

If you prefer to do your face first, you can use Shadow Shields or a fan brush to avoid this as well.

If you’re going to take the time out to create your shadow masterpiece, you might as well start with a good eyeshadow primer to keep everything in place. Always try to let it dry for at least 10 seconds before adding any shadow.

For a more in-depth makeup brushes guide check out the video below:

Brush up on your technique with this simple video tutorial below:

“You wouldn’t want all that hard work to go to waste”

I hope these tips have been of some help to you. I would love to hear your eye shadow horror stories. Or if you have a technique that you’ve found helpful in tackling that clean perfect eye look please share it with us in the comment section below.

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