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If you have a crush, it can be a major blow when you realize that he/she likes someone else. If it’s not you that has captured his/her heart, it’s a painful thing. What can be even worse is discovering that your crush has feelings for your best friend. Ugh. Finding that out is like a double dagger in the heart.

Unfortunately, we cannot control other people’s feelings. Sometimes, we cannot even control our own feelings. Quite often, it seems like the heart wants what it wants. That being said, it’s always better to be clued into things so you can hopefully pick up on them before the big surprise bomb is dropped on you. Even though it’s a sucky situation no matter what, I rather realize for myself the possibility that my crush has feelings for my best friend instead of being shocked when my crush proclaims their feelings for my best friend for all to know. If you’re the say way, pay attention to these six signs that your crush might actually like your best friend.

Your Crush Only Hangs Out With You When Your BFF Is There

Think about the situations when you see your crush. Do the two of your ever hang out alone? If so, that’s a good sign. If you mostly hang out in groups, consider if there are people who are always there. If you and your crush have the same circle of friends, it’s understandable if there’s some overlap. That being said, if your crush only seems to show up to things when he/she has confirmation that your BFF is coming, his/her heart could be beating for her. Image source: Instagram/duszyprzekaz

Your Crush Tries To Subtly Ask About Your Best Friend

What do you and your crush talk about when you’re together? Books, movies, who won the game, how crappy your math teacher is? Does your best friend ever come up in the conversation? If you both know each other, it could be natural, but think about what you’re talking about. Also, pay attention to if it’s your crush who is always bringing up your best friend first. If he/she is subtly trying to find out info about your BFF, it sounds like there are some feelings there. Even something that might seem like gossip could be a roundabout way of trying to find out more info about your BFF. Image source: Instagram/yelsayart

Your Crush Is Flirty With You When You’re Around Your BFF

Do you ever find that your crush is super flirty with you some days and the next it seem like he/she doesn’t notice you? Try to see if there’s a pattern with this hot and cold behavior. If you crush only seems to be flirty with you when your best friend is around, your crush might actually be doing it to try and make your best friend jealous because he/she has a crush on her. It’s a sucky thing to do and makes you feel like a pawn, but pay attention to it happening. Image source: Instagram/juliestubbe

You Crush Asks You To Do A Favor Relating To Your BFF

Has your crush ever asked you to do any favors? Were they involving your BFF? Even if they were really minor things, they could be very telling about who your crush has feelings for. Image source: Instagram/mrs.glukhov

Your Crush Seems Awkward Around Your Best Friend

What’s one of the biggest giveaways when we have a crush on someone? How awkward we are around them. You’re probably very similar with your own awkwardness around your crush. Look for similar signs when your crush is talking to your best friend. If he/she has the sweaty palms and talks with a lot of stammers and awkward pauses, it might reveal some deep feelings. Image source: Instagram/presiyanv

Your Crush’s Body Language Is Flirty Around Your BFF

I’ve just talked about your crush being awkward around your best friend. You will also want to be clued into the body language between your crush and best friend. Does your crush lean into your BFF when talking to her? Are your crush’s shoulders angled towards your BFF? Do they have intense eye contact or frequently touch each other? These are signs pointing to a connection. Also, look at the body language when your crush isn’t talking to your BFF. If your crush is sitting at an angle that puts him/her in contact with your BFF, it can indicate feelings. Image source: Instagram/joy_hou503

Have you ever been involved in a love triangle? Let us know in the comments!

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