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When it comes to having a crush, the last thing you want to do is come across as creepy. Being awkward or clumsy are legit better than coming across as creepy. If we’re being real here, if your crush finds you a bit creepy, there’s really no way to fully recover from it.

I get that you’re interested in your crush, you have a lot of emotions, and you’re trying to get your crush to notice you even though it seems like he/she thinks your invisible. That can sometimes lead to more extreme measures and a bit of desperation, but be careful. You definitely don’t want to make it look like you’re stalking your crush or that you’re coming on too strong.

If you want to avoid coming off as creepy around your crush, avoid these six things. And remember that if you have to debate about whether something is creepy, it is.

Go By Your Crush’s Place Just To See What He/She Is Doing

Let’s stick to the rule that unless we have to be in the neighborhood for a legitimate reason, it’s best to avoid hanging around or *passing by* your crush’s house. It’s one step away from hanging out in a tree with binoculars. Besides, what’s the point of it? It’s very unlikely your crush will be outside and if he/she is, you cannot really just stare from the sidewalk. And if you know your crush and he/she asks what you’re doing, what are you going to say? Image source: Instagram/gpraf

Continuously Stare At Your Crush Without Breaking Eye Contact

Just writing that made me feel a bit creepy and hopefully it made you see how awkward it can be. I get that your crush is dreamy and gazing at his/her beauty might put you in a trance, but try not to get sucked in. Humans often sense when people are looking at them and you don’t want your crush to catch you in the middle of a daze where you mouth is open, your eyes are glazed over, and you’re not looking away. #Awkward Image source: Instagram/kolakowska.agata

Bring Up Random Things Your Crush Posted On Social Media From Weeks Ago

Social media is great because you can find out more about your crush. The key thing is that if you’re creeping your crush’s profiles that you don’t make it obvious. Imagine if you were having a conversation with someone and they started bringing up things you wrote or posted on social media from three weeks ago that you don’t even remember. You’d probably be a bit freaked out, right? Image source: Instagram/annalewismusic

Show Up At All The Events That Your Crush Is Going To Be At

I know that you probably want to be around your crush as much as possible, but it needs to be within reason. I’m sure you can find out places your crush is going to be through friends, social media, or school, but showing up at all of them just so you can see your crush’s beautiful face can majorly backfire, especially if you’re showing up at events that you weren’t invited to or don’t have any interest in. It’s one thing to go to a party where you know people, but it’s another to go to an event just to stare at your crush and not talk to anyone. When you do it enough times, your crush and other people will likely catch on. Image source: Instagram/cassandra__dream

Become Possessive Of Your Crush

I know that you might have some strong feelings for your crush, but I want to make it clear that your crush is not attached to you. You do not own him/her nor do you control him/her. And a relationship won’t even change that. Therefore, be careful that you don’t act like you do. Your crush can talk to whoever he/she wants and hang out with anyone. Do not become the whiny person who complains to their crush about why they’re hanging out with so-and-so and not you. Image source: Instagram/steffiiffi_xx1996

Bombard Your Crush With Texts

It’s great that you and your crush are close enough that you text back and forth. But, texting a crush is a bit of science and sending the wrong messages can backfire in a few different ways. You also need to be careful about the frequency of your messages. Sending a regular stream of messages asking your crush where’s he/she what, what’s he/she doing, when he/she is going to be back, and who he/she is hanging out with, is a little too intense. TBT, it’s not really your business. Image source: Instagram/aliciaaragon73

Have you ever felt someone crushing on you was creepy? Let us know in the comments!