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It would be great if we could be happy all of the time. Unfortunately, that’s not the way we’re programmed. We have emotions and there are a lot of sucky emotions. Anger, sadness, and loneliness are some of the worst ones. Loneliness in particular can be a complicated one.

If you have find yourself suddenly single again, loneliness can take over. Maybe you’re in a relationship but you cannot shake those feelings of loneliness. Maybe, you like being alone but find you’re feeling lonely. I want you to know that you’re not alone. Everybody goes through periods of loneliness and there are people who are experiencing those feelings right now. And I want you to now that it will pass.

If you are struggling, speak up. Tell your loved ones. Tell friends and family. There are lots of people in your life who will support you. Everyone can also take a look 16 Whisper Confessions about being lonely. Hopefully they will show you that others experience similar emotions and you can find comfort in that.

1. To date or not to date?


Would I lose my freedom?

2. Deep thoughts.


Anyone wanna raise their hand?

3. When dreams do things to you.


Come on dreams, why do you have to be like this?

4. Can’t be forever…


It will pass.

5. Why is this keeping me awake?


Hopefully the dreams will be good.

6. When you need someone…


We’ll give you a hug.

7. When you see the positives, but there’s still a bad side.


Why are there so many conflicting emotions?

8. When you put it like that.


There are good odds you will find people.

9. Hmmmm…


Didn’t expect it to turn out this way.

10. How did this happen?


Shouldn’t becoming attached equal less loneliness?

11. Why being single can be hard.


Looking at couples makes it worse.

12. The ultimate catch-22.


How do you solve it?

13. Happens at any age.


Why don’t people ever reach out to me?

14. Why is it like this?


What gives?

15. Avoid the park.


Why is it so much more painful to see couples in the park?!

16. Hello?


Any joiners? All welcome.

What do you do when you’re feeling lonely? Let us know in the comments!

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