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19 Best Eyeliner Pencils to Get Now

Eyeliner pencil is one of the many forms of eyeliner, which is the easiest to use and is just perfect for both beginners and skillful makeup artists. Also known as kohl eyeliner or crayon eyeliner, eyeliner pencil glides on smoothly on your peepers to create a more dramatic, defined look for special occasions or to up your everyday no-makeup style with a simple cat-eye flick.

best eyeliner pencils

How to Choose the Right Eyeliner Formula

When choosing eyeliner pencil, there are lots of different options, not just in color and finish. The type of eyeliner you choose will affect the way it applies and the end results.

Here is everything you need to know about the different types of eyeliner pencil and how to pick the right one for you:
Gel- or Cream-Based Eyeliner Pencil: The formula of this eyeliner pencil is thicker with a richer color, making getting a sharp line much easier. The creamy consistency is incredibly easy to work with and allows you to be fully in control of your look.
Liquid Eyeliner Pencil: This type is favored by girls who love creating clean lines that swoop or a dramatic wing. Pens with marker type tips are normally easier to use than brush tips. Liquid eyeliner pencil has a small thin applicator, meaning it’s easy to get thin precise lines but because of the thin liquid consistency they can be messy for starters.
Powder-Based Eyeliner Pencil: This is the best for a less detailed and smokier look with a less intense color. It’s very easy to use – just trace it along your eyes and smudge it as much as you wish. Also known as kohl, powder-based pencil eyeliner can be great for a subtle look that just enhances your eyes without leaving too much color and for tightlining. Many people opt for using gel or liquid forms of eyeliner pencil for detail eyelid work and then the powder form for the waterline.

Smoky or Sharp?

In addition, an eyeliner pencil can come in the traditional wood pencil form, when you need to sharpen the point every time you use it, or a mechanical, twist-up form, which features a built-in sharpener.

While using the former you can get a super-sharp point for a precise cat-eye flick, the former creates more blunt tips than pointed, being an excellent choice for creating more blended, smoked out looks.

Which Color Should I Pick?

The color of the eye pencil is another factor to consider. Traditional colors, such as black, brown or grey, are perfect for timeless, natural looks, while brighter shades like eye-popping blue, green, orange or purple are great for those expert makeup artists that like to experiment and create bolder looks.

Based on your choice of eyeliner color you can also make your eye color pop or blend in with your makeup look.

For instance:

  • Purple eyeliner pencil will look amazing on brown eyes.
  • Plum will enhance green eyes.
  • Grey tones flatter blue eyes.
  • Greys and brown are more flattering colors on older eyes.

In any case, when in doubt opt for a classic black color that is universally flattering.

19 Best Eyeliner Pencils to Get Now…


Common Eyeliner Pencil Types and Tips for Choosing One