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So you want to know what I like to pack in my makeup bag? Well, as an avid traveler, wanderlust, and free spirit it’s no secret that I hop from place to place. Finding the perfect travel-sized products to take with you on your carry on can be mighty challenging. Don’t fret! I’m going to give you all the best travel sized beauty products on the market.

Beauty Products You Need in Your Makeup Bag!

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I don’t know about you, but for some reason mini things just make me happy! Even if I don’t need it I tend to buy it, so if you’re the same way you’re going to flip for these adorable beauty must haves! Alright so here’s all the best mini products to take with you on your next road trip or plane ride. And dont forget to drop a few words in the comment section telling us what you have in your makeup bag.

1. Formula X, The Three

Sometimes you just need a small touch up when you’re traveling. Avoid chipped mani’s with this awesome little travel sized kit.

travel size products

2. Bite Beauty, Bite Lush Lip Wipes

Everyone’s lips get dry and cracked from traveling. If you wear lipstick it’s bound to happen to you, you know, when it all wears off and you’re left with that terribly ugly lip line that everyone keeps staring at. Avoid that caked on layered lipstick look with these travel sized, tsa approved, lip sprucing wipes.

travel size toiletries

3. Laura Mercier Mini Travel Sized Primer

This is one of my favorite beauty products of all time and now luckily they make it in travel size! This tinted primer will make you look and feel great after just one application. It’s a non-greasy, subtle formula that will have you glowing after stepping off the plane!

travel size items

4. Pinch Provisions, Minimergency® Kit For Her – Metallic Silver

This kit includes everything you need in a “mini” emergency. Never worry about missing something with this pretty well thought out kit of wonder. You’ll be glad you scooped this up in a pinch.

travel sized toiletries

5. Rose Quartz Dual Boar Travel Brush

My personal favorite I picked up at Sephora last year, and it’s been working like a charm ever since!

No one wants to get caught looking like they just slept on the plane. Make sure to pack a mini brush in your backpack or travel bag to brush out the head rest knots that are bound to get you down.

mini brush travel kit

6. BOSCIA, Konjac Cleansing Sponge With Bamboo Charcoal

If you haven’t started using charcoal to scrub your face then this will change you life! Charcoal is really great in helping to aid the healing process and preventing unwanted blemishes. It’s also a great exfoliant for your face and back! I’ve found that it really helps control breakouts and keeps my skin feeling delicious!

Charcoal Scrub Sponge

7. Evian Facial Spray 2 Piece Mineral Water Facial Spray Duo Set

While traveling to different climates my skin always feels a bit dry. A mineral water spray is very important for keeping a great complexion. I’ll admit before I started using Evian I didn’t understand why anyone would want to mist their face. It does really make a difference and also helps prevent breakouts!

Evian travel sized duo pack

8. Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler

Check out Beauty On The Fly | 10 Travel Sized Things You Need For Your Next Trip at https://makeuptutorials.com/beauty-fly-10-travel-sized-things-need-next-trip/

All of the best perfumes in one tiny little sampler kit. Can’t figure out the best perfume for your new adventure? Spice up your life with a variety like this one from Sephora. Scooping up this adorable little sampler will save you from having to stash all of your favorite perfumes in your checked luggage.

9. Supergoop! City And Sand Sunscreen Travel Tote

makeup bag
Image via AHAlife

If you’re traveling somewhere tropical or sunny, it’s super important to pack a sunscreen! This awesome sunscreen travel kit is perfect to throw into your carry on luggage without having to worry too much about what you’re missing. This set includes all that is needed to prepare and protect your skin for city and beach living in an adorable white terry beach travel tote, perfect for carrying sun protection must haves!

10. Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Travel Kit

Bumble and bumble has some of the best on the go travel hair products. This kit includes everything you’ll ever need for a long weekend.

Travel sized Shampoo

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Do you have any of these things in your makeup bag? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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