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There’s just something about bad boys and bad girls, isn’t there? We know they’re wrong, yet we cannot help feeling attracted to them. They’re unpredictable, daring, bold, and seem so much more interesting than the safe, well-meaning people who have sensible goals and dreams. There’s also the intriguing idea about how we could be the ones to change them. Movies and television have only romanticized bad boys and girls further.

In reality, bad boys and bad girls are way more trouble than they’re worth. There might be some rebels who do reform, but a lot of the time, bad boys and bad girls, mess up our lives, break our hearts, and teach us that there are some very valid reasons why they’ve gained the reputations they have. Here are seven reasons bad boys and girls are actually the worst.

It Will Be Nothing But Drama

The reason that attracted you to the bad boy or girl in the first place will probably be the reason you grow to hate your relationship or crush. You might initially think of all of the drama as exciting, but the more you have to deal with it, the more you will wish you could just have a nice, calm day. You will start to wonder why drama just follows your bad boy/girl and why it’s so hard to just have a peace. Image source: Instagram/decriful

You Will Keep Hoping He/She Will Change

Even if you love the rebel side, there will be a piece of your heart that will wish your bad boy or girl will change. You will wish that this rebellious nature is just a phase. You will likely find yourself wishing that the bad boy/girl will mature and reform into a good guy who you could spend your life with. Spoiler alert: That usually doesn’t happen. When a person has no intention of changing, it’s you who gets your heart broken. Image source: Instagram/_br0k3n_smiles_

They’re Pros At Lying

The truth about bad boys and bad girls is that they are usually better liars than other people because they have more practice doing it. If the bad boy or bad girl in your life always seems to find a way to get out of situations, it’s probably partly from their ability to lie through their teeth. That can make trusting and believing anything your rebel says very difficult. You might also get majorly burned after believing a lie. Image source: Instagram/jessy.cj

You Will Become Exhausted Trying To Reform Him/Her

If you’re in a relationship with a bad boy or girl, you will probably come to a stage where you cannot take the drama any more so you start trying to turn your rebel to the good side. The issue is that the person has to be ready to change his/her ways. If he/she isn’t, the rebel will shrug off any of your attempts or get angry with you for trying to change who they are. That will leave you feeling rejected and hurt. Image source: Instagram/cfdesantis

They Can Be Master Manipulators

In addition to being liars, bad boys and girls can also be very good at manipulating people. He/she might play into your dreams and fears to get what he/she wants out of a relationship. For example, your bad boy or girl might make it appear like he/she has changed when in reality, he/she is putting on a front to get you to do something. I know that it’s horrible to think about, but remember that we’re talking about bad boys or girls. Image source: Instagram/_juliaesthetic_

They Can Bring You Down

I know that you’re a good girl, but when you’re hanging around people who aren’t the best influences for you, you can fall into their habits. It might start with lying or not doing your homework, but it could progress into more serious stuff. If you’re hanging around with bad people, you might not realize your actions are hurting others or yourself. Image source: Instagram/prettyhappychef

You Could End Up In Trouble

Sometimes, bad boys and girls become worse as time goes on. Someone might start out as troublemakers in school and that could lead up to being bullies or getting in trouble with the law. If you’re hanging around with your ba /boy or girl, you could end up in some difficult situations involving alcohol, drugs, and who knows what else. You might even get in trouble with the law. You might be innocent, but bae could be doing things that you didn’t realize and that could lead to you have to deal with some big things. Image source: Instagram/harlequinrosemusic

Have you had a crush on a bad boy or girl? Have you ever dated one? Let us know in the comments!

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