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Kim Kardashian + Kanye West Expand their Midwest Obsession to a Pro-Trump Town

Kim Kardashian + Kanye West Expand their Midwest Obsession to a Pro-Trump Town

Looks like Kim and Kanye are branching out from their Calabasas lifestyle.

Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Stories gave fans a look into the Kardashian-Wests’ Fourth of July celebration earlier this week, and it was clear that they were very much not in California for the holiday. It looked like the family spent their Independence Day soaking up the sun by a lush, gorgeous lake, enjoying some cocktails (huckleberry vodka lemonade, anyone?) and having some fun wakesurfing and water sliding.

But some sleuthing courtesy of television station KTVB in Boise, ID took a closer look and actually suggested that the Kardashian-West family chose Lake Coeur d’Alene in Northern Idaho as their holiday destination. An investigation from TMZ further revealed that the family rented out a $1.85 million cabin by the lake that has recently been frequented by other high-profile celebs like Adam Levine and Harry Styles.

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The family vacation might be all wrapped up by now (Kardashian’s Insta shows her back in the gym, presumably in SoCal), but their trip makes it look more and more like the next big celebrity trend is…rural America?

Maybe it’s a side effect of living in the era of Donald Trump, or maybe it’s places that are the total opposite of Hollywood that are drawing celebrity attention — like the rural and remote Coeur d’Alene, which saw over 66% of its population vote for Trump in 2016. After sparking controversy for expressing explicitly pro-Trump views interspersed between watered-down philosophical platitudes on Twitter, West himself made a high-profile retreat to Wyoming and Montana to produce his latest works, including Ye and the five weekly albums he’s released since.

West has argued that he’s speaking his mind to speak for “the people” (although how effective a spokesperson he is remains in question). It appears that Kardashian, while not a Trump supporter, is willing to step in the ring and meet with the president for, in her opinion, the greater good. Perhaps they’re convinced the rural Midwest is where “the people” are located — it fits quite neatly into the conservative, picturesque image of “real America” that they seem to be embracing, be it as a trend, artistic inspiration, or political identity.

The Best Psychological Thrillers On Netflix

The Best Psychological Thrillers On Netflix

It’s movie night. Sometimes, you want to bawl about thwarted love over a bowl of popcorn. Other times, you want to laugh so hard you spill the popcorn. And then there are nights when you want an adrenaline rush so severe, you lose your appetite for popcorn.

In those instances, you must call upon the psychological thriller genre to sate your craving for mind-blowing twists, unreliable narrators, and intelligent scares. Unlike normal thrillers, films in the “psychological thriller” category don’t rely on cheap tricks and jump shots to get under the viewer’s skin. Instead, they use protagonists’ unstable mental states as a landscape for twists and turns. Characters’ crumbling senses of reality make for topsy-turvy, intriguing worlds.

Have we convinced you to abandon your Friday night plans and succumb to the unstable mental states of movie characters? Prepare to get “Inceptioned” with each of these Netflix movies.

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The Gift(2015)

Prepare to be very uneasy throughout your viewing of The Gift. Robyn (Rebecca Hall) and Simon (Jason Bateman) move to California after Robyn has a miscarriage. Soon, Simon's old friend, Gordo (Joel Edgerton), starts stopping by frequently. Something about his presence unearths the darkness between the couple.

The Open House(2018)

Are you a fan of Thirteen Reasons Why, and missing Clay Jensen? Get your Dylan Minnette fill in this Netflix original movie, set in a mother and teenage son who go to a vacation home that's not quite right. There are forces in the mountain house, and they want the new residents out.

Before I Wake(2017)

This horror movie features an imagination so powerful it can conjure up new realities. In Before I Wake, Jacob Tremblay plays an eight-year-old named Cody, who's adopted by a grieving couple that recently lost their own son. After Cody moves in, the couple, played by Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane, begins seeing their dead son again. How much of their visions is the work of Cody? And how much is the work of their own grief and longing?


Can't get enough of the psychological thriller genre? You don't have to. Netflix also offers original series that fall into the same genre. In Gypsy, Naomi Watts plays a therapist whose relationships with her patients cross the line of professionalism. She finds herself interwoven in their lives.


This six-part series combines documentary filmmaking with fictional reenactments in order to tell the story of Frank Olson, a scientist who worked for the C.I.A., and was found dead during a trip to New York. Supposedly, he had thrown himself out of the window of his 13th floor hotel room. But that explanation never sat well with his son, Eric, the principal interviewee of the series. This is a psychological thriller because your mind will hurt from the twists and unanswered questions woven by the C.I.A.

Donnie Darko(2001)

Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal) sees things that other people don't, like a huge man dressed in a bunny costume that stalks him around his small town, and a countdown clock that's ticking towards the end of the world. How much of Donnie's visions are a product of his sleepwalking visions? How much are from the strange incident at the beginning of the movie, when a plane fell into his house?

Gerald's Game(2017)

The premise of this movie, based off a Stephen King book, will make you reconsider any forays into handcuff play. Gerald (Bruce Greenwood) and his wife Jessie (Carla Gugino) go on a romantic cabin retreat to try to bring intimacy back into their marriage. Gerald convinces Jessie to try handcuff play; then, after Jessie's tied up, Gerald has a heart attack and strands her on the bed. After hours go by, she begins to experience visions. But is the deformed man who approaches her, chained up at the bed, of her hallucinations?

Alias Grace(2017)

Alias Grace is the second Margaret Atwood adaptation to make TVs around the country smile this year, because it's just that good. When the show starts, Grace Marks (Sarah Gadon) has spent the last few decades locked up in a Canadian prison for the double murder of her employer and his mistress that she supposedly carried out when she was 16 years old, in the year 1843. Seeking to determine her innocence, young psychologist Simon Jordan (Edward Holcroft) uses newfangled questioning tactics on Grace. What follows is a cat-and-mouse dynamic, in which Grace is certainly the cat.


A group of strangers wakes up inside a cube structure, without knowing how or why they got there. Seemingly, there's no way out but through. The strangers proceed through other cube-like rooms, some with fatal booby traps. This is more a thriller, but it's interesting to see the psychological effects such a terrible, Kafka-esque situation has on people.

The Sixth Sense(1999)

Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment) sees dead people. What's your special talent? The only person Cole confides in is his child psychologist, Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis). If this movie has already been spoiled for you, then you know that their relationship isn't quite that simple. If this movie hasn't been spoiled for you, watch it quickly, before it inevitably is.


George (Gene Jones), a Vietnam vet, has a stroke and is diagnosed with dementia. As a result of his new condition, the hospital sends him a nurse (Kristina Klebe). She seems nice at first. Then, she starts exerting her total control over him in horrifying ways — and no one can stop it.

The Perfect Host(2010)

After robbing a bank, John Taylor (Clayne Crawford) is on the run from the cops. Claiming that he was mugged, John manages to be let into a stranger named Warwick's (David Hyde Pierce) house. But Warwick isn't who he seems to be. He drugs John, and keeps him as a plaything for the duration of a wild party he's hosting that evening. Warwick's parties are legendary for their peculiar forms of entertainment, and John's on the wrong side of it.


Backtrack is the psychologist's version of The Sixth Sense. In this movie, Peter Bower (Adrien Brody) is a psychologist who finds out his patients are all actually ghosts. How does one proceed from that kind of discovery? Peter realizes that all of his patients had died within a day of each other — and he might have had something to do with it.

I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House(2016)

Time and time again, we see perfectly friendly people devolve when put in an isolated, creaky house for too long. Somehow, these stories work even more effectively when the stories are set in the Victorian era and individuals are wearing pouffy gowns. In this creepy tale, told in a mind-bending circular fashion, a nurse Lily (Ruth Wilson) moves into an old house to take care of a reclusive novelist — and soon finds they're not alone.

They Look Like People(2015)

But are they people? That's the question our unstable protagonist, Wyatt (MacLeod Andrews), wrestles with after he receives calls detailing the impending apocalypse by way of demon invasion. As the voices become more insistent, Wyatt is sure spawn are going to take over the world. If his visions are real, should he help save his friend, who's dating the locus of all evil? Or are his visions unfounded, and should Christian (Evan Dumouchel) be saving Wyatt?

Funny Games(2007)

To be honest, this disturbing movie is really a horror film laced with the qualities of a psychological thriller. The gist is simple: a family vacation is disrupted by two sadistic men, who decide to play some games. They are not funny.


Detective Mark McPherson (Dana Andrews) is assigned to investigate the murder of a beautiful, successful, and popular ad exec, Laura Hunt. As he continues to delve deeper into Laura's legacy, McPherseon develops an eerily strong emotional attachment to Laura.

The Two Faces of January(2014)

In 1962, a tour guide (Oscar Isaac) in Greece becomes enamored with his wealthy clients' luxurious lifestyle. After the man in the couple, Chester McFarland (Viggo Mortenson), kills a detective searching for him, the tour guide is pulled in too deep to escape from their world of luxury and danger.

The Prestige(2006)

Two magicians — played by Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale — try to figure out each other's tricks in this dark Christopher Nolan drama. These guys are the Criss Angels of the 19th Century, and it's awesome. In the process of messing with each other's heads, they'll mess with yours.

Memento (2001)

When Leonard Pierce wakes up, he can only remember one thing: That he can't remember a thing at all.

The ultimate psychological thriller, Memento is about an amnesic man on a mission to track down the man who killed his wife. With extreme short-term memory loss, Leonard gets important clues and mementos tattooed. As if a mystery solved by an amnesiac weren't confusing enough, Memento is told with two storylines: One that goes forward in time, and the other backwards.

Basic Instinct(1992)

If Detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) were really committed to solving who killed a famous rock star, he probably wouldn’t be sleeping with the case’s prime suspect. But how can he resist the rock star’s ex-girlfriend, the crime novelist Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone). Tension from the cat-and-mouse game turned love-affair continues throughout the movie. You’ll be strung out on suspense and sexual tension by the time the violent film’s over.

The Shining(1980)

There are good ideas, like eating ice cream. And there are bad ideas, like moving your family to a Colorado ski hotel cut off from the world in the winter season. Of The Shining ’s many scares, which are born from the mind of Jack Torrance, and which are products of the hotel’s supernatural sheen? Proceed to room 237 your own risk.

Queen Of Earth(2015)

For the second year in a row, two childhood friends retreat to a lake house a few miles outside of New York City. But in the week that ensues, Catherine and Virginia realize their differences run deep. Following the death of her father, a famous painter, Catherine’s fragile and on the brink of insanity. The rural setting unleashes her inner demons.

We Need To Talk About Kevin(2011)

Try as she might, Eva (Tilda Swinton) has never gotten along with her firstborn son, Kevin (Ezra Miller). And in this gripping drama with a shocking event at its core, we soon find out why. Through exploring Eva and Kevin’s 15-year relationship, the movie brings up uncomfortable questions of nature and nurture. Can Eva be blamed for her son’s horrific actions? Can a person be born evil?

The Babadook(2014)

Books are known to unleash new worlds. In The Babadook, books also unleash monsters. In this terrifying Australian film, a troubled widow discovers her son might be telling the truth when he says the mysterious book on their doorstep welcomed a monster into their dark house. As with all good psychological thrillers, The Babadook keeps the audience guessing over how much is reality and how much is imagined.

Rear Window(1954)

All of these psychological thrillers have Hitchcock to thank for pioneering the genre of character-driven instability. In Rear Window, a wheelchair-bound photographer spies on his neighbors — and becomes convinced that one committed a murder. To be taken seriously, Jeff Jeffries has to convince his girlfriend, a nurse, and and the police that he isn’t making these claims up. It’s been over 50 years since Rear Window was made, but we doubt whether there’s been a film as suspenseful since.

Sun Choke(2015)

In this drawn-out character study, Janie is trapped under the stifling care and wellness regimen of her nanny and caretaker. After Janie seems a bit better, Irma relaxes her grip and lets Janie out of the house. That’s when Janie meets — and becomes obsessed with — Savannah, a charismatic stranger. But the appeal of Sun Choke isn’t in the narrative. Rather, it’s in the disorienting editing, pervasive mood, and character development that builds throughout the film.

The Invitation (2015)

Will hasn’t seen his ex-wife Eden in years, especially since she spent the last few years traipsing around Mexico. Out of the blue, Will receives an ornate invitation for a dinner party intended to reunite Will and Eden's old friend group. He goes reluctantly.

While the festivities proceed in the beautiful California mansion, Will can’t shake the feeling that there’s something sinister at this dinner party, no matter how normally everyone else is acting.

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Starz Needs To Ditch 50 Cent, Not Power

Starz Needs To Ditch 50 Cent, Not Power

After Terry Crews testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee about his alleged sexual assault at the hand of a Hollywood agent, 50 Cent took to Instagram to mock the actor. 50 Cent’s post featured a shirtless Crews with the words “I got raped. My wife just watched.” A photo of Crews in a suit with a rose in his mouth with the words “Gym time” was also posted. In the caption 50 Cent wrote, “LOL, what the fuck is going on out here man?”

I can’t be the only Power fan pissed about 50 Cent’s latest string of ignorant comments or the effect they may have on the future of the hit drama series.

Why the rapper thought these “memes,” which he has now deleted, would even be remotely funny is unclear. Now, there is a petition for the rapper to be removed from one of Starz's most watched shows, Power, which he stars in and executive produces.

The petition, which has garnered more than 22,000 signatures and counting, explicitly calls for 50 Cent’s removal by the Starz network because his posts insinuated that Crews was “less of a man” for being a victim. “50 Cent has sent a message loud and clear that he is not a fan of the #MeToo movement…Starz should send a message to the rapper and to all other potential producers and filmmakers that they will not tolerate this type of ignorance."

50 Cent isn’t swayed by the backlash though. In fact, he took to Twitter to make yet another ignorant statement saying that “people are so sensitive.” It just keeps getting worse.

Now, I completely agree with petition that 50 Cents needs to go. Time is up on any type of sexual assault and harassment or anyone who thinks any type of sexual violence is a joke. But his removal should not come at the expense of the entire show.

The series, which just debuted its fifth season, is helmed by a Black female showrunner, and given the push for more diversity behind the scenes of Hollywood, Starz would be making a big mistake by canceling it. At Power ’s recent New York City premiere, creator Courtney Kemp reminded the audience of just why the series is needed now more than ever.

"Power is not a Black show. It's not a white show. It's a New York show," she said. "And it is full of the ethnicity, personality, and downright swagger in this room tonight. The faces in this crowd and the faces represented on this screen tonight are a statement about the need for programs like ours. It is more important now to stand up and be counted." I couldn’t agree with her more.

Starz has yet to address the petition but hopefully they’ll take a cue from ABC and give Power the Roseanne treatment. Cancel the problem child — and I do mean child — and his bullshit, not the whole shebang.

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What We Know About Stacey Dash’s Controversial Film About Roe v. Wade

What We Know About Stacey Dash’s Controversial Film About Roe v. Wade

A film about the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case is currently in production, and is reportedly facing backlash for a pro-life stance on the issue of abortion. Nick Loeb, one of the film's co-directors, told The Hollywood Reporter that it has been rejected from multiple locations where it was set to film after location managers learned of the subject.

Loeb is co-directing the film alongside his co-producer Cathy Allyn. On board to star in the feature is Clueless actress turned would-be conservative politician Stacey Dash, who will portray Dr. Mildred Jefferson, the first Black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School. Deliverance actor (and Angelina Jolie's father) Jon Voight will play a Supreme Court Justice. Also included in the cast are Joey Lawrence, Steve Guttenberg, and Greer Grammer.

Loeb claimed to THR that some of the members of the cast and crew, who were not initially aware of the film's specific subject matter, left the production over the perceived pro-life stance.

Loeb told Refinery29 that while the entire cast read the script and was therefore informed of the subject of the film, some people who were not directly hired by Loeb (for example, the electrician who, Loeb claimed in his interview with The Hollywood Reporter " threw her headset on the ground and walked off [set]") may not have been as informed of the film's subject.

"In 99% of all films, if I was a key electrician, I wouldn't [be given] a script or told the story of the movie… that really isn't sent out. I'm guessing that [the key people] just didn't think [to explain the story]," Loeb told Refinery29. "But all the time, we've been up front with everybody. Sometimes, they get here, and their friends or family members find out, and they decide to quit. Although we've had those challenges, on the flip side… Louisiana is a very pro-life state… and we've gotten a lot of offers for free stuff, because the people do support our cause."

The outcome of the 1973 Roe v. Wade case found that the constitutional right to privacy "is broad enough to encompass a woman's decision whether or not to terminate her pregnancy." The outcome of the case opened doors for safer abortions and better reproductive care for women. With Donald Trump soon appointing a new Supreme Court Justice, many people are afraid of a potential reversal of federal abortion protections.

Due to the controversial topic and alleged pro-life stance, the film, which is shooting outside of New Orleans, cloaked production under a fake name. Nevertheless, it is not exactly "secret," as it was referred to by THR. In fact, a crowdfunding effort was put in place earlier this year. Per the IndieGogo page, which describes the movie as a "true story of the most corrupt court case in history that led to the murder of 60 Million Babies," the fundraiser was backed by 1636 people and raised $134,572 of a $2 million dollar flexible goal.

Loeb told Refinery29 that the film will show the case from both the pro-choice and pro-life perspective.

"[The film is about] how the media sort of manipulated Norma McCorvey and the courts into the 1973 decision to legalize abortion. It is told from both sides… It's a 50/50 split between the pro-choice and pro-life characters. It's really a journey going from 1969 all the way up to 1973, about how the pro-choicers found Norma, got her lawyers; they prepped her, got her to the courts… The people involved… how they made up these statistics, how they lied to the media to push their agenda… On the pro-life side, you've got… their journeys paralleling each other, all the way through the Supreme Court."

Loeb also claimed that not everyone in the cast or crew is pro-life, though did he state that Refinery29 would have to follow up with each of them individually to hear their specific viewpoints.

"Half the cast is pro-choice," Loeb told Refinery29. "Other than Stacey Dash, I don't really know where Jon Voight stands on the issue… Jon loved the script because it was so factually correct… A lot of the cast, including the leads, are pro-choice… I can't speak for them personally, but overhearing conversations that they've had, a lot of them are pro-choice."

According to Loeb, the project is aiming for a theatrical release. Per THR, the film is negotiating a distribution deal now, aiming for a January 2019 release date.

If Loeb's name sounds familiar, it is because he was once the fiancé of Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, and is currently fighting the TV actress for use of the pair's frozen embryos.

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Everything Leaving Netflix In July

Everything Leaving Netflix In July

If taking away a bunch of our favorite shows and movies is Netflix's way of telling us to go outside and stop wasting our summer on the couch, then they've got another thing coming. Nothing gets between us and our binging, and the knowledge that some of our tried and true favorites will soon be on their way out is just extra incentive to hunker down and watch them before they're gone.

Luckily, there's still a couple weeks before these shows start trickling off the streaming service one by one, and so over at Refinery29, our job is to give you the best plan of attack. Then, you can dive into all the new shows and movies that are landing on the platform, because this is 2018, and if you're not always coming home to a few episodes of a TV show every night, then are you even living?

But one step at at a time. First, let's get ready to say goodbye. Ahead are all the movies and TV shows that are leaving Netflix in July.

Alive (1993)

A rugby team survives a plane crash in the Andes — but that's only half the battle. Now, they're stranded.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

Along Came Polly (2004)

A man's picture-perfect marriage and ultra-organized life gets turned upside-down when an old classmate resurfaces.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

An Honest Liar (2014)

A documentary about famed magician James Randi who became a famous paranormal skeptic.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of the BBC.

Beerfest (2006)

Two brothers travel to Germany for Oktoberfest but end up stumbling into a historical beer "Fight Club."

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Before Midnight(2013)

A couple reflects on their twenty years together during their last night of vacation, and contemplate the different paths their lives could have taken.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Sony Pictures.

Bring It On (2000)

A cheerleading squad has to start from scratch after realizing their previous captain stole their routines.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Bring It On Again (2004)

Rejected from the college cheerleading team, a group of students create their own.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Bring It On: All Or Nothing (2006)

A transfer student joins the high school cheerleading squad and faces her old school.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Bring It On: Fight To The Finish (2009)

A student transfers from high school in East L.A. to a pretentious high school on the West side, and must face the head cheerleader for a spot on the team.

Leaving July 1

Bring It On: In It To Win It (2007)

Cheer Camp Nationals becomes a hotbed of drama when two competing squads fight for the "spirit stick."

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Cocktail (1988)

A New York bartender ends up working at a bar in Jamaica — and falling in love.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Buena Vista Pictures.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2011)

After a father dies in 9/11, he leaves behind a key for his amateur inventor son, who must find the lock it matches in New York City.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Lethal Weapon (1987)

A pair of cops need to overcome their clashing personalities in order to catch some drug smugglers.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)

The odd couple is back and hunting down criminal South African diplomats.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)

Now they're hunting a former police officer who uses his intel to steal and sell guns to gangs.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)

Okay, now they're tracking down Chinese triads looking to free their former leaders.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Little Women (1994)

An adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott novel starring Susan Sarandon and Winona Ryder.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures.

Michael Clayton (2007)

When their lawyer has a breakdown, a firm brings in a "fixer" to represent a guilty chemical company.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Midnight In Paris (2011)

A head-in-the-clouds writer somehow unlocks a door to the 1920s while traveling in Paris with his fiancée.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics.

Mixed Signals (1997)

A group of friends deals with an unwanted engagement, money problems, and undeclared feelings in this movie about friendship and loyalty.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of IMDB.

More Than A Game (2008)

A documentary about LeBron James and his teammates.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Lionsgate.

Pandemic (2016)

A virus takes over the planet in this dystopian Earth in the not-too-distant future.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of XLrator Media.

Piglet's Big Movie (2003)

Piglet is missing! Pooh and friends must find him! Ahhh!

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Buena Vista Pictures.

Rugrats Go Wild (2003)

The Rugrats and the Thornberrys cross-over for an adventure.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

Scary Movie (2000)

A parody of a mish-mash of popular 90s horror films.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Dimension Films.

Scream 3 (2000)

A group of friends is plagued by a killer while visiting a Hollywood set.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Dimension Films.

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines (2003)

A warrior from a post-apocalyptic future goes back in time to save a man and his future wife from an assassin — a robot assassin.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

The Art Of War(2000)

A man is framed for murder and must get to the root of a series of mysterious deaths while avoiding the FBI.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Tropic Thunder(2008)

A group of actors end up having to become the soldiers they were portraying on screen.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

V For Vendetta (2005)

Set in the future, a mysterious freedom fighter looks to overthrow a corrupt government.

Leaving July 1

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Breakfast At Tiffany's (1961)

The past of an NYC socialite proves to be a barrier in her relationship with a man in her building.

Leaving July 2

Photo: Paramount Pictures.

Alpha And Omega: Journey To Bear Kingdom(2017)

When war breaks out, a group of creatures must band together to save Princess Canue's kingdom.

Leaving July 8

Photo: Courtesy of Lionsgate.

Real Husbands Of Hollywood: Seasons 1-5 (2013-2016)

Celebrities play joke of versions of themselves in this Real Housewives parody.

Leaving July 8

Photo: Courtesy of BET.

Ratchet & Clank (2016)

A mechanic and his robot must save the universe from a space captain.

Leaving July 9

Photo: Aperture Media Partners.

Serena (2014)

A marriage threatens the legacy of a timber empire.

Leaving July 9

Photo: Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

Alice Through The Looking Glass (2016)

Based on the classic children's story, Alice returns to Wonderland.

Leaving July 11

Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.

Wild Hogs (2007)

Four aspiring bikers end up getting mixed-up with a New Mexico gang.

Leaving July 14

Photo: Courtesy of Buena Vista Pictures.

Convergence (2015)

A detective gets trapped in a hospital that is a gate between heaven and hell.

Leaving July 15

Photo: Courtesy of Fram 29 Films.

Lockup: State Prisons: Collection 1 (2016)

A documentary series giving an honest look at life behind bars.

Leaving July 15

Photo: Courtesy of MSNBC.

Small Is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary (2015)

A documentary following four people in the process of building their tiny houses.

Leaving July 15

Photo: Courtesy of IMDB.


The LAPD has found a mother's missing child — or so they say.

Leaving July 16

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Studios.

Wanted (2008)

A man discovers his father was a professional assassin — and that it runs in the family.

Leaving July 16

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

The Den (2013)

While studying web cam chats, a woman witnesses a murder.

Leaving July 29

Photo: Courtesy of IFC Midnight.

A Cinderella Story (2004)

A modern imagining of the classic Cinderella fairytale.

Leaving July 30

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Hurricane Of Fun: The Making Of Wet Hot (2015)

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the beloved movie, Wet Hot American Summer.

Leaving July 30

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Swing State (2017)

A DJ tricks the world into believing in the existence of a made-up conservative radio personality.

Leaving July 30

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

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Everything Coming To Netflix In July

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Rapper XXXTentacion Shot In Miami

Rapper XXXTentacion Shot In Miami

Update: XXXTentacion's team has confirmed the death of the 20-year-old rapper in a new statement.

"On June 18, 2018, Jahseh Onfroy—known worldwide as XXXTentacion—tragically passed away from a gunshot wound in Deerfield, Florida. It is with great sadness that the news is confirmed in this official statement by his team— manager Solomon Sobande, EMPIRE, Bob Celestin, Esq. and AKW PR," his team wrote in a statement to Refinery29. "In deference to his family, friends, and loved ones and in light of further investigation, we ask that their privacy be respected at this time. XXXTentacion touched the lives of millions around the globe and will forever reside in the hearts of countless fans who listened to his music, attended his concerts, and felt the glow of his uncontainable, undeniable, and unique spirit. News about memorial services to be issued forthcoming."

On June 18, the Broward Co. Sheriff's Department confirmed that XXXTentacion died after being shot. His cause of death is gun shot wounds. As of this writing, the sheriff's department is considering his death a homicide and are accepting tips.

Original story follows.

The rapper XXXTentacion, real name Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, has reportedly been shot in Miami. TMZ reports that the 20-year-old was out shopping for motorcycles when he was shot in his car after a man bearing a gun fired at him in his car.

While his current status is unknown, TMZ reports that the shots may have been fatal.

XXXTentacion made headlines earlier this year when disturbing allegations against him were brought to light. His alleged victim shared details of their relationship which included years of physical and emotional abuse. Simultaneously, XXXTentacion's songs like "Sad!," continued to climb up charts.

Refinery29 has reached out to his reps for comment and will update this post accordingly.

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John Cena Vows to Reverse his Vasectomy for Nikki Bella

John Cena Vows to Reverse his Vasectomy for Nikki Bella

According to the latest episode of E!'s Total Bellas, John Cena is willing to go under the knife to save his relationship with Nikki Bella.

The reality show, which documents the lives and careers of WWE performers Nikki and Brie Bella, has focused considerably on the six-year romance between Nikki Bella and Blockers star Cena. However, one big issue that the pair saw for their future was Bella's desire to have children — something Cena did not seem to want in the same capacity. In fact, Cena previously underwent a vasectomy, making him unable to father children unless he has the procedure reversed.

As revealed on Sunday's episode of Total Bellas, Cena and Bella had a heart-to-heart about the matter, in which the Trainwreck actor told his love that he was willing to give fatherhood a go."I physically can't have kids… so I'm also telling you that I’m willing to have surgery and then still go through with being a dad," Cena told his then-fiancée.

Bella cried, and asked Cena if he would change his mind, which he insisted he would not."Just tell me you love me and that you’ll marry me," Cena said in the episode.

On the show's timeline, the pair is getting ready to walk down the aisle after patching up this relationship issue. However, in real life, Nikki and Cena announced their breakup in May, just three weeks prior to their planned wedding.

To further complicate matters, People reported that just six weeks after the couple's planned wedding date, the two had officially gotten back together. Whether they have rescheduled their nuptials is still unknown. (In a recent interview with GQ, which dropped last week, reporter Chris Gayomali was asked not to ask about Bella as "the wounds [are] still fresh." It is unclear when that interview took place.)

Guess we'll have to wait and see what's next for these two: Weddings, babies, or whatever else.

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Prince Harry Subtly Telling Meghan Markle to Curtsy is the Classiest Thing I’ve Seen all Week

Prince Harry Subtly Telling Meghan Markle to Curtsy is the Classiest Thing I’ve Seen all Week

Meghan Markle may officially be royalty, but that doesn’t mean she’s not still learning. While husband Prince Harry has grown up in this world of tradition and rules and corgis, Markle is getting a crash course. Luckily, she has the best teacher. In a new video taken of the couple at Trooping the Colour (the official celebration of the Queen’s birthday) this past Saturday, they share a subtle moment that perfectly encapsulates why everyone is head over heels for their love.

Specifically, the video shows Markle and Prince Harry anticipating the arrival of Queen Elizabeth. Markle knows she should curtsy, she’s just not sure when, and that’s when fans’ lip-reading skills came in handy.

“Do it?” she appears to ask her husband under her breath while staring straight forward.

“Yes,” he mutters back as he bows his head. It’s a simple moment, but it exemplifies the partnership they share and how they approach even the simplest things as a team.

WOW! Harry guiding Meghan.. Didnt notice it. ICYMI: Meghan asks “Do it?” and Harry says “Yes” 😭♥️ (Thanks @ tammy_nacci) thanks @Meghanmaven

A post shared by 🇺🇸 Meghan &Harry 🇬🇧supporters (@harry_meghan_updates) on

While this moment was all about tradition, Markle balanced it out by adding her signature dash of modernity. If you take a look at her shoulders — well, that’s the whole thing. Her shoulders are on display, a somewhat unprecedented choice for a formal event. But Markle is an unprecedented Duchess, and with that comes iconic moments (and dresses) like this one. I’ll curtsy to that.

Wait, Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Are… Engaged?

Wait, Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Are… Engaged?

Ariana Grande appears to have replied to the reports that she and Pete Davidson are engaged. The 24-year-old singer shared a tweet with fans that consists of a number of monkey-hiding-its-face emojis and the message: “i love u sm ok bye.”

And that kids, sounds like confirmation to me.

Original story follows.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande just went from being in the honeymoon stage to…planning their actual honeymoon. According to reports in both Us Weekly and People, the buzzy couple of these past few weeks is engaged, and it all went down at Robert Pattinson’s birthday party.

According sources, Saturday night is when the duo began telling people they’re engaged, and one told People that “It’s a recent engagement. They’re just two people who found love quickly and make each other happy all the time. They both started talking about it this past weekend. It’s nothing they’ve been hiding.”

In fact, all sources could talk about was how happy this couple is.

“They are a perfect fit. They are not rushing to get married,” another told Us Weekly. “Their friends are really excited and supportive.”

That’s another theme — they won’t be walking down the aisle any time soon.

“They are looking forward to a very long engagement together,” a source clarified to the outlet.

Davidson and Grande’s relationship was confirmed as “casual” on May 21, but picked up steam on social media when they started appearing in pictures together and publicly flirting in Instagram comments.


Came here a person, leaving a human bottle of wine

A post shared by CAZZIE (@cazziedavid) on

Refinery29 has reached out to Ariana Grande. A rep for Davidson declined to comment.

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Actor Jackson Odell Found Dead At Age 20

Actor Jackson Odell Found Dead At Age 20

Variety is reporting that actor and musician Jackson Odell has died, after being found unresponsive at home. He was 20 years old. There is no preliminary suspicion of foul play, but a cause of death will not be announced until an autopsy takes place, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office confirmed to Variety.

Odell’s family released the following statement to The Hollywood Reporter: “The Odell family has lost our beloved son and brother, Jackson Odell. He will always be a shining light and a brilliant, loving and talented soul. He had so much more to share. Our family will always carry that truth forward. Our wish is that the rest of the world does as well. We are now going to try to make sense of our immeasurable loss privately.”

Jackson is known for his teen acting roles, notably as Gumbo on Nickelodeon’s iCarly and as Ted Durkas on ABC’s Modern Family. He also appeared in guest starring roles on Arrested Development and The Fosters. Jackson’s most high-profile role was on The Goldbergs, where he played the popular character Ari Caldwell.

He also had a burgeoning songwriter career. Odell wrote original songs for the 2018 film adaptation of Forever My Girl, based on the novel by Heidi McLaughlin. He also performed acoustic guitar covers of songs like “Dreaming of a Broken Heart” by John Mayer and “Hold On” by Alabama Shakes; videos of the performances were posted on Odell’s YouTube channel.

Actor Charlie DePew, who worked with Odell on The Goldbergs, posted a tribute on Twitter. “RIP Jackson Odell. I’m so happy that i got to know you. You were a true talent and an even truer person,” he wrote.

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Why Alia Shawkat was Scared her Voice Wasn’t Heard in that Interview

Why Alia Shawkat was Scared her Voice Wasn’t Heard in that Interview

Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat has spoken out for the first time since the now-infamous New York Times roundtable interview with the show’s cast.

In an interview with Broadly, Shawkat shared how she was afraid that she wasn’t heard after speaking up when her male colleagues defended Jeffrey Tambor’s aggressive behavior towards Jessica Walter. Shawkat said she was upset and cried after the conversation.

“Women’s voices need to be heard and, ironically enough — I wasn’t able to be heard,” she said to Broadly. “I was really scared that the interviewer didn’t even hear me.”

When the subject of Tambor’s exit from Transparent among sexual harassment allegations came up in the NYT interview, some of other men in the room spoke up in praise of Tambor. In an ironic twist, the cast unwittingly staged a scene of the all-too-common dynamic between men and women in the workplace that effectively silences women.

With #MeToo making headlines day in and day out, it can be easy to gloss over the fact that it remains excruciatingly intimidating to speak up about gender inequity, harassment, and mistreatment, especially when it comes to vocalizing concerns at work.

That goes for when you’re on the record with the New York Times, or for when you find yourself trapped in a more everyday situation, where the risks might not be as high-profile but remain just as steep. A strange, derogatory calculus is at play to determine how and when a professional environment might become unbearable — and when it reaches that limit, determining what action can be taken.

Shawkat is not the only person with ties to the show to address the incident, although some statements underscore her point. The problem came to a head in that controversial interview, but it stemmed from years of women in their workplace not having space and security to speak up in the first place, something her male colleagues say they regret not being aware of.

“I misinterpreted what I understood to have played out, and more importantly the depth of Jessica’s pain about it,” Arrested Development creator Mitch Horowitz said to Deadline about missing the tension between Tambor and Walter. “I wish I’d known, or made a greater effort to know, the pain that it caused.”

Similarly, Shawkat’s co-stars Jason Bateman, Tony Hale, and David Cross issued apologies for their behavior in the interview, with Bateman tweeting that he was “horrified” to not have realized how Walter was affected on set.

Shawkat’s interview exposed a two-fold problem: women grappling with the challenge of speaking up at work, and men needing to consciously enable open conversation in the first place. Speaking to Broadly, she posed the question that gets to the heart of it all: “How are we going to be more verbal and express things that make us feel uncomfortable?”

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Ocean’s 8 Uplifts Black Women in the Best Way

Ocean’s 8 Uplifts Black Women in the Best Way

There is a moment in the just-released Ocean’s 8 when Rihanna descends the stairs of the fictional Met Gala in a form-fitting red dress, faux locs hanging down to her waist. In the theater where I watched it, there was an audible gasp from other moviegoers as Bad Gal RiRi graced the big screen in what many of us know to be her full glory. To say that Rihanna wasn’t at least part of the draw for me to go see Ocean’s 8 in the first place would be a lie. Now, having seen the film in its entirety, I can say that this paid off for me in more ways than one. Black women in this film are truly joys to watch and positioned in a way that indirectly exhibits the exact kind of allyship that I’d like to see more of in the world. Spoilers ahead.

Swapping out her spiked heels for baggy overalls and beanies, the pop star plays an extremely talented hacker by the name of Nine Ball in the film. She’s guarded, sarcastic, and obviously smart as hell. Even with the prospect of $20 million coming her way, she still juggles work from other “clients.” Throughout the film, it is her eye for tech that helps the mismatched group of bandits pull off their jewelry heist at the Met Gala. She hacks security cameras, breaks into the computer systems of different companies to gather intel, and knows exactly how to plant a bug. Apart from her activities being completely illegal, they are absolutely brilliant. Nine Ball’s younger sister is also a genius in her own right, cracking the code on a physics dilemma that the team of lady thieves do not see coming.

Following in the glory of Black Panther’s Princess Shuri (Letitia Wright), Ocean’s 8 is bringing even more Black women in STEM realness, something we still need more of. In the same way that STEM fields are vital to our societal function and progress in the real world, millions of dollars worth of jewelry would have never been stolen from a museum exhibit without them.

However, what was even more encouraging was the fact that, as a behind the scenes player, Nine Ball wasn’t nearly as likely to get caught. Without the racial protections of some of her co-conspirators, she would have surely been among the first to be sussed out and taken down. Let’s face it, a robbery of this scale would never have been pulled off without the privilege of unassuming inconspicuousness that comes with white womanhood. Seriously, Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) could never have pulled off some of her cons in those fancy department stores and hotels if she wasn’t a white woman. With white women on the front end of the operation, players like Nine Ball were left relatively protected while still enjoying an equal share of the profit. This, my friends, is true allyship.

We need more white women putting their asses on the line to create opportunities for women of color. I am not encouraging anyone of any race to get involved in organized high crime, but I don’t think the lesson here can be overlooked. Plus there have been some powerful examples of people with privilege using it to advocate on behalf of those who don’t have it. Jane Fonda spoke up about women of color being left behind in the #MeToo movement and Jessica Chastain demanded that Octavia Spencer get equal pay for a movie they worked on as well. There is theoretical allyship — where you talk the talk — and there is active allyship — where you walk the walk. Ocean’s 8 inadvertently modeled the latter and the whole movie was better for it.

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The Twins are the Highlight of Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s Tour

The Twins are the Highlight of Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s Tour

Beyoncé and Jay-Z certainly know how to kick off a tour. During the opening night of On The Run II in Cardiff, Wales, fans got a treat even better than the one they forked out so much $$$ for tickets for: a glimpse of Sir and Rumi Carter. We haven’t seen the twins since their initial debut on Beyoncé’s Instagram in July of 2017, and now, almost a year later, two brand new photos were blasted up on stage.

While we can’t witness the new pics in person, they’ve already made their way on the internet courtesy of some kind souls at the venue tweeting them out for the world to see — despite the fact that some fans are saying the couple had the wifi at the venue cut to prevent live-streaming.

But who has time to livestream, anyways, when there are new photos of Sir and Rumi Carter to gawk at? Try looking at these little baby rolls without squealing:


— amber j. phillips (@AmberJPhillips) June 6, 2018

Beyoncé also took to Instagram to post a photo of her own. While it doesn’t include the bebes, it does give us a front-row look at the couple on stage.

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

That picture, plus the babies, plus this video of their entrance on an elevator…


A post shared by Beyslayy (@beyslayy) on

…it’s like we’re practically there.

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John Cena, “A Little Older,” Wants Kids Now

John Cena, “A Little Older,” Wants Kids Now

Good news: John Cena wants kids! This comes after Cena dramatically broke up with Nikki Bella weeks before their wedding. They later slurped back together, as couples in 2018 are wont to do. (Sofia Richie and Scott Disick, we're looking at you!)

"Of course I would love to be a dad," he told reporters on Sunday, as per E! Online. He didn't used to want kids — in fact, that was a sticking point with Bella.

He added for clarity, "By the way, that's an about-face for me and I realize very much that I have been steadfast in saying that I don't want children." Yeah! Actually, in an episode of Total Bellas that aired last week, Bella confronted Cena about this. Following her tearful admission that she wants to be a mom, Cena replied, "I even told you so many times that this would happen. I'm not sure we should go through with this." They ended their engagement on the reality show, but the episode only aired last week. (The breakup made news in April.)

Hence why they called off the wedding.

Now, though, Cena is "a little older" and interested in kids. "Now I am realizing that there is life and life exists and it's beautiful and I think part of that is being a parent, so we'll see," he said Sunday.

Awful convenient for him to make this admission right around the time he and Bella got back together. Their whole breakup feels very tidy: Boy doesn't want kids, so wedding is called off. Boy then can't keep his hands off girl. Later, boy tells The Today Show that he wants "a family" with girl. Then, girl and boy reunite. And the whole thing unfolds on the reality show Total Bellas. And, yes, I'm watching every episode!

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Celebrities React To Kate Spade's Death

Khloé Kardashian Shares New Look At True Thompson, But Still None Of Tristan

Star Wars Star Kelly Marie Tran Departs Instagram Due To Harassment

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Janet Jackson Called The Police For A Welfare Check On Her 1-Year-Old Son

Janet Jackson Called The Police For A Welfare Check On Her 1-Year-Old Son

According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, Janet Jackson called the police to do a welfare check on her one-year-old son, Eissa Al Mana. The child was reportedly under the care of Jackson's estranged husband, Wissam Al Mana.

Per Entertainment Tonight, the Malibu County Sheriff's Office confirmed that police responded to a call Saturday night at the Nobu Hotel in Malibu, Calif., where Al Mana was staying with the pair's son Eissa. Jackson was reportedly not at the hotel.

According to a statement made to ET by Jackson's brother Randy Jackson, the call to the police came after Eissa's nanny contacted Jackson, stating she was "terrified" by Al Mana's behavior.

Randy previously told People that Jackson had suffered "verbal abuse" from Al Mana, a businessman whose company, Al Mana Group, is based in Qatar.

"There’s a lot of pain. Janet’s been through a lot with her divorce. I’ve been through a lot, we all have," Randy told People in September of 2017.

Al Mana and Jackson married in 2012. In October of 2016, Jackson announced she was expecting her first child. In January of 2017, Jackson gave birth to Eissa. The couple announced their separation via a representative in April of that year.

Refinery29 has reached out to representatives for Jackson, Randy, and Al Mana. We will update this post should we hear back.

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13 Reasons Why Creator Drops Hints About Possible Season 3

13 Reasons Why Creator Drops Hints About Possible Season 3

Not much is known about the season 3 of 13 Reasons Why, or even if there will be a third season of the much-discussed Netflix series. During a panel at a Netflix For Your Consideration event, showrunner Brian Yorkey offered a clue into the themes he would hope to explore should there be another season.

“I think the themes are sort of inherent in the action of season 2,” he said raising the question of whether there was more story to tell. “Whether 13 Reasons Why goes forward on Netflix, or just in the minds of fans, what happened to Hannah will always be the first clause of the story. The rest of the story is about young people, as so many young people, maybe all young people today learn how to heal from the things that have hurt them…to make the world what they want it to be, not just the world they are inheriting…and above all, how to take care of each other.” Yorkey was hesitant to say more since the fate of the show remains undecided. While some support the show for its unflinching portrayal of important topics such as drug use, rape, and suicide, there are others who are urging the streaming service to cancel the show for its mature subject matter.

Last month, Katherine Langford announced that season 2 would be her final season on the show as Hannah Baker. “For me, we told Hannah’s story so fully in season 1…Letting Hannah go was in season 1; season 2 was for Clay to let her go. It was being able to assist Clay on that journey as Hannah and let Clay have his moment to let Hannah go,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

We still have a lot of questions remaining from season 2, much of them to do with just that – moving on. It is proving easier for some characters than others. There still seems to be a lot of story left for this cast of characters we have come to know and care about over the past two seasons.

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The Heathers Reboot Is Looking For A New Home — But Should They Even Bother?

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Can Someone Tell This Male Director to Stay Away From a #MeToo Horror Movie?

Can Someone Tell This Male Director to Stay Away From a #MeToo Horror Movie?

In a move that could very easily backfire, director Brian de Palma has announced his plans to write and direct a horror movie based on Harvey Weinstein.

The 77-year-old director behind classic thrillers like Scarface, Dressed to Kill, and Carrie told French publication Le Parisien that he’s partnering up with a French producer (so far unnamed) to work on a film inspired by the Weinstein scandals.

De Palma says he’s in the process of writing the movie, although he prefaces by saying that the main character will not be named Harvey Weinstein. “But it will be a horror movie, with a sexual aggressor,” he tells Le Parisien, “and it will happen in the film industry.”

De Palma’s announcement is the latest in what hopefully does not become a trend: older white men taking the lead in dramatizing the scandals that have come to define the #MeToo movement. There’s a number of reasons for this, not the least of which is the fact that the movement is still very much ongoing, considering Weinstein’s sexual misconduct has only just recently made it into the courts, and three women recently came forward to file another class action lawsuit against him for sexual assault.

If we are going to have these stories up onscreen, dramatized or not, they should also be told by women. That is, after all, one of many crucial takeaways of the #MeToo movement: listen to women.

There are already some examples of this cropping up in the post-Time’s Up era that serve as important starting points. Coralie Fargeat’s Revenge, which opened on a limited run last month, has racked up critical acclaim as a gripping horror movie in a which the film’s heroine must fight her way out of a life-or-death situation after being isolated and sexually assaulted on a weekend getaway trip. Documentarian Jennifer Fox released her HBO film The Tale at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, a fictional retelling of her own very real trauma in which she explores the mutability of memory as it relates to her rape as a child.

Quite crucially, Fargeat and Fox have previously explained that though the #MeToo movement lends a timeliness to their work, these films aren’t necessarily inspired by #MeToo alone. Rather, they are products of a lifetime of processing trauma and misogyny, stories that they can speak to with a lived-in honesty that most cis men cannot. It is a simple axiom of storytelling: the storyteller matters as much as the story, because the storyteller makes the story.

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The Stories Of New York's Glamorous Grifters Are The Perfect Ocean's 8 Pregame

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The Deeper Meaning Behind Rihanna’s Locs in Ocean’s 8

The Deeper Meaning Behind Rihanna’s Locs in Ocean’s 8

When Rihanna debuted butt-length faux locs in the fall of 2016, most of us assumed it was just another case of the star experimenting with her ever-evolving beauty look. Turns out, the hair change was actually for her role in Oceans 8 — but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t personal. It was Rihanna who requested to wear locs in the film, and who else would do them other than her longtime hairstylist, Yusef Williams?

“We thought it would be strong,” Williams tells Refinery29 exclusively. “Her locs would maintain that tie to Africa. She’d keep her accent. She wasn’t just going to be some American girl in this movie. Nine Ball is still a Caribbean girl that just happens to be in America.”

Creating a bold moment of representation is nothing new for the mastermind behind Fenty Beauty and Savage x Fenty. Now, Rih is using her star power to show worldwide audiences that locs areappropriate for work, glamorous enough for the Met Gala, and cool enough to land a leading role in a summer blockbuster. “All in all, the locs are just really badass,” Williams says. “I couldn’t imagine her character without them.”Learn more about Nine Ball’s glorious hair, ahead.

In the eight days leading up to this summer’s first women-led blockbuster, we’re spilling everything you want to know about it — from Rihanna playing a hacker to the great Met Gala heist.

Creating Nine Ball

“Before they actually filmed the movie, I went in for a meeting [with director Gary Ross and Rihanna] so we could all figure out who this girl is, what she looks like, what she dresses like, and how she wears her hair. We had a lot of references, and dreadlocks were something that we always wanted to do.

“Production gave us a lot of freedom to create her character visually and play with her look. Gary and wardrobe trusted that we would just nail it. We wanted this girl to be cool, chill, and very minimal. She would wear the same things over and over again. But I think the one thing she probably cared about the most was her hair. When people have locs, it’s kind of like their crown. It’s their pride and joy. It’s like a flower… you gotta nourish it and watch it grow. Hair played a really big part in who Nine Ball came to be.”

Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images.

Installing Her Locs

“I had to fly my assistants to Paris, and all four of us were putting in locs, because we needed to get her done within three hours. That is really a lot of work that would probably take 10 hours for one person to do. It’s braiding the foundation and then wrapping and coiling the hair. We finished at 2 a.m., then we got on a plane and started taping Ocean’s.

“We didn’t use Marley hair, which is a little bit more refined, pretty. Instead, we went with a kinkier, looser textured hair for a reggae feel. We didn’t do too much parting, either; when you start to part and make sections, the hair becomes a little bit unrealistic. We haven’t relaxed Rih’s hair for years now, so we wanted a lighter, natural-textured hair to match.”

Photo: Via @badgalriri.

Filming With Locs

“As we filmed, we had to thin the locs out. People that grow locs have been with them, and have time during the growth process to strengthen their core and whatnot. When you just throw 12 years of locs on somebody overnight, it feels like you have a fucking Toyota on your head.

“We used tons of Shea butter and black seed oil to keep her hair strong. Those are our go-to’s: olive oil, lotion, anything to keep the hair moisturized. For her edges, I used a lot of black seed oil. I’ll mix that with a little bit of gel or pomade and then smooth them up… also letting them kind of curl up when they wanted to, just to create that realness.

“After the hair is braided, I like to soften it up by soaking it in apple cider vinegar, hot water, and then drying it so it can have a little bit of movement to it. And then we wrap the braids. You can also braid the hair with yarn and then wrap it with the Afro hair, which makes it less heavy. We tried that towards the end, because it was just easier for her to be on set all day, robbing the Met and whatnot.”

Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images.

Rih’s Loc Love

“[Rihanna] channeled her inner Lauryn Hill and those other dreadlocked girls from back in that day who kind of just did their thing. You know she’s from Barbados — she knows what to do with dreadlocks. It probably was the easiest style she’s ever had, since she got to be free and cool and see herself differently. She’s a huge pop star, and then we kind of stripped her down and gave her locs that we didn’t make super, super pretty. She made them glamorous when she wanted, and then super casual when she wanted. I thought it was cool to see her locs own the night whenever she went out. You will be seeing her with locs again, for sure. I don’t know when, but it will happen.”


Lili Reinhart & Cole Sprouse Are Old Hollywood Insta-Official

Lili Reinhart & Cole Sprouse Are Old Hollywood Insta-Official

Spotted: Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, looking extra adorable in black and white.

The Riverdale co-stars made their red carpet debut at the 2018 Met Gala, seemingly confirming rumors that they were a real-life couple. Though the actors were previously spotted vacationing together (both by paparazzi and in their Instagram stories), both Sprouse and Reinhart shied away from ever including one another in their own Instagram grid pics. Photographer Sprouse would occasionally post artsy shots of his alleged girlfriend, but there wasn't any Bughead-esque shots of the two canoodling.

Now, the two have not only gone Met Gala official, but Insta official as well. A beautiful black and white photograph popped up late Wednesday on Reinhart's grid, and it features she and Sprouse looking all Old Hollywood glam. The best part? They're finally in a shot together!

The photo appears to be taken from the Met Gala (you don't re-wear your Met Gala dress, right?) and shows Sprouse snapping what could be considered the classiest MySpace mirror photo ever.

A post shared by Lili Reinhart (@lilireinhart) on

The photo has garnered 3 million likes and counting, thanks to oodles of Bughead fans.

"TWO MOST PERFECT HUMAN BEINGS," exclaimed one fan in the comments.

"My Bughead heart," another added.

"My two favorite people," wrote a third.

Pictures might be the only evidence we get that these two are dating in real life. Both Sprouse and Reinhart are super private people. The former Suite Life of Zack & Cody star explained his reasoning for keeping his relationship status quiet during an interview with People:

"Whether you dismiss those rumors or whether you encourage those rumors, it’s giving people who are in my opinion are a bit entitled to your personal life more power, and you have to have spaces for reverence in the industry," Sprouse told the outlet.

The real-life Betty Cooper previously echoed the sentiment in a Tumblr post:

"It’s horrifying how invested some people are in my love life. Emphasis on 'my.' It is mine. It is private. If a stranger’s love life is causing you anger, frustration or anxiety…please reevaluate your priorities."

That's okay, guys — we'll gladly settle for gushing over these cute photos.

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Enough About Roseanne — Let's Talk About Channing Dungey

Kim Kardashian’s NY Post Cover Is Breaking The Internet

Allison Mack Promised Her First Born Child To The NXIVM Cult Leader

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Hollywood Applauds ABC for Cancelling Roseanne

Hollywood Applauds ABC for Cancelling Roseanne

ABC announced on Tuesday that it canceled the Roseanne reboot after the series star, Roseanne Barr, posted a series of racist statements on Twitter, including one in which she likened former President Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett to an ape and falsely implied she had connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. The comment outraged thousands of Twitter users and prompted ABC to release the following statement to Refinery29: “Roseanne [Barr]’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show.”

ABC’s decision came as a surprise to many who thought the network, owned by Disney, would surely choose ratings and money over making an impactful statement against racism, especially because this isn’t the first time Barr has peddled bigoted ideas online. In the past, Barr has used her platform to push conspiracy theories, such as claiming Democrats were running a pedophilia ring out of a pizza shop in Washington, D.C. More recently, she accused David Hogg, who survived the mass shooting in the Parkland, Florida, of addressing the crowd at the March for Our Lives rally with a Nazi salute. BuzzFeed reports she has since apologized for the tweet.

Following backlash Tuesday morning, Barr also apologized for her comments on Jarrett’s appearance. “I apologize to Valerie Jarrett and to all Americans. I am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks. I should have known better. Forgive me-my joke was in bad taste.”

Her sentiments, however, were far too little, too late for many in Hollywood, including some of her former co-stars like Emma Kenney and Sara Gilbert, who argued that Barr’s tweets were “distasteful” and “abhorrent,” respectively. Read on to see full statements from some of the industry’s biggest names.

Wanda SykesBefore ABC had canceled the series, Wanda Sykes, who had worked on the reboot’s first season as a consulting producer, announced that she had quit in a simple tweet: “I will not be returning to @RoseanneOnABC.”
Robert IgerBob Iger, the chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, tweeted out ABC’s statement on Tuesday, adding, “There was only one thing to do here, and that was the right thing.”
Sara GilbertSara Gilbert, who executive produced and starred in the show, released two statements on Twitter, calling Barr’s comments “abhorrent.””Roseanne’s recent comments about Valerie Jarrett, and so much more, are abhorrent and do not reflect the beliefs of our cast and crew or anyone associated with our show. I am disappointed in her actions to say the least,” she wrote. “This is incredibly sad and difficult for all of us, as we’ve created a show that we believe in, are proud of, and that audiences love— one that is separate and apart from the opinions and words of one cast member.”Gilbert has yet to comment publicly since ABC canceled the series.

Emma KenneyEmma Kenney, who starred in the reboot as Darlene Conner’s (Gilbert) daughter, Harris, echoed Gilbert’s remarks. “I am hurt, embarrassed, and disappointed,” she tweeted. “The racist and distasteful comments from Roseanne are inexcusable.”Kenney also wrote a now-deleted tweet, which read, “As I called my manager to quit working on Roseanne, I found out the show got cancelled. I feel so empowered by @IAmWandaSykes , Channing Dungey and those at ABC standing up against abuse of power and lack of values. Bullies do not win. Ever.”
Shonda RhimesLegendary producer Shonda Rhimes tweeted that although ABC’s decision unfairly punished the others in the cast and crew, the network ultimately made “a human” choice.”The terrible part is all of the talented innocent people who worked on that show now suffer because of this,” she wrote, including the hashtag “not justice.””But honestly she got what she deserved,” Rhimes continued, referencing Barr. “As I tell my 4 year old, one makes a choice with one’s actions. Roseanne made a choice. A racist one. ABC made a choice. A human one.”

Kenya BarrisThe Black-ish creator kept things simple by posting the words “Bye-bye!!!” alongside a screenshot of the cancelation news. The response was likely fueled by a previous episode of Roseanne in which Roseanne and Dan Conner joked about “all the shows about Black and Asian families.” Though many interpreted the comment as a direct swipe at Black-ish and Fresh Off the Boat, Barr recently told Vanity Fair “it was intended to be supportive of their shows.”
Kumail NanjianiThe Big Sick actor wrote that while he’s grateful for Roseanne’s cancelation, he believes that the backlash will be “deafening.””I’m glad Roseanne is canceled. The backlash to its cancellation is going to be a deafening nightmare,” he tweeted. “Nothing good has come of this entire thing.”
Debra Messing“I just heard # rosanne [sic] is cancelled,” the Will & Grace star wrote. “My reaction— tears. I am so relieved and grateful. The hate that has been spewing from those in Trump’s orbit has really taken a toll on all of our souls and psyches. I didn’t believe it would happen. I had lost faith. Thank you @abc.”
Ava DuVernayThe Wrinkle in Time director praised ABC President Channing Dungey for her bold decision to pull one of the network’s top-performing programs.”For the record, this is Channing Dungey. Sitting on top of your world like a Queen in full judgement of your garbage and taking it out,” she wrote.
Michael FishmanMichael Fishman, who portrayed D.J. Conner, released the following statement Tuesday:”Today is one of the hardest days of my life. I feel devastated, not for the end of the Roseanne show, but for all those who poured their hearts and souls into our jobs, and the audience that welcomed us into their homes. Our cast, crew, writers, and production staff strived for inclusiveness, with numerous storylines to reflect inclusiveness. The words of one person do not exemplify the thinking of all involved.”I condemn these statements vehemently. They are reprehensible and intolerable, contradicting my beliefs and outlook on society. I have always lived and taught my children to be inclusive. I believe our show strived to embrace different backgrounds and opinions, through open dialogue. While I am going to miss being part of the ABC family, I believe that to sit back, or remain silent in an attempt to distance myself from the actions/statements of others would unintentionally endorse or placate those statements which I find truly offensive.

“My character was designed to represent the inclusive nature of my views. To represent portions of society often marginalized. In this moment it is important to be clear. We must stand-up against; bias, hatred, bigotry and ignorance to make society a better place for all.”

Rita MorenoFamed actress Rita Moreno called out Barr for her “meanness” and for breaking her heart. The One Day At A Time star didn’t mince words addressing the controversy.

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Tony & Olivia are the Best 13 Reasons Why Pairing On-Screen & IRL

Tony & Olivia are the Best 13 Reasons Why Pairing On-Screen & IRL

Bright spots in the latest season of 13 Reasons Why were few and far between. In spite of this — or, perhaps, because of it — fans of 13 Reasons Why may be relieved to know that one of the more wholesome elements of the show has carried over into real life. Apparently, Tony Padilla (Christian Navarro) loves Olivia Baker (Kate Walsh) just as much IRL as he does on the show.

In the show’s second season, Tony grows closer with Olivia — who is still grieving over the loss of her daughter, Hannah — as she endures a divorce and a lawsuit against Liberty High School. Tony’s presence serves as a strong support beam in Olivia’s life, even as it is revealed that Tony’s own life has its fair share of instability.

Navarro’s thoughts on Walsh were revealed last week, when the cast of 13 Reasons Why was interviewed by AOL’s Build Series. In the interview, Navarro was asked what it’s like to play a teen helping a grieving mother, and Navarro took advantage of the question to provide a glowing statement on Walsh.

“I spent most of my second season with Kate Walsh and, man, it’s like going to school again, it’s like an acting class,” he said. “She is phenomenal, her work deserves to be lauded and respected, and she does it from the center of her really, really big heart. I loved every second I got to work with her…I think we work well together, and I hope she agrees.”

Walsh hasn’t publicly shared any thoughts on her relationship with Navarro, but it is clear that she learned from her role on the show as well.

“All the conversations and all the issues we talk about on the show are issues in the cultural zeitgeist. All these are things that people aren’t comfortable talking about,” Walsh said in an interview with the Today Show. “And I certainly learned a lot in playing the role of Olivia Baker.”

So, it seems that there is still much be learned from 13 Reasons Why — if the show gets a third season, let’s hope they take advantage of it.

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This Feud Between The Old & New Charmed Casts Needs To End

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You Won’t Believe Where These Dead Stranger Things Characters Are Now

You Won’t Believe Where These Dead Stranger Things Characters Are Now

Dead characters from a popular Netflix show binge-watching TV together in the afterlife? Well, stranger things have happened.

Any child of the '80s (or really anyone who watched The Goonies every time there was indoor recess) was thrilled to hear that Sean Astin had joined season 2 of Stranger Things. Unfortunately, what most people didn't expect was for sweet, Halloween-loving Bob to be offed by the Demogorgon before the season was out.

Alas, while we never quite got #JusticeForBob, that doesn't mean that Astin's character is miserable in the afterlife. Not even close! Thanks to a new digital exclusive from Netflix, we know that Bob isn't alone, and that — wherever he is — he has streaming access.

In the new short, Bob sits on the couch with a fellow-deceased Stranger Things character: Dustin's orange cat Mews, who was mauled and consumed by a baby Demogorgon.

Don't worry, Mews looks totally fine now — as does Bob. They're even working out their own issues by re-watching their death scenes from season 2 of Stranger Things. Fortunately, they have one another to lean on.

If you're wondering how Astin feels about Bob's death, he's weirdly cool with it… mostly because he's shipping Bob's one-time love Joyce (Winona Ryder) with someone else entirely.

"I certainly was rooting for Hopper [David Harbour] and Joyce to get together in the first season," Astin admitted to Variety in a November interview. "And when I realized I was coming on as Winona’s love interest, I was like, I’m not sure I would want to be with Winona… I would want Hopper to be with Winona! As a fan of the show, is the audience going to be like, 'Just get rid of that idiot because I really want to finish the romantic story between Hopper and Joyce?'"

Bob may not have Joyce anymore, but hey — at least he has a feline friend to binge Netflix with.

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How Do You Direct a Child in a Movie about Sexual Abuse?

How Do You Direct a Child in a Movie about Sexual Abuse?

Warning: The following post touches on issues of sexual assault, and could be triggering.

Let's get right down to it: Jennifer Fox's The Tale, which tells the true story of her own sexual abuse at the hands of her running coach, features multiple graphic scenes between a 13-year-old Jenny (Isabelle Nélisse), and Bill (Jason Ritter), a man in his mid-thirties.

In one such moment, the two are lying in bed naked as Bill tries to push himself into her. Unable to penetrate her, he says: "Not yet. We have to keep stretching you open slowly. No young boy would ever do this for you, but I'm not giving up. I'm ready for you." As foreplay, he takes her head to direct her on how to give oral sex.

And then there's the grueling one minute and 50 seconds where the audience watches Bill take Jenny's virginity. "Now you are a woman, my love" he coos when it's over, holding up a blood spattered towel.

The physical interactions between Bill and Jenny may be the most literally explicit, but they're but one piece of a slowly evolving pattern of abuse throughout the film, which operates on two timelines: Jenny as an adult (played by Laura Dern), trying to come to terms with what she remembers as her first real relationship; and Jenny the child, who thinks she knows what she wants but is also terrified of the consequences.

Needless to say, all of this is heady material that's designed to shock, and it succeeds — even more so when you remember that Nélisse, the actress playing Jenny, was 11 years old at the time the film was shot in 2014 . That's very young to even be thinking about these kinds of issues, let alone portraying them on screen. So, how did director and writer Fox handle this sensitive situation while also delivering a brave, powerful performance from Nélisse?

Before we answer that, let's take one step further: Why cast a child at all?

"That innocence of prepubescent girls is something that’s very specific, and it’s in the eyes," Fox told Refinery29. "And that strength of a girl before she sometimes collapses into adolescence is just so strong, and I really wanted to capture that girl’s voice, that we often forget, or squash when they get older. That was the kind of child I was, and one of the messages of the film is that we need to remember the voice of the young girl because it’s powerful."

Fox tapped Nélisse after a long search that took her on casting calls from California to New York. Coming from a documentary background, the director was determined to find someone who could be "authentic" in their performance of such a personal role. That's a big ask, especially when you're also looking for someone whose appearance is akin to Fox's own at that age, which she describes as "a 9-year-old boy."

Jenny's physical appearance plays a significant role in highlighting older Jennifer's disconnect with her own story. The way she initially remembers herself looking at 13 is actually her 15-year-old self, played by Jessica Sarah Flaum (who is now 20). It's not until her mother (Ellen Burstyn) shows her a picture from that time that she realizes just how young she appeared.

"A lot of the kids who are acting are either much more developed than I was in 1973 — I was more prepubescent than pubescent," Fox said in an interview with Refinery29. "They all had done way too much acting school, and are way too what I would call ‘Disneyfied.’ They’re cute and funny, and all wound up, but it’s very hard to get them to play an authentic moment."

Because of the strict SAG-AFTRA regulations regarding minors (children between the ages of 9 and 15 can only be on set for a maximum of 9 hours at a time, excluding meals, but including school time — a difficult constraint to work around when that child is the lead), Fox's producers originally asked her to try to cast a young looking 18-year-old. When that wasn't possible, they tried 16. And then 15. Eventually, after considering Nélisse's older sister Sophie (star of The Book Thief), who ended up aging out of the role before financing was secure, Fox landed on her star.

Before reaching out, Fox had long conversations with Nélisse's mother Pauline, who told her to send over the script. Nélisse read it in its entirety, and asked to meet the director.

"I didn’t know at first that it was Jen’s story," Nélisse, now 15 and focusing on school rather than other acting jobs, said in an interview with Refinery29. "My mom just told me, 'Read the script, and let me know what you think.' So, I read the script, and I loved it so much. It’s a really intense story, but it’s really deep. But then my mom told me, 'Yeah it’s actually the director’s story,' and I was really shocked. I knew at that moment that I had to meet Jennifer."

The two Skyped for several hours, discussing Fox's story. "She asked me all these questions about my life, about the real Bill, about the scripts, why I’d made certain choices, and did I want to prosecute," Fox said. (She has thus far refused to identify the real Bill.)

Fox, in turn, asked the actress why she wanted to be involved in the project. "[She] said to me, ‘I want to do this because I want to save other girls from this.’”

And then Nélisse asked how the sexual scenes would be filmed. "I explained that she was never even going to be in the same room with Jason Ritter during the actual physical scenes, that they would be shot separately, that she would be on a vertical bed.” (Meaning that the actress was never lying down horizontally — it only appears so because of the camera work.)

Nélisse’s on-set support system included her mother, a psychiatrist, her studio teacher, a SAG-AFTRA representative. For scenes that absolutely required shots of the two characters together in bed, a body double was used, and she was not present.

That body double, who was used even in non-physical scenes where Ritter’s character was speaking explicitly, was, in a way, also there to protect him as well. “As an actor, it was a little easier to say some of these things to an adult who could take it in,” Ritter said during a panel held at the Refinery29 office in New York.

Watching the finished film, on the other hand, was a troubling experience. “It really was completely different from my experience shooting it, seeing it all edited together. I know who I was looking at, but now you see it being said to this little face. It was difficult."

Fox and Nélisse also rehearsed non-sexual direction cues — "act like a bee is stinging you," "act like you're being chased by your grandmother," "act like you're running really hard" — so that Fox could get the reaction shot she wanted without needlessly exposing Nélisse to inappropriate material. Fox also spoke with the actress' parents, to make sure they understood what their daughter was getting into.

It's a lot for any young person to take in, but Nélisse does point out that despite the heavy subject matter, the atmosphere on set was more convivial than you'd expect. She and Fox bonded over dogs, and she even brought her dog on location in Louisiana. Jason Ritter has become like a big brother (they did film non-intimate scenes together).

"Some people might think that because it’s a really strong situation, that shooting this was really intense and really hard, but actually I felt so comfortable," she said. "And it wasn’t awkward. Between the scenes, Jason would make stupid jokes or Jennifer would laugh really hard. It was really fun. It made the scenes more light, because we were all friends."

Still, she does admit that seeing the final result was a little disquieting. "The first time I saw it was with my mom, and I was a bit shocked," she said. "Because I read the script, but we shot much later, so some things I didn’t exactly remember. On the set, when it was a body double filming, and more sexual things were said, I was outside with my mom. But the whole movie was really great, I think we did a really great job."

Now, with the hindsight of four years, I asked Nélisse Fox's original question about what she hopes the film will achieve when it premieres on HBO this Saturday. "[ One in 9 girls experience child sexual abuse in the United States] — I read that not long ago, and I was really shocked," she said. "When you walk down the street, maybe there’s a lot of people that got abused — we don't know. I think that by watching this movie, and by watching what Jennifer did, they can open up more. And it’s really something hard to do, but they can talk to therapists and to parents, and friends. It would change a lot."

Based on the filmmaker's own story, THE TALE is an investigation into one woman's memory as she is forced to re-examine her first sexual relationship and the stories we tell ourselves in order to survive. THE TALE will also be available on HBO NOW, HBO GO, HBO On Demand from May 26th onwards. More info and full list of nonprofit partners can be found at

If you have experienced sexual violence and are in need of crisis support, please call the RAINN Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

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Gwyneth Paltrow Loves Brad Pitt For “Throwing Harvey Weinstein Against The Wall”

Gwyneth Paltrow Loves Brad Pitt For “Throwing Harvey Weinstein Against The Wall”

The award shows have come and gone, taking with them the Time's Up pins and black gowns, but Gwyneth Paltrow is helping to keep the #MeToo conversation alive. The actress, among the many who accused disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment in a bombshell report in The New York Times last year, shed more light Wednesday on the harrowing interaction — and the support she subsequently received from then-boyfriend Brad Pitt — while on The Howard Stern Show.

"We had one instance in a hotel room where [Weinstein] made a pass at me … I was alone in a room with him," she recalled of an incident in the mid-'90s, when she was a then-unknown actress in her early twenties. "It was out of the blue. I was blindsided. He was fully clothed … no bathrobe. I was shocked … I told [Brad] right away, and I was very shaken by the whole thing. I had just signed up to do two movies with him … I was afraid."

Over the past year, dozens of women have come forward with allegations that Weinstein manipulated and threatened them to keep quiet about his predatory behavior. In a pre-Times Up world — and, let's be honest, even now — it didn't take much for a powerful man to end a woman's career. Thankfully, Pitt, who was already an established star, didn't feel as intimidated, and confronted Weinstein while attending the opening of Hamlet. Things got heated, and Pitt got physical. "It was the equivalent of throwing [Weinstein] against the wall energetically," Paltrow said, later adding that Pitt said something along the lines of "If you ever make her feel uncomfortable again, I'll kill you."

The interaction left a lasting impression on the GOOP creator.

"It was so fantastic because what he did was he leveraged his fame and power to protect me at a time when I didn't have fame or power yet."

Men, take note; you, too, can use your privilege for good.

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I Don't Give A Single Sh*t About The Royal Wedding, With Good Reason

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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Plan to Visit Her Dad In Mexico

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Plan to Visit Her Dad In Mexico

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle appeared at her first official event on Tuesday, which seemed to be a pretty definite marker that her new life as a royal has begun. That doesn’t mean her old life came to a full stop, however. According to at least one royal family insider, the newlyweds are reportedly planning a trip to visit Markle’s father, Thomas, in Mexico.

Thomas Markle was one of the most talked-about men in the world last week, when he had to undergo surgery to place stents in his heart instead of walking his daughter down the aisle of St. George’s Chapel for her Royal Wedding. Maybe most people have turned their attention elsewhere by now, but not his daughter.

“We don’t know when this trip might happen…. I’m hearing from people close to Meghan and Harry that they’re very keen to do it,” Katie Nicholl, a freelance writer and royal expert for Vanity Fair, told Entertainment Tonight. She said while Markle is naturally concerned for her dad’s health, Harry is also eager to make the trip.

“He feels it’s very important that he gets to meet Thomas,” Nicholl said.

This echoes a similar story from British tabloid The Sun over the weekend. Refinery29 has reached out for official word from Kensington Palace on this, but since the newlyweds have not even announced when or where they’ll be going for their honeymoon, which they postponed for official duties, we don’t think an answer on this is forthcoming quite yet.

A visit isn’t just a nice thing to do; it makes sense on a PR level as well. Markle’s relationship with her father isn’t something we’ve got intimate knowledge of. Though she did plan to have him walk her down the aisle, he was also the source of some headaches when it was revealed he staged some photos for the paparazzi last month. Going to visit him would be not just a daughterly thing to do, but would also probably stop everyone from buzzing about whether the royals would rather pretend the Markle side of the family didn’t exist.

On a human level, the poor guy does seem really bummed about missing Saturday’s festivities, so we hope the Duke and Duchess get to do something nice for him eventually.

“My baby looks beautiful and she looks very happy,” Thomas Markle told TMZ after watching the wedding on TV. “I wish I were there and I wish them all my love and happiness.”

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The Princess who wore the Racist Brooch was still Invited to the Royal Wedding

The Princess who wore the Racist Brooch was still Invited to the Royal Wedding

Newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have proven that they might be the most understanding couple in all the land. After wearing a racist brooch to the royal family’s Christmas luncheon, Princess Michael of Kent was still invited to the Royal Wedding.

This weekend, Princess Michael of Kent arrived for the wedding at Windsor Castle – no brooch in sight – ready to celebrate the couple’s big day. She walked up the steps of St. George’s Chapel wearing a head-to-toe pale pink ensemble in perfect theme with the spring nuptials. It seems as though the young couple was able to forgive the princess’ choice in jewelry. Also in attendance were two of Harry’s ex-girlfriends, so it’s safe to say that Princess Michael of Kent wasn’t the only unexpected guest.

As Queen Elizabeth II’s first cousin, she might not have made the best first impression. The Christmas luncheon was the first time Markle, who is biracial, met Prince Harry’s extended family. Fastened on Princess Michael of Kent’s jacket was a piece of blackamoor jewelry – ebony figures often depicted in a position of servitude, a style that fetishizes images of slavery. While the style was popular in the Early Modern period, it is now considered racially insensitive.

Photo: Chris Jackson / Getty Images.

After much scandal, a spokesperson for the princess issued an apology, saying that Princess Michael was “very sorry and distressed.” Not that it makes it any better, but according to the spokesperson, the brooch was a gift that the princess has worn “many times before, without controversy.” After the event, many speculated whether it was simply a thoughtless mistake or an intentional choice. Hopefully, she has since retired the piece of jewelry, relegating it to a gift that she keeps in the back of her closet. We’ve all been given gifts we never intend on wearing.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time the princess has been called out for racism. She has been quoted making racist comments and for claiming that she wasn’t racist because she pretended to be “a half-cast African” in an iTV1 interview in 2004.

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Why I’m So Proud Meghan Markle Made The Royal Wedding Unapologetically Black

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Why I’m so Proud Meghan Markle made the Royal Wedding unapologetically Black

Why I’m so Proud Meghan Markle made the Royal Wedding unapologetically Black

My father is Black, and my mother is Puerto Rican. As a bi-racial woman, I’m very familiar with questions like “What are you?” “But what do you consider yourself?” and insinuations of “But is she really Black?” And as much as I wish I could say this type of thinking was unique to my childhood or some less-progressive era long ago, it’s something I still deal with today. Yup, in 2018. For some people, regardless of their race (and sometimes even my own friends and family) it’s apparently very difficult to understand the concept that a person can proudly embrace and claim two cultures and races with open arms. But obviously, I love both of my parents equally. How could I ever be expected to choose one side or the other? How can anyone expect a person of mixed descent to simply pick — or try to dictate what their identity is for them?

Meghan Markle is not a stranger to this narrative. The daughter of a white father and a Black mother, she has spoken and even written about the complications that have come with her racial ambiguity. In a poignant essay for Elle UK in 2015 (a year before she began dating Prince Harry), she wrote: “Being biracial paints a blurred line that is equal parts staggering and illuminating.” Her race has also has been at the center of the conversation surrounding her entry into the royal family, to the point where Prince Harry had to release a statement asking the media to back off. Even in her engagement interview with BBC — which should have been about nothing but her newfound happiness — Markle had to address the attention on her race, calling it “disheartening” and “a shame.”

So on the day of her wedding, Markle could have washed her hands of all of the drama, controversy, and speculation surrounding her identity. After all, Markle is very light-skinned, and many viewers of her work on Suits often assumed that she was white until the show included her characters’ Black father in a storyline. Because of her physical appearance, she could have had a wedding where race was not at all a factor, a by-the-book royal wedding that stuck to tradition and history. Instead, she and Prince Harry brought in Reverence Michael Bruce Curry, the Black man who is the head of the Episcopal church, to deliver a passionate sermon. And then a Black gospel choir brought the house down with a powerful rendition of “Stand By Me.” As one of those royal-obsessed Americans with a strange fascination with the British monarchy, I can say with absolute certainty that the royals had never seen anything like that. Thanks to Meghan Markle, the royal wedding was unapologetically Black. And I’m so proud of her for making that happen.

In his moving sermon, Curry — who came to London from Chicago for the occasion — did not miss the opportunity to mark how historic it was that a Black bishop was delivering the message at the wedding of the first Black royal. (Well, the first Black royalty of contemporary times. More on that here.) While many wedding guests looked on in a mix of wonder and awe (and yes, some confusion, I think, which I found hilarious), Curry quoted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “We must discover the power of love, the redemptive power of love. And when we do that, we will make of this old world a new world,” he quoted. “Love is the only way. There’s power in love. Don’t underestimate it. Don’t even over-sentimentalize it. There’s power, power in love.”

And then came the The Kingdom Choir, a UK-based group of 20 Black female vocalists, many of whom donned natural hair and locs with their Sunday’s best. That alone was enough to bring me to tears; Black women have never been present at this type of event, much less asked to perform at one. And honey, those ladies came to sang. The only thing that moved me more than their powerhouse vocals in that gorgeous church was watching Markle’s Black mother look on emotionally with pride — while rocking locs and a nose ring, a look I also know has never made its way into a space like St. George’s Chapel.

The level of inclusivity at the wedding shouldn’t be surprising, however, when we consider Markle’s passion for activism and change-making. During that same engagement interview with the BBC last year, Markle also took the opportunity to point out that she doesn’t feel she’s giving anything up by ending her acting her career. Quite the opposite, in fact, she said: “Once you have access or a voice that people are going to listen to, with that comes a lot of responsibility, which I take seriously.” And in 2015, she revealed at the UN Women’s Conference that as an 11-year-old, she wrote letters to then-First Lady Hillary Clinton, journalist Linda Ellerbee, and attorney Gloria Allred about a liquid dish soap commercial with the tagline: “Women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans.” Markle received encouraging letters back from Clinton and crew, and a month later Proctor & Gamble had changed the message in the commercial. In her speech at the UN about that early lesson, Markle said: “It was at that moment that I realized the magnitude of my actions.”

“Yesterday, Black women, biracial women, marginalized women, and women who are simply other went from outsiders to having a seat at the royal table — in front of millions of people.”

I’ve talked a lot about why it’s meaningful not just to me, but to popular culture that Markle is Black, both in stories and in conversations. Many people have asked why, if we want race to no longer be a factor in spaces like the palace, I choose to talk so much about Markle’s race, especially when she’s gotten so much flack for it. Shouldn’t we just call her a princess? Why does she have to a Black princess? But before this royal wedding, girls like me — and Markle’s mother, and the women in the Kingdom Choir — had never been included in fairy tale visions of royalty. Yesterday, however, Black women, biracial women, marginalized women, and women who are simply other went from outsiders to having a seat at the royal table — in front of millions of people.

So yes, Meghan Markle’s mere existence in the royal family is revolutionary. But as both a Black woman, a biracial woman, and a woman, period, I am bursting with pride at the way she is indeed realizing the magnitude of her actions and using her overwhelmingly large new platform to create change. Including not just a Black Bishop, but a gospel choir at the royal wedding felt like a very deliberate nod from Prince Harry, yes, but particularly from Markle to the rest of the world. To me, it felt like Markle was sending a very powerful and very personal message to girls like us. It felt as though she were saying: No one can define our identities for us. No one can force us to choose one side or the other. No one can say that we don’t belong, or that we don’t deserve fairy tale moments.

And that is exactly why she is the Black princess the world needs.

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After #MeToo Protests, What’s Next for Women at the Cannes Film Festival?

After #MeToo Protests, What’s Next for Women at the Cannes Film Festival?

As the 2018 Cannes Film Festival comes to a close, questions about what role women will play in the prestigious festival’s future remain unanswered.

What happens in a 10-day whirlwind of red carpets and premieres will likely drive film conversation for the next 12 months. The festival has launched the careers of some of Hollywood’s most prominent filmmakers (Quentin Tarantino, for example, premiered Pulp Fiction there in 1994; before Sex, Lies and Videotapes won the Palme d’Or in 1989, Steven Soderbergh was a novice no-name directort); the exclusive who’s who guest list, combined with the glamour of early summer on France’s Cote d’Azur, gives it an allure beyond the scrappy (and snowy cold) indie vibe at Sundance. And then, as Vox’s Alissa Wilkinson lays out in this very helpful explainer, there’s the commercial aspect. The festival is home to the Marché du Film, quite literally a film market, where distributors come to purchase rights to movies. If you’re looking for a way for wide, global audiences to see your small foreign film (as in the case of 2011 Oscar-winner The Artist), this is the place to be.

Even before celebrities, journalists, studio executives, and directors boarded flights to the French Riviera for the 71st iteration of the festival, which opened May 8, it seemed clear that this year would be momentous. As with most film-related events since October 2017, the shadow — or rather lack-thereof — of Harvey Weinstein hung conspicuously over the proceedings. Many of the incidents that have come to light in recent months took place during the festival, including a lawsuit filed by Kadian Noble, which alleges that the producer assaulted her in his hotel room there in 2014.

Likely in response to those claims, as well as the subsequent rise of the Hollywood-led Time’s Up initiative, it was announced that this year’s competition jury would have a majority of women, led by Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett and also including Ava DuVernay and Kristen Stewart.,. It’s a move that, while in the right direction, wasn’t quite enough to obscure the fact that only three of the 18 movies selected to compete for the coveted Palme D’Or are by female filmmakers, the lowest number since 2011. Not to mention festival director Thierry Frémaux’s response to the criticism, which left much to be desired. “Many of these films directed by women are first or second films,” he told Variety in April. “They are still young filmmakers, and I wouldn’t be doing them a favor by putting their films in competition. It can be very harsh.”

In its history spanning seven decades, only 82 films directed by women have been selected to compete at the festival, compared to 1,668 male-directed projects. Only one woman, Jane Campion, has ever won the Palme D’Or, an honor she had to share with director Chen Kaige. And a report by Agence France Press found that only 11 of the 268 top prize-winners have been women. And don’t even get me started about the heels thing.

Cannes’ woman problem is becoming harder and harder to ignore as conversations about gender equality continue to gain national and international prominence.

In fact, this year opened with its share of sexist drivel. During a press conference for jury members, a reporter directed a question about why movies matter specifically to the four men on the panel, reportedly prompting Cate Blanchett to respond: “So actresses, don’t answer that. Because you have no idea how to answer that.”

The actress also had to prompt her male colleagues to answer questions about the #MeToo movement’s impact on the festival, queries that were automatically addressed to the women in the room.

Two days later, Carey Mulligan had to field awkward comments about her appearance by male reporters at The Kering Women in Motion Talk –an event that could have been a perfect opportunity for meaningful discussion about the imbalances and injustices plaguing the industry, and which instead devolved into a cringefest.

The emergence of France’s 5050×2020 gender-parity movement, which orchestrated the headline-grabbing moment of 82 women climbing the steps of the festival Palais on May 12 — a symbol of the women-directed films that have made it competition over the years — has been hailed by some as a sign that things are changing. On May 14, the festival’s main organizers signed a pledge committing to compiling statistics in regards to gender, especially for the films selected to compete, making the selection process more transparent, and striving towards gender parity on the festival’s executive board.

This is what was included in the gender pledge signed at #Cannes2018 The pledge does not include counting cast and crew. That will be in the future.

— Melissa Silverstein (@melsil) May 16, 2018

Still, this pledge, while a good start, remains vague in terms of concrete metrics of success. Originally, it seemed like the organizers would agree to track the gender of cast and key crew members to ensure fair representation in films considered for competition, but it looks like that will be something to strive for in the future. And while cautious optimism is in order, Women and Hollywood founder Melissa Silverstein, who stood on the steps of the Palais last week, warns that gestures alone are not enough.

“The key to this is to make sure that these pledges are upheld,” she wrote in an email to Refinery29. “It’s all fine to allow women to march and to sign something to get good press and say that you are changing, but the key is to actually have the will for change.

“The leadership of this festival does not really understand fully how big a problem this is,” Silverstein continued. “Thierry Frémaux was clearly uncomfortable when he signed the pledge, and I’m not sure he really understands how deep a problem this is. What he really doesn’t get is that the last six months have roiled the world, and so the pledge is really step 1, and we will be watching to make sure that all that he has committed becomes reality.”

Sure enough, on Monday night, hours after the pledge had been signed, more than 100 people walked out of a screening of Lars Von Trier’s The House That Jack Built, the Danish director’s first film to screen at the festival since he was banned for comments he made about sympathizing with Hitler in 2011. (The ban was lifted this year.) In a tweet, Variety ‘s Ramin Setoodeh wrote that the film “depicts the mutilation of women and children,” and a number of publications have since weighed in what Vanity Fair called an “empty provocation.”

I’ve never seen anything like this at a film festival. More than 100 people have walked out of Lars von Trier’s ‘The House That Jack Built,’ which depicts the mutilation of women and children. “It’s disgusting,” one woman said on her way out. #Cannes2018

— Ramin Setoodeh (@RaminSetoodeh) May 14, 2018

Less publicized but no less important was a protest staged by 16 French actresses of color on Wednesday, in response to the lack of diversity in the country’s film industry. Standing outside the Palais, the women linked arms in what they called a “historic moment.” This was also a chance to promote a new book, Noire N’est Pas Mon Métier(My Profession is Not Black), by actress and activist Aïssa Maïga, which features troubling stories by Black French actresses about their experiences in the workplace. (Nadège Beausson-Diagne describes being told at a casting call that “for a Black, you are really very intelligent. You should have been white.”) Burundian singer and musician Khadja Nin, who sits on this year’s jury, joined the women in their protest.

Last year’s festival ended with jury-member Jessica Chastain taking the festival to task for the lack of woman voices represented. “This is the first time I’ve watched 20 films in 10 days,” she said. “I love movies, and the one thing I really took away from this experience is how the world views women from the female characters that I saw represented.

“It was quite disturbing, to be honest,” Chastain said. “For the most part, I was surprised with the representation of female characters on screen in these films.” She continued, noting the women in her life who have nothing in common with these fictional depictions — which are inherently linked to the lack of females in charge of movies in Hollywood and abroad. “The women that I recognize in my day-to-day life — ones that are proactive, have their own agencies, don’t just react to the men around them — they have their own point of view.”

Did that speech have an impact? Will this year’s protests and deliberations change things for the future? Maybe. As Silverstein tweeted from Cannes on Tuesday: “Overheard ‘how can you have 82 women walk the steps and then 2 days later show a movie where ever woman is murdered’ Cannes in a nutshell. 1 step forward. 3 steps back.”

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What’s Going On With Meghan Markle & Her Father?

What’s Going On With Meghan Markle & Her Father?

Less than a week from the big day, and Meghan Markle is dealing with some serious Royal Wedding drama. As in, her father is no longer attending the ceremony, even though he was slated to walk her down the aisle. According to TMZ, this decision came after both a heart attack, and after the iconic paparazzi images of him reading a book about England were revealed to have been staged, as well as a number of other images taken by photographers. He apparently does not want his presence to embarrass Markle on her special day.

“This is a deeply personal moment for Ms. Markle in the days before her wedding,” the Palace said in a statement about Thomas Markle’s absence. “She and Prince Harry ask again for understanding and respect to be extended to Mr. Markle in this difficult situation.”

The tension appears to stem from a larger drama involving the children from Thomas Markle’s marriage to Roslyn Markle, whom he was with before Markle’s mother, Doria Radlan (Markle’s father and Radlan later divorced in 1988). Aside from making a number of negative statements about Markle in the press, her stepsister Samantha Markle reportedly encouraged her father to take the staged photos.

“The bad press over my father… is my fault. The media was unfairly making him look bad so I suggested he do positive photos for his benefit and the benefit of the royal family,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet according to the Daily Mail. “We had no idea he would be taken advantage of. It was not for money.”

While there’s no reason to believe there’s any current animosity between Markle and her father — when she was 18, she said they weren’t “on the best of terms” in a home video — she has remained publicly close with her mother in a way she has not with him. In her first interview with Prince Harry, Markle said that her fiancé has “talked to [her] dad a few times. He hasn’t been able to meet him just yet.”

Radlan, however, was photographed spending time with the couple at the Invictus Games in October, and Prince Harry described her as “amazing” in the couple’s first interview.

The last thing anyone needs before their wedding is family drama, so let’s hope Mr. Markle’s absence gives his daughter the peace she deserves.

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Alex & Jo’s Wedding on Grey’s Anatomy will be a Disaster

Alex & Jo’s Wedding on Grey’s Anatomy will be a Disaster

Ever since Jo (Camilla Luddington) first appeared on Grey’s Anatomy back in season 9, there was a clear spark between her and Alex (Justin Chambers). And though an almost jail sentence and an abusive estranged husband kept them from reaching marital bliss sooner, Alex and Jo are finally tying the knot in the season 14 finale. But in true Shondaland fashion, their big day definitely won’t be going off without a hitch.

Personally, I don’t know why the doctors on this show keep planning weddings. Because if you’ve ever watched any Grey’s Anatomy episode, then you know no big event ever comes out unscathed.

For starters, Alex and Jo’s wedding bells are ringing on the heels of their friend/colleague/wedding planner April (Sarah Drew) almost dying from hypothermia. So already there’s a dark cloud looming over the ceremony, because let’s be honest, she recovered way too quickly. There has to be some sort of catch to April’s sudden reawakening, and given the fact that the finale will serve as an emotional farewell to series regulars Jessica Capshaw and Drew, the latter’s character more than likely won’t make it past “I do.”

Any spoilers about the episode titled “All of Me” are of course nonexistent, but according to EW, the logline teases that one of Grey Sloan Memorial’s own will be seriously injured. I mean, I’m not 100% sure that means April, but even a first look photo on EW ’s site, confirms that someone’s lying on the ground in angst, and better it be her than someone completely unexpected, right?

But beyond the mysterious injured guest, the episode’s promo also shows Alex and Jo being locked in a shed-like building after sneaking away for some pre-ceremony alone time. Ironically, this happens after Jo claims to not be superstitious about seeing her groom before walking down the aisle and therefore summoning bad luck.

Tonight’s ep… we hopefully made u scream, cry, and eventually smile 🙂 next ep- its jolexs turn to scream. A lot. 🤣 tune in for the sh#t show wedding of the year.. and to see if they ever get to say “I do”?!!! 🙈 *heres my teaser pic- thank you @melaniestylez for my gorg bridal hair and @lovveeani for makeup perfection! No filter needed when I’m in the hands of these two..!! ❤️ #jolexwedding #mess

A post shared by Camilla Luddington (@camillaluddington) on

Luddington herself acknowledged the soon-to-be “shitshow” of a wedding on her Instagram in a post showing off her picture-perfect bridal look. It’s simple and the kind of thing you’d expect to see on low-maintenance Jo. Plenty of beachy waves and natural makeup. Although it might’ve been nice to see her go bold for her big day with a bright lip or more elaborate hairdo, but I guess after wearing her hair in a ponytail every day the last thing Jo wants is a stiff updo and a head full of painful bobby pins.

Unfortunately, Luddington’s post doesn’t give any spoilers for the finale, she just makes note that the day’s events will give Alex and Jo a “turn to scream,” i.e. this wedding will be one to remember, and not in a good way.

All I’m saying is, after all this drama Alex and Jo either better still be getting married or have an unexpected wedding crasher by the name of Izzie Stevens. Because that would most certainly kick the disaster-party antics up a notch for the better.

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