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Ann Curry has a new show on the way and some pretty straightforward advice for the men in our lives.

During a promotional lunch for her forthcoming PBS show, We’ll Meet Again, the former Today Show anchor discussed the #MeToo movement and the many branches the conversation has sprouted since it gained traction last fall.

“The harassment is actually systematic and pervasive,” she said as noted by The Hollywood Reporter. “But, we should remember: It’s limited to very small group of perpetrators, and that should not define how we look at men.”

This pivotal movement where men have been held accountable for sexual assaults and lurid behavior has primarily been driven by women, despite women being on the receiving end of those assaults. It has caused many women in Hollywood and beyond to wonder, Where are the men leading this discussion?

During the lunch, Curry echoed a similar sentiment and made a broader point.

“The vast majority of men I’ve worked with have been exemplary,” she said. “It’s the abnormal, the smaller group of men that is defining. And, I think men should be upset that they have been defined in this manner.”

According to Curry, the antidote for problematic men behaving badly and with brash impunity is accountability from their peers. She also posed questions about whether corporate America is ready to police itself (spoiler: not quite) and why we need more watchdogs.

Earlier this week, Hoda Kotb stepped into her new Today Show co-anchor role on Curry’s former show. Kotb’s promotion to the big chair comes after the ousting of former host, Matt Lauer who was fired from the show in late last year, due to “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.”

Despite multiple accounts of his behavior, most of Lauer’s cohorts expressed shock. As for Curry, who many know to have had a rivalry with the fallen anchor, she hasn’t said much about her former coworker. As THR noted, she didn’t mention Lauer during her lunch either and instead did what she’s become known for: focusing on the big picture.

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