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Have you ever been in a relationship where you thought things were going well then all of a sudden, it seemed like bae was a different person? Was your significant other sweet, loving, and compassionate one day then quiet, serious, and distant the next?

breaking up

If you’ve been in the situation, you probably freaked out and wondered what happened and where your loving SO went. It’s understandable. You might have confronted bae directly and asked if anything was going on. If you were too freaked out and didn’t want to make things weirder, you might have kept quiet, prayed things would pass, and consulted everyone you knew about what could be going on. If you’re looking for possibilities, here are eight possible reasons why bae has suddenly started acting distant.

1. Bae Is Stressed AF


Stress can really affect a person. It can impact them on physical, emotional, and mental levels. There have likely been situations in your life where you were super stressed and it started impacting you in surprising ways. Bae could be going through some of that. Try to think about what’s going on with his/her life and whether you can pinpoint some possible triggers. If you can’t, know that they might still be there. Bae might not want to open up to you about them because he/she might not want to burden you, too.

2. Your Significant Other Could Be Exhausted


Being tired can completely change a person as much as being stressed. If bae is constantly on the go, he/she might be at risk of burning out. There is only so much energy a person has. When someone gets run down, it can impact so many things. It’s a problem because when people are constantly running near empty, they don’t realize how tired they are and how their lives, relationships, and health are being impacted.

3. Your SO Feels Uncomfortable About Something


No, I don’t necessarily mean you. Maybe, your SO gained or lost some weight, had an operation, or had a person make a rude remark about themselves. It might not even be something physical he/she feels uncomfortable about. Try to think if there were any incidents between the two of you that ended up being awkward. If you cannot think of any, consider whether there were some other stressful situations bae has been in later. Your SO might have disclosed hem or he she might not.

4. Your SO Could Be Feeling Restricted


You’ll want to consider your actions in this. Do you think bae could be acting distant because you’re being too clingy or intense? Did you suggest taking your relationship to the next level or did you do some grand romantic gesture? Even if bae seemed to like it at the time, he/she might have actually been overwhelmed and didn’t know how to react. Now that he/she has had time to process things, he/she might be feeling like this is all too much and isn’t sure what to do.

5. Your SO Is Holding A Grudge

fighting couple

If you’ve been with your SO for a while you might be able to figure out whether he/she is the type of person who holds grudges or whether he/she is someone who truly forgives when he/she says it. It’s alright if you’re not sure because this could be the time that you discover what kind of person bae is. Consider when the last time you got into a fight was and whether things appeared resolved. You should also consider when you made a compromise. Either situation could be the reason for bae acting distant.

6. Bae Has An Issue And Doesn’t Feel Comfortable Confiding In You


I know that you’re a loving, helpful person that would help bae through any situation, but there might be something going on that bae doesn’t feel 100 percent comfortable talking to you about. I’m sure you’ve been in situations where you can relate. They might have been with friends, family, or even your SO. It’s a hard place for the person to be in because they might really want advice and feedback, but feel like they cannot say something.

7. Your SO Could Be Losing Interest

losing interest

I know this is one you don’t want to hear, but I have to include it because it could be a possibility. When some people start losing interest, they don’t know what to do. Sometimes, they don’t want to break up so they start acting distant in the hopes you will break up with them. Or, they do it for a period to see if they miss you.

8. Bae Is Keeping A Secret

keeping a secret

I don’t want the alarm bells to go off in your head just yet. It might not be anything about you and it might be anything awful. Of course those are still possibilities, but there are other options. Maybe one of bae’s relatives or friends said something and asked for it to remain a secret. If bae tells you everything, he/she might have a hard time dealing with this and not know how to react. If it’s something big or major, he/she will also have to deal with coming to terms with it.

Have you ever had a SO act distant? How did you deal? Let us know in the comments!